Want to know why should you learn French in France?

Around 300 million people speak French on five continents. It is second only to English as the official language in 29 countries. According to Babbel Magazine, it’s also one the fastest-growing languages in the world.

Are you thinking about learning this Romance language? We make you understand the importance of French language. The main Six Reasons To Learn French In France are,

Learn French In France


1. It is easier to learn French than other languages.

Did you know that approximately 45 percent of English vocabulary is from France? This includes a staggering 50,000 words with French origins. What is the takeaway? Learning French is easy for English speakers. It can also be helpful in improving English-speaking skills for native and non-native speakers. So, we suggest you to learn French in France, if you want to make your career in France.

This is not all. It’s also easier to learn Romance languages like Spanish, Italian and Portuguese if you know French. Rob Wile explains Business Insider , “French and Spanish are the mutant stepchildren Latin. You can cut out a step in case you decide to learn Spanish.” However, the reverse is also true. Wile says, “And if you already know Spanish it is very easy to make the leap to French.”

2. It’s possible to communicate while on the move, not only in France.

Learning French is a great way to communicate with French people. This is especially true given France’s position as the most popular tourist destination in the world. It will also allow you to communicate in French with other French-speaking countries. This includes everywhere from Belgium, Burundi, Burkina Faso, Madagascar, Mali and Monaco.

French is still the second most widely used language in many countries. Rob Wile speaks highly of French’s value, saying, “When living in France, it was impossible for me to communicate with children from Mexico, China, Japan, Japan, and Japan in any other language than French.” He added, “English was not an option for me when I visited Poland and the Czech Republic. Although English is widely understood and spoken in many countries, French remains the preferred language of international communication.”

You must learn French in France. And, this is due to the fact that French is also used extensively in international relations and institutions. According to the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development, French is an official language of many UN bodies and the United Nations. It is used as a working language by the European Union and other regional organisations, like the African Union. It is also one the official languages for the Olympic Games.

Learn French In France


3. French speakers are highly sought after

Here are more reasons that can justify why you should learn French in France. For students who want to pursue careers in diplomacy and international politics, French is a great choice. If you are interested in an international career, being fluent in French is a key selling point. This applies to France, other French-speaking countries, and with French-speaking companies and those who do business with them.

France’s standing with foreign investors is actually on the rise. Foreign investors today are praising France as a great business destination with an innovative economy. 54 percent of foreign decision-makers believe France has become more attractive in recent years. Meanwhile, 84 percent consider France an attractive location for business, a report by Business France, The International Development of the French Economic Economy.

Then there’s Africa. Wile points out the fact that China companies continue to look to Africa because of its affordability and abundance of resources. The fact that half the fastest-growing African countries speak French makes it a highly sought-after language in international trade and international relations. Quartz Africa says that French is a linguafranca due to the many languages spoken in many African nations.

French is becoming more widespread than ever. A study by Natixis, an investment bank, suggests that up to 750 million people could speak French by 2050. This position it as ” the language for the future.” So, now you can understand why you should learn French in France.

4. French language skills are a gateway to France’s higher educational institutes.

France has some of the best higher education institutions in the world, which are known for everything, from undergraduate studies to business schools. Although many of these institutions offer English language programs, it’s not as immersive as studying in the native tongue of your international destination. So, to make your career in France, you must learn French in France.

Learn French In France


5. It gives you direct access to France’s unique culture.

France has been called the “cultural capital” of Europe. This is for good reason. France offers a unique cultural experience. It is essential to speak the language in order to fully absorb it all. It’s not impossible to understand French culture without learning French. Learning the language will help you to understand it better.

Take, for instance, French-language films. The expression “lost in Translation” is a solid example. Subtitles and voice-overs can be a poor imitation of hearing native language lines delivered by actors. I hope now you know how good it is to learn French in France.

The French Embassy’s New Zealand website summarizes it well : “A French lesson is a cultural journey in the worlds fashion, gastronomy and the arts, architecture, and science. In the original text, learning French allows you to access the works of famous French writers like Victor Hugo and Marcel Proust as well as the poems by Charles Baudelaire and Jacques Prevert. You will be able hear Juliette Binoche and Alain Delon’s voices, as well as the joy of understanding the lyrics of French songs by Charles Aznavour or Edith Piaf.

France is not the only country in which the French language is intrinsically linked to the culture. The US’s New Orleans, Morocco, Madagascar, Reunion, and the Seychelles; Saint Martin, French Polynesia, and Quebec are just a few of the many places where French influence is still strong. It is also possible to speak French in these areas.

6. It’s a language of love (and reasons)

Here is one more reason to learn French in France. We all know that French is the language for love. This is not a cliche; it’s supported by data. Explain According to the Connexion Google, “French” is the language most people use romantic expressions in. It found that phrases in French, English and German were most commonly translated into other languages. This compares to only 17 romantic expressions from 1,000 translated to English.

French is also available for those who prefer the pragmatic. According to the New York French American Charter School, is “Learning French is the joy of learning a beautiful and rich melodious language, often called The Language of Love.” French is an analytical language that structures thought and builds critical thinking. This is a valuable skill to use in discussions and negotiations.

Learn French In France


We know that critical thinking is best practiced by seeking out other points of view. Learn French in France to expand your perspective and expose yourself to other ways of seeing the world. This phenomenon is illustrated by this great example. Current news sources. Although relying on only English-language sources such as CNN and BBC can offer a limited view of the world’s events, including French-language sources such as TV5MONDE or Le Monde, it gives a richer and more global perspective.

We can think of no better reason to make French your fourth, third, or fifth language than this: If French were a credit card, MasterCard would be it. It is intrinsically valuable and widely accepted. It doesn’t matter what the future holds, it doesn’t matter what the past will bring. A language that has such influence and spread is not likely to disappear in the near future. So, you should learn French in France.


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