From the colleges to the fantastic Ecoles being the top universities in France, France has such countless assorted choices for your schooling. Colleges there are additionally among the best graduate schools, universities, business colleges, designing schools, and clinical schools on the planet, getting a charge out of high rankings and a wide standing for their scholarly greatness and training.

At the point when you think about the historical backdrop of craftsmanship, writing, and instruction in France, you can be certain that their schools are the best places for your Master’s, Bachelor’s, or Ph.D. Because of their high rankings, organizations in France will likewise impel you to the work or profession you had always wanted to be amongst top universities in France.

Top Universities in France & their ratings according to International Rankings:

1) PSL Research University : 46th

2) École Polytechnique : 87th

3) Sorbonne University : 87th

4) University of Paris: 136th

5) Paris-Saclay University: 178th

6) École des Ponts ParisTech: 251

7) École Normale Supérieure de Lyon: 251

8) University of Montpellier: 301

9) Aix-Marseille University: 351

10) IMT Atlantique – Graduate Engineering School: 351



11) Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines (UVSQ): 351

12) Université Grenoble Alpes: 351

13) Centrale Nantes: 401

14) University of Bordeaux: 401

15) University of Toulouse: 401

16) Telecom ParisTech: 501

17) Sciences Po: 501

18) Université de Lyon: 501

19) University of Côte d’Azur: 501

20) University of Strasbourg: 501

21) INSA Lyon: 601

22) MINES Saint-Étienne: 601

23) Panthéon-Sorbonne University: 601

24) Université de Rennes 1: 601

25) University Bourgogne Franche-Comté: 601

26) University of Clermont Auvergne (UCA): 601

27) University of Lille: 601

28) University of Lorraine: 601

29) University of Nantes: 601

30) Centrale Lyon: 801


top universities in france


31) CY Cergy Paris University: 801

32) Université Lumière Lyon 2: 801

33) University of Technology Compiegne: 801

34) University of Technology of Troyes: 801

35) University of Tours: 801

36) Toulouse III – Université Paul Sabatier: 201

37) University of Burgundy: 501

38) EHESS – School of Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences: 701

39) Savoie Mont Blanc University: 701

40) University of Poitiers: 801

41) Angers University: 901

42) University of Orleans: 901

43) CIFFOP Institute for Advanced HR Education, Training and Research (Université Paris II Panthéon-Assas): 541

44) Toulouse 1 Capitole University: 801

45) Ecole normale supérieure (ENS): 252nd

46) AgroParisTech – Institut des Sciences et Industries du Vivant et de l’Environnement: 553rd

47) UPEC – University Paris-Est Créteil: 697th

48) Montpellier SupAgro: 703

49) INSEAD – The Business School for the World: 756th

50) Université de Haute-Alsace: 817th

France’s solid scholastic and creative practice proceeds in the present day, helped by the reality there are not many nations that put as much in exploration and training. Worldwide college rankings mirror this. A sum of 35 French colleges is remembered for the QS World University Rankings 2019, of which 11 are inside the worldwide top 300.

The country’s two driving universities, Université PSL and Ecole Polytechnique, both make the world’s best 70 at 50th and 65th respectively, solidifying their notorieties as two of Europe’s and the world’s driving institutions. In expansion to the 35 French colleges highlighted in the QS World University Rankings of top universities in France.

France is additionally known for its solid unexpected of particular business colleges. These are not put in the general rankings because of their subject-explicit center, however in any case appreciate wide-arriving at worldwide notorieties. Striking models include ESCP Europe, ESSEC Business School, HEC Paris, and INSEAD are amongst the top universities in France.


top universities in France


Likewise, educational expenses at the main colleges in France are among the most minimal on the planet, with yearly charges averaging under US$1,000 each year for homegrown and global understudies alike. So, is reading in France for you? Indeed, if you need to go to an excellent organization at a reasonable expense, become conversant in the lovely and globally utilized French language, and for the most part will hold with the country’s famed art de Vivre, at that point the appropriate response could well be oui. Studying at experts or Ph.D. level?

Discover how to concentrate in France at the graduate level with the QS Top Grad student guide top universities in France. France as a nation isn’t obscure or unbelievable. It has included craftsmanship, history, and surprisingly current culture. So be it the French Wine or surely the scandalous French kiss, it is protected to say that France has made an uncommon spot on the planet.

Its rich social legacy to the side, France has continually developed and improved its innovative ability to get one of the most loved objections for research. Such has been the effect of France on the universe of science and innovation and has given prominent names like all the top universities in France. Madame Curie and Louis Pasteur to the world.

Comparative has been the country’s commitment to workmanship, engineering, reasoning, and the later ones of design and media. Furthermore, similar to Paris, the capital city of France, keep on drawing the extravagant of millions throughout the planet, here’s a glance at the country, its colleges, and application measures for understudies wanting to take up lone rangers/aces/doctorate from the country of top universities in France.


Foundation of factual knowledge about universities in France: 

Arranged in the European mainland, France is formally called the République française or The French Republic. An official republic, France has more than 66 million individuals. Its capital, Paris, is the greatest vacationer location in the world and had pulled in a record of 76.8 million individuals to the city in 2010.

The city keeps on drawing in the extravagant of individuals across the world for its bistro culture, the greatest galleries, and spot in the style industry. Apart from Paris, France is likewise popular for its various sorts of cheddar and its grape plantations. Indeed, it is perhaps the biggest exporter of wine and delivers around 8 billion jugs of wine each year amongst top universities in France.

A large portion of the wines are named after the district they are developed and made. For example, Burgundy and Bordeaux are names given to wines delivered in the area with a similar name. While a decent French Wine is truly expensive in India, it is a family product in France and is openly burned-through.

It is additionally assessed that a normal man in France devours near 70 containers of wine in a year. Like its wide assortment of wine, France is well known for delivering more than 400 assortments of top universities in France. It is likewise one of the Fashion Capitals of the world and houses the greatest names in design. It is likewise a focal point of broad examination and has given the world various Nobel laureates of top universities in France.


top universities in France


Universities in France: 

France proceeds with its scholastic and social legacy on the rear of a rich exploration-based economy. Driven by the heap activities by the public authority, the nation is famous the world over for its brilliant colleges. France is among the top spenders on schooling in the world. Like Germany, France also has Public Universities which charge significantly low measure of educational expenses.

The normal at around US$1000 each year. Notwithstanding, adding the semester costs just as the other various costs and living expenses of top universities in France. It is savvy to say that maybe it isn’t pretty much as modest as that of Germany. The quality, notwithstanding, holds similar quality, similar inventive activities, and examination-based educational programs.

France is likewise the home of numerous worldwide colleges which decided to have grounds in the nation just to give a multi-social impact on their undergraduates from top universities in France. To give a fundamental comprehension of the great degree of instruction in the organizations of advanced education, it very well may be cited that 11 of the top colleges of France highlight in the QS Global University Ranking.

The two top colleges of France -Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris and Ecole Polytechnique ParisTech, highlight among the Top 50 of the world. The Top MBA universities of France feature among the top MBA schools in Europe with its two chiefs – INSEAD and HEC Paris featuring among the TOP 20 MBA Colleges across the world with top universities in France.


Applying to French Universities:

The majority of the Universities in France offer Bi-lingual courses in English and French. As a worldwide understudy, you can undoubtedly apply to the French Universities offering courses in English. For the English showed courses, you need to clear the IELTS or TOEFL, and in the event of a French showed course, a TCF would be required.

Aside from that, for the postgraduate level, a GMAT or a GRE would be frequently asked from the top universities in France. Like Germany, France also has two significant admissions consistently. Grounds France is a brought together gateway for worldwide understudies wanting to seek after their advanced education from France.

Understudies in India can begin with making a profile using the CEF methodology and begin applying to different colleges in France. As referenced before, the qualification and test prerequisite would fluctuate from one college to another just as course to course from top universities in France.

We prescribe you investigate the different Universities in France before you start the application process. Summing up, going to France is somewhat gainful for the examinations and moderately simpler. The nation offers an encounter that adds to the scholastic greatness just as promising circumstances that would guarantee that the years spent in the nation mark you out in your profession from top universities in France.


Study in France:

Advanced education in France:

France is right now the fourth most mainstream study objective on the planet, and it’s no big surprise with its brilliant culture, profoundly appraised college framework, and the draw of moderately low tuition. Each year, near 300, 000 understudies travel to France for the sole reason of concentrating in its schools. The advanced education framework in France can be a little confusing. The framework is being normalized into a three-level framework, which makes it somewhat simpler to understand. Today, college understudies will start by seeking a License, which is like a four-year college education from top universities in France.

This is trailed by ace-level preparation. The last degree of preparation is the doctorate. The permit requires three years to finish, with two years vital for an expert program. A doctorate program as a rule requires three extra years. France’s colleges are state-financed, so the educational cost isn’t high. Plan to spend about €200 – €400 each year, contingent upon the investigations you are seeking after and the college you join in. The special case for this is French business colleges. Most business colleges are exclusive and educational costs can be over €15,000 per year involving top universities in France.

France has genuinely open enlistment for first-year undergrad programs. Notwithstanding, after the primary year, understudies should breeze through a progression of tests, which can be profoundly serious, to discover a spot as second-year understudies. The nation additionally has an arrangement of particular schools called”Grandes Écoles”, which just select understudies are picked for, and these have specific placement tests, higher educational cost, and more prestige.

The scholastic year in France starts in late September, with a spring semester beginning in early February. Holidays are held during Christmas and New Years’, just as All Saints ‘ Day and Easter in top universities in France. Most schools likewise have a spring break and three months of summer holiday. Upon graduation, numerous understudies proceed to seek after logical examination programs. These – to three-month projects can be financed through an undeniable level logical investigation program award, which covers travel expenses, educational costs, and everyday costs of top universities in France.



To get top jobs in France, you must be good in French understanding, speaking and writing. For this, you can learn French in France.


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