Are you looking for the top French classes in France for medical students? Great! We have a list for you?

Did you know that French is 6th most commonly spoken language and 2nd in all states where it is formal? This is second only after English!

French is still America’s fourth most-spoken language. English is actually Germanic in origin but shares about 30 percent with French.

This is a lot of words that you don’t need to re-learn! Are you interested in learning French but not sure where to start?

There are many top French classes in France on the internet. But how do you choose?

One thing I learned about French was that it requires many tools to cover the majority of the areas of language learning. I have yet to find a class or program I would only use.

It does not necessarily mean it won’t do the job for me. Therefore, just because it isn’t on my “Top French Classes in France” list does not mean it won’t.

Top French Classes in France



Let’s start with 20 Top French Online Courses:

1. Career In France

Course Overview: Career France offers top French classes and language services starting at A1 to C2 levels, with both native and non-native instructors.

They will make sure that you can speak at the appropriate level. It is easy for students and working professionals. France has many online classes. The minimum hours are 40 hours. A class is one hour. They do not focus on the minimum hours, but on student progress.

Students who are unable to learn in 40 hours may be allowed to extend their class hours. Information about French classes can be found in the Career In France.

You can take a French course for as low as 200 euros and have it delivered at your convenience at any time. It is designed to make it easier for students and professionals to write CVs for top French schools in France.


2. Rocket French

Rocket French: This course will walk you through the steps for each of the French classes. The lesson begins with a sound lesson. Next, you will learn how to write a segment that focuses on grammar and cultural information. The three levels are divided into three. You can use the free trial to test your French skills and determine which one is right for you.

Rocket French’s review and inspection quizzes are a particular highlight. After you have completed a section, you will be quizzed on the material that you heard. This gives you a summary of all the concepts you have learned. Although this class is one of the most organized and detailed, some users find it repetitive. It might be more engaging and interesting than memorization.

Level 1 is $100, $250 will get you levels 2 and 1, $260 will get you all three degrees. If you have already completed the first two, it is cheaper to buy all three simultaneously.


3. French Uncovered

French Uncovered is a course that teaches you how to understand a foreign language. Instead of learning new words and punctuation rules in a classroom, students will jump into a narrative and learn grammar and vocabulary through osmosis. You will also be able to understand the actual sounds of regular French.

You will be immersed in actual French for 25 chapters. Through listening, you’ll learn how everyone knows our mother tongue. A short quiz is offered at the end of each chapter to confirm what you have just learned. Although the questions can be somewhat light in articles, they are still very useful. Absolute beginners may find it difficult to gain any traction because they jump straight to the speech.

French uncovered offers more grammar tips and instructions in addition to the quizzes. This extra information can help you understand some of the more complicated French concepts and is very detailed. You don’t have to understand every word of the grammar to continue, but it won’t stop you from continuing.

You will have access to all attributes for a one-time fee, which is approximately $300. If you feel dissatisfied with the service, you can claim your money back within 30 days.


4. Frantastique

Course overview: Frantastique is an immersive online French class that teaches French through a narrative. You will receive one email lesson per day as soon as Frantastique is registered. It promotes slow, but steady learning. Each all-French lesson includes conversation in different colors to increase comprehension, regardless of who is speaking French.

You will also have the opportunity to personalize your classes. After each day’s exercises are completed, you will receive a personalized inspection. The next lesson will be based on your progress. This course is not recommended for beginners as it begins with French courses. Immersion and personalized classes are great for advanced students, from beginners to experts.

Frantastique is a great place to start if you have a quirky sense of humor. The Pro degree allows you to earn a French-certified diploma. This makes it one of my top choices for top French classes in France.

Top French Classes in France


5. Pimsleur French

Overview of the course: Pimsleur is famous for language classes. This is due to their teaching philosophy. Pimsleur encourages pupils to speak and use the lessons they have learned right away.

Each lesson builds upon the previous and strengthens the language through copying.

Pimsleur’s downside is its inability to grasp the grammar aspects of French. This is a significant drawback considering that French speakers insist on their language being spoken correctly.

To fully comprehend the terminology, additional resources are necessary.

Pimsleur is loved by everyone because they can jump straight into their preferred language and feel like they are learning a lot.

Pimsleur offers a program that allows you to learn on the go. The course can be completed in five months if you only take one lesson each day.


6. FrenchPod101

Course overview: This immersion program includes audio and visual clips about customs and culture. It’s broken down into smaller pieces that are based on many different subjects.

Despite the large number of offerings, the site’s business model is sometimes confusing. It is not as easy to navigate the program as other classes.

Some reviewers complain that the podcasts are not of high quality because they were hosted by different educators. The classes cover a broad range of topics. Each lesson can be downloaded as well as the transcript.

Podcasts are mostly in French, so the transcript is available if you don’t understand what was said. There are premium subscriptions available. Fortunately, most of the features that most people require can be found at the basic subscription.

A premium subscription includes features like “Ask a teacher” which allows you to ask specific questions. This is a great addition for people who value personal contact.

Prices for subscriptions range from $8 to $42 per monthly depending on the amount of services you receive and how long you spend.


7. French Today

French Today offers an overview of the course. It is more than a podcast, and it’s much more informative than a book.

This sound learning series is for intermediate and beginner level. It includes a French narrative and a PDF transcript in English and French. The PDF includes a research guide that will help you learn new vocabulary and grammar.

Additional audiobooks include subject-specific information on grammar, pronunciation, and poetry. They vary in length depending on the subject.

Unfortunately, you don’t have a lot of inspection tests and quizzes to ensure that you are 100% certain about what you’ve learned.

Your self-discipline is the only thing that will keep you motivated. There are so many narrative options to choose from that you can always find something to draw you back.

You don’t need a subscription to get audiobooks.

Individual books can cost anywhere from $20 to over 70 dollars, but be aware of earnings and reserve programs that could help you save money.


8. italki

Italki makes it easy to find a private trainer. Most teachers are less than $10 an hour.

While the high quality of teachers will change, all skilled educators are either certified or university professors.

There are also community tutors that may not have a degree but are great teachers and would be happy to help you.

It might take some time to find the right tutor for you. There are nearly four hundred professional and community tutors.

Nothing can stop you from taking up shooting classes.

You can get it at a very reasonable price, but you also get personal learning, help with tricky grammar points or a partner to help you fix your mistakes while you talk.


9. FluentU

FluentU offers a course overview. FluentU allows you to learn a language through native videos. This will allow you to naturally learn grammar and words.

This subscription-based website provides more than video clips from French. You can find them on just about any other website, including YouTube.

You can replay words and create annoying loops so you can repeat them until you get the hang of it. And my favorite, you have an integrated dictionary that allows you to look up definitions while you watch.

You can track where you are in your learning process to fine-tune which videos you recommend and what language you should be quizzed.

FluentU is a program that syncs with a desktop profile for students who are always on the move. FluentU has its own constraints, it doesn’t have you.

You are responsible for choosing what you see. There is no progressive series that can guide you through sequential concepts. FluentU is therefore not the best resource for beginners.

FluentU is an excellent choice if you are fluent in French but want to go beyond theory and book learning and gain real-world knowledge. FluentU’s basic program costs $15/month and their premium program costs $30/month. This is a fair price for the quality of the material you will get.

A year-long subscription will get you a 33% discount on any program you choose.


10. Rosetta Stone

Course overview: Rosetta stone, an old-fashioned language training class, was very popular even though there were no online classes.

This function is for words that don’t have direct edits. By using concept-to word translations instead, you can start thinking in French right away.

Rosetta Stone is an established method for language instruction. However, it is outdated and needs to be updated.

You will not be able use the words that you hear until the end of the class, when the sentence is constructed.

You may also find some bizarre phrases in the paragraphs they teach that you won’t use.

Rosetta Stone also fails to fully immerse itself in the culture around a speech.

The same classes are taught with the exact same words and materials, regardless of their significance to civilization.

Rosetta Stone’s payment model is one of the most important developments. It’s still possible for you to buy the software in CD or online at $100 per degree. This applies to five degrees. You might also be able get a subscription for 6, 12, and 24 weeks. When you consider the number of cheaper options, 3 weeks at $26 for $10 per month for 24 week is still quite steep.

Top French Classes in France


11. Coffee Break French

Prices: Prices can vary depending on the class.

Lessons from the first two seasons were rearranged around punctuation and topics. The podcast comes with both a teacher AND a student. Your instructor will clarify and point out the complex sentence structures at the end of each section.

It’s all sound so you won’t get any writing or reading advice. This is important because the French language contains many silent letters you wouldn’t be able to understand by just hearing them. Transcripts for the entire class are available to view, but you must cover the entire season. There are no quizzes that will test your understanding of the concepts or to show you how to improve it.

Sound lessons are free, which is a big incentive for people like me who don’t want to spend money.

You can buy the paid version for $104 per session and $355 for four. It will give you video versions of the classes, transcripts, podcast articles, and additional explanations.


12. Decks

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Course overview: Sometimes all you need to do to learn French is to simply sit down and go through a set of flashcards. Memrise is able to help you accomplish exactly that. You can create flashcard collections yourself or use sets created by others, and all this is free.


13. Lingodeer

Overview of the course:Lingodeer is primarily for beginners. It starts with an introduction to French, and then moves on to phonetics and alphabets. Although this may not sound exciting at first glance, Lingodeer offers a variety of methods to keep you engaged.

Lingodeer falls into the trap of an online French class, where independent students don’t get the same level of skills as those in a classroom environment or in a mixed atmosphere.

You will need to learn more about different sources in order to get past the listening and talking barriers. Many users compare Lingodeer to DuoLingo.

Lingodeer offers a better platform to review the language and to study the grammar in many reviews. Lingodeer is available for $9 per month, or $42 for the whole calendar year.


14. Coursera

Prices: The price of a product varies greatly

Course overview: Massive Open Online Course Platforms are getting more attention nowadays, and with good reason. You can take university-style classes in a wide range of subjects without paying for college courses. Two Coursera MOOC French classes are designed for students who need an Advanced Placement program.

These courses cover complicated grammar and verb conjugations and can help you to create a French makeup for an AP exam. Coursera doesn’t offer any beginning courses because these classes are for students who want to test their French skills. Coursera’s online French course will help you measure your French learning using a challenge. Coursera offers courses in French on subjects other than English for those who really need it. They are also free, as with the French AP classes. However, you may need to pay for certain capabilities.


15. edX

Course overview: Although they are very similar in theory to Coursera. The main differences between Coursera and edX would be the number of classes — Coursera has a larger pool — and the price.

edX offers free classes, where you may need to purchase a Class from Coursera or pay for attributes in a free class.

You can also purchase the program if you wish.

You will receive a certificate after you have completed the program. This may include exams and graded quizzes. Prices vary between classes. However, a $40 monthly subscription will allow you to access those accredited courses.

Top French Classes in France


16. Babbel French

Overview of courses: Many internet tools can be used to help intermediate and advanced students improve their skills.

Babble is 1 course, which begins at the beginning with a structured course in grammar and vocabulary.

However, there are no degrees beyond intermediate and very little experience in French French.

Babbel, however, is an excellent option for learning French. It costs $13 per month and is the most expensive.


17. Duolingo French

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Overview of the course: This course is very popular because it is completely free and entertaining. It also offers many languages that you can try to learn at once. You can continue to learn French online by updating the course with new content and amounts.

Duolingo uses a game-style approach to understanding. You can acquire experience points as you learn new skills.

If you choose to be a “casual” student, 10 experience points will suffice to reach your goal — equal to one lesson.

The 50-point “crazy” goal is for the more enthusiastic.

Many ability-levels provide a brief explanation of punctuation. However, there may be sentence constructions or uses of phrases that have yet to be taught. You can ask consumers questions in the forum.

Some of the paragraphs that you are supposed to interpret don’t necessarily make sense.

When do you use the sentence”differently, I would like a kid” in real life? Duolingo approves only a few of the exercises, and there are some sentences that are hardwired.

If something is required to be approved, users can flag the sentence to admins for reassessment. These sentences are often included in the correct answers. Duolingo has the largest advantage: the price is completely free for all features.

The superior plan removes add-ons and allows some features to be used on the program rather than only on the site. For example, testing from a level.

If you don’t mind ads and use the website instead of the program, you may not need a subscription.


18. Michel Thomas French

Course overview: Michel Thomas is another well-known name in the language learning field.

This class uses a classroom learning method in which an English-speaking host and a native speaker instruct two students — allowing actual pupils to be placed in their place. These classes are organized in a sensible order.

However, the principle behind this process is somewhat odd. The Michel Thomas method relies on the instructor to correct the pupils. If the pupil doesn’t know something, it is the fault the instructor.

This discourages students from memorizing, analysing, and studying. The instructor will do their job well, so the pupil doesn’t have to do any extra work. While this technique may work for some students, most students find it does not work for them.

This is among the top French classes in France.


19. French Your Way

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Overview of the course: This site is much less a class than it is a source for many useful things about French. Jessica clarifies some of the most confusing parts of French, like the gap between qui and que, so you won’t be confused.

Podcasts cover many topics, including grammar and cultural advice. Jessica offers it in such a friendly manner that you would think you are sitting at un café drinking un tasse de cafe.

Listeners are invited to submit their questions and create podcast topics. Although the podcast was not able to return to its original form, it would be surprising if new podcasts didn’t start looking at every stage.

Top French Classes in France



20. Comme Une Francaise

Course overview: Translated to mean “just like a Frenchwoman”. It provides top French classes in France.

It is possible to also say “comme un Francais”, since Geraldine’s classes can be used by everyone.

Comme une Francais focuses not only on natural-spoken French but also on how to be French.

Geraldine has a YouTube channel that covers many subjects and is presented in a fun and simple way.

Although the cost of lessons can be confusing, I found that they were $200 for a 20-lesson class. This is a little more than the average price, but it includes a lot of valuable content. There is a waiting list for some courses, but certain courses are limited in number. So, always opt for the top French classes in France.


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