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Browse through the programs offered by universities in France to find the one that suits you best. Find out all about top French classes in France and France’s study options and also compare their tuition fees and lengths of study. Save time and get in touch with universities directly in France by filling out the “Request free information” form. This will allow you to contact the admissions office. These are the 10 top French classes in France in Amiens.

Top French Classes in France


  1. Career in France

This is in the first place in our top French classes in France in Amiens list. We provide high French courses in France and speech solutions from A1 — C2 degrees with native and non-native teachers. They promise to allow you to talk at the conclusion of their various degrees. To make it effortless for working students and professionals. The livelihood in France offers courses online.  

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  1. Junia Graduate School of Engineering

This is in the second place in our top French classes in France in Amiens list. Junia is a transitional school that works towards solving major problems such as the need to feed the world, the development of digital and industrial transformations, the acceleration of energy and urban transitions, and the improvement in technology for health and well-being. The engineering school offers 8 preparatory cycles and 3 HEIs, ISAs, and ISEN university programs. It also provides research activities and business services. Junia employs 450 people and has over 5,000 students, including 530 apprentices. There are four campuses: Lille, Bordeaux, Chateauroux, and Rabat. The French Government approves its programs and has awarded it the EESPIG certificate (private higher education institution general interest). The CTI (French Commission of Engineering Qualifications) recognizes its degrees.


  1. London School of Business and Finance.

This is in third place in our top French classes in France in Amiens list. The London School of Business & Finance was established in 2003. It has campuses across the UK, Asia, and North America. Our programs include executive education, undergraduate and postgraduate courses, as well as professional qualifications like CIMA, ACCA, CIMA, and CFA(r). The Queen’s Award for Enterprise, which we recently acquired, is a testament to our dedication to students and innovative approach in education.

Top French Classes in France


  1. Toulouse Business School

This is in the fourth place in our top French classes in France in Amiens list. We have 4 campuses in dynamic cities like Toulouse, Barcelona, and Casablanca. Our alliances with top academic institutions around the world and international corporations allow us to offer a wide range of undergraduate and graduate degree options. These top French classes in France are taught in French, Spanish or, English and include Business, Management, and Finance as well as Marketing and Aerospace Management.


  1. EDC Paris Business School

This is in fifth place in our top French classes in France in Amiens list. EDC Paris Business School ranks among the top 10 French business schools and 1st for Entrepreneurship. It has a 3x higher business creation rate than other graduate schools. 80% of its graduates go on to work in business development or intrapreneurship.


  1. Montpellier Business School

This is in the sixth place in our top French classes in France in Amiens list. The school was founded in 1897 by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Montpellier. It has been able to continuously improve its management science courses in order to adapt to changes in the local and global economic environment.


  1. The American University of Paris

This is in the seventh place in our top French classes in France in Amiens list. The American University of Paris is centrally located in Paris and ready to assist you on your academic journey of discovery. Our learning environment places your professional, intellectual, and personal development at the center. There are over 25 majors for undergraduates, as well as four core areas of graduate study that can be chosen. All courses are taught in English. AUP students are those who choose to study and live abroad. Students bring their varied cultural backgrounds, languages, perspectives, and a sense of adventure to share in a global learning community. AUP is a multi-cultural education that provides a solid academic foundation to support critical thinking and practical application. It enables you to become a translator of cultures with the ability to adapt and thrive in any setting.

Top French Classes in France


  1. SKEMA Business School

This is in the eight place in our top French classes in France in Amiens list. SKEMA Business School, a private institution of higher education and research, has the legal status as a non-profit organization under the French “1901” law. SKEMA was created in 2009 by the merger of CERAM Business School, Sophia Antipolis and Ecole Superieure de Commerce Lille. CERAM was founded in 1963, while CERAM was established in Lille in 1892.


  1. IAE Pau – Bayonne

This is in the ninth place in our top French classes in France in Amiens list. IAE Pau–Bayonne, provides top French Classes In France with public training in Management at the University of Pau. The school offers a selection of Master’s and Ph.D. degrees, which are tailored to meet the needs and interests of companies and are informed by the most recent developments in management sciences research. Our graduates are prepared to work in high-ranking positions in management, either in France or abroad by the IAE Graduate School of Management.


  1. EIT Manufacturing – PhD

This is in the tenth place in our top French classes in France in Amiens list. EIT Manufacturing is an association of European universities, research centers, and industries that are connected to the manufacturing sector. Its goal is to increase European manufacturing’s global competitiveness and sustainability. EITM aims to improve the integration of education, research, and business by bringing together all three sides of the “knowledge triangle”: large companies, SMEs, research centers, and education institutions. EIT Manufacturing is a high-quality, innovative program that focuses on international and inclusive education. Its goal is to produce the next generation of manufacturing innovators and entrepreneurs.


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