In this article, we will be discussing 11 Places To Learn French In France For English Speakers.

Ah, the vicious Internet cycle. Many of us find ourselves trapped here. You might be even trapped right now.

How many times have you clicked from email to Facebook and back again?

Are you ready to put that screen time to work?

It’s now time to learn French In France

While you might already be able to watch French TV online once in a while, your French Internet slang may be improving rapidly. However, it is important that you have your click finger ready for French websites. These sites are the best place to Learn French In France.

Remember that not all websites are the same when choosing a website to Learn French In France. It is equally important to choose a website as it is to learn how to use each website. We have you covered.


11 Places to Learn French in France for English Speakers

A website is a great place for beginners to learn French grammar, or to refresh their knowledge on more obscure topics such as the simple past.

Learn French In France



Sites to Learn French Grammar

  1. Career in France

This is one of the best places to learn French in France for beginners. They provide high French courses in France and speech solutions from A1 — C2 degrees with native and non-native teachers. They promise to allow you to talk at the conclusion of their various degrees. To make it effortless for working students and professionals. The livelihood in France offers courses online.  

Career In France do not concentrate on minimal hours, they mainly concentrate on pupil progress. If a pupil is unable to learn in 40 hours of course they may stretch the hours. The livelihood in France provides advice about French courses in France. They offer you a French language class at a really inexpensive cost which commences from 200 Euros and at a flexible moment.


 To make it effortless for working students and professionals for CV writing for high French courses in France. We provide:

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2. Bonjour de France

This is the second-best site to learn French In France. This website is great for all levels. It includes grammar lessons and exercises that will help you to apply what you have learned. It is easy to use as a beginner and can be used throughout your French learning journey.

The British site uses the European level of French: A1, A2, A1, B1, B2, and C1. It’s important to note that for French universities, a certificate attesting to a level of B2 or higher is required, and for French Masters’s degrees, a C1 certificate is required. It is important to know your level on the scale if you are interested in taking French classes in Europe.

Learn French In France



3. Learn French Lab

This is the third-best site to learn French In France. This website is a quick and easy way to refresh your knowledge on more complex grammar structures.

You won’t find any exercises to help you practice. It is not designed to allow you to quickly review what knowledge you have, but to simply click on an idea from a list that frequently poses problems (like the imperfect or near future)

This resource is ideal for intermediate and beginner learners, as well as advanced learners and those who are fluent in French and interested to learn French In France.


4. Le Point du FLE

This is the fourth-best site to learn French In France. This site has lesson plans and activities that will help you practice the lessons.

These plans are intended for teachers but they can be used by students who don’t have the time or desire to teach. These plans reduce boredom caused by repeating the same textbook activities every day. The best part is that the activities and exercises are varied so you can return to this site repeatedly to find new resources.


5. FluentU French

FluentU is the fifth-best site to learn French In France. Some sites also use scripted content. FluentU offers a natural approach to learning French that will help you become fluent over time. FluentU will help you learn French like it is spoken by real people.

The best thing about learning a language in the Internet age is the ability to update your resources at all times. You don’t need to rely on outdated textbooks that were written in the 1980s to convince you that eye is trendy and current. Current French slang, idiomatic expressions, and French slang are all within reach if you know how to search.


6. Blagues Carambar

This is one of the best places to learn French In France for beginners. Blagues (jokes) are vital to learning a language. While many people believe that humor is the most difficult thing to learn, it’s a great place to start. Carambar candies are caramel-flavored candies that look a lot like Tootsie Rolls. They have fun facts on their wrappers and short jokes inside. These jokes are easy to understand because they are mainly targeted at children.

The candies aren’t widely available outside France so you can access them here. so it is easy to learn French in France. But do watch out! They rely heavily on Jeux de mots (wordplay), which takes advantage of the fact many French words sound the same. You don’t have to believe that all jokes submitted by Carambar fans are wrong.

Learn French In France



7. La Connasse

This is the seventh-best site to learn French In France. They feature the La connasse, the title character. She is a humorous woman who demonstrates all the traits of a modern French woman. Her antics are funny and her clear, loud voice will make it easy for intermediate learners to follow. This is one of the best jolly places to learn French in France. 


8. Vie de merde

This is the eighth-best site to learn French In France. You’ll only see the most recent French slang and phrases as the stories were submitted by readers. Be aware that VDM, unlike the Anglo site, is not always written by the most proficient of grammar–there will be many spelling errors. The site is not meant to be used to improve your French grammar or spelling skills.

The Best Websites to Learn French in France and its culture and current events. The four main categories of learning a language have been established for many years: reading comprehension, writing comprehension, listening comprehension, and speaking. Dr. Thomas Garza argued that culture should be included as a fifth element. You can’t learn French In France.  if you don’t know anything about French culture. These websites will teach you how to master this aspect of French.


9. Se Coucher Moins Bete

This is the ninth-best site to learn French In France. This site also has an app that makes it simple to get quick information while on the go or waiting for your order. This app can be used by both beginners and more advanced students because it is short in information. Although you will need to translate a little more as a beginner, this site will help you expand your vocabulary.

Canal + also has a news segment that is read by puppets during its Grand Journal.


10. Les Guignols

This is the tenth-best site to learn French In France. This website has been a favourite of fans of comedic news programs (think The Daily Show with marionettes). You can always ask a native speaker of French to verify what they are saying. Don’t be surprised that humor may be more important than verity in this story. Understanding the French penchant to l’humour décale is key to understanding this show.


11. Le Canard enchaine

This is the eleventh-best site to learn French In France. The idea of a satirical newspaper has been a long-standing French concept.

Le Canard enchaine is the most popular satirical newspaper of France. Its title comes from a play on words, where a news source is called a duck (canard). You can only view la une (the first page) online. This is a good option considering the amount of satire and circumstances you will have to decipher.

This website is a great resource for advanced French-speaking learners who want to improve their French and be able to communicate with native speakers about current events.


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