In this blog, we will be discussing ‘8 Top French Classes in France for English Speaking Students’.


Are you frustrated by the slow pace of progress on your French acquisition?

You have limited time to learn the language, whether you are learning it on your own or taking classes. Although you want to be fluent, at this point you are content with just getting through the first chapter of your textbook.


Would you believe that there is a quicker way to learn French from top French classes in France?

This isn’t a scam, it’s not a diet pill infomercial. This is true. These are top French classes in France. This is the best!


What is are intensive top French classes in France?

Students learn a lot in a short time span during intensive courses. If you are enrolled in school, top French classes in France will be held for about one to two hours each week. An intensive course could have you in the classroom for as many as three hours per day.

After reading this explanation, intensive top French classes in France might sound like torture at first.

It’s actually quite the opposite. Intensive courses offer learners a fun burst in language learning, often with cultural expeditions and a full immersion experience.

Top French Classes in France



Are you ready to make the switch? These are the benefits of such programs?


What are the benefits of enrolling in intensive top French Classes In France?

Language study can be integrated into your work schedule. Every situation is unique. You may not be able to attend top French classes in France every day for one reason or another.

Let’s suppose you work full-time and are able to take only two weeks off each year. You might be a parent. Perhaps you are a student and wish to learn French more deeply, but don’t have the time or resources to do so. You can learn French intensively for a week, a month, or longer! You can adapt to your own schedule while still experiencing France. Material is important and you don’t have the time.

We’ve all been there. You go to French class at school on Tuesday and have forgotten half of the material by Wednesday. Things are definitely not as clear when you get back to class on Tuesday after many days of being away from your French classroom. Your brain is busy learning new information when you attend French class five days per week. Immersion is a feeling.

French intensive courses are more than just time spent in the classroom. Your free time is spent with French people. You visit local restaurants, live with a host family, and go to the cinema to see French films. Many programs aim to immerse students in local culture through organized outings or cultural classes. You move faster

You can learn French faster if you study French for several hours per day, five days per week. You can move faster if you cover more material. This is because you are able to use your time more effectively.


8 French Intensive Top French Classes In France.

You might like to improve your French skills before you go to these intensive Top French Classes In France. Career In France is a great way to learn French. FluentU uses real-world videos such as music videos, movie trailers, and news to create personalized language learning lessons.

Some sites also use scripted content. Career In France offers a natural approach to learning French that will help you become fluent over time. Career In France will help you learn French like it is spoken by real people.


  1. Montpellier: Institut Linguistique Adenet

This is the first place in our Top French Classes In France list. Institut Linguistique Adenet offers top French classes in France that are standard throughout the year. Students can take up to 20 classes per week. This setup is quite impressive, but the official “intensive” program is only available in the summer. Each class lasts 45 minutes and consists of 30 classes.

Although this program is “intense,” the staff feels it is important to balance classroom learning and cultural activities in Montpellier. The interaction with another culture can spark a student’s enthusiasm for French. The uniqueness of Institut Linguistique Adnet is due to the wide variety of cultural options available for students.

There are many options available: local wine tastings, historical visits in Montpellier, sporting events, and excursions beyond city limits.


It is a popular place for young people, especially young professionals.

It is well-known for its sunny weather and abundance of activities. Summer intensive courses are a great way to get lots of suns and spend time outdoors.


Combien can coute? What does it cost?

Classes can be enrolled for one week or more. The intensive program is 220 EUR (260 USD) per week. Additional fees may apply for French proficiency certifications. The school may charge an additional fee if they provide housing for a host family in a hotel or university housing.

Cultural activities can be added expenses but fees are usually very affordable. A macaron tasting session costs only 7.20 Euros (8.70 USD). You can even find excursions to nearby cities at a moderate price of 35 euros (42 US Dollars).


  1. Montpellier: LSF French Language School

This is the second place in our Top French Classes In France list. LSF French Language School offers intensive top French classes in three different formats throughout the year. No matter what your goals are or how limited your time is, there’s a course that will work for you.

First, the top French Classes In France are purely focused on oral skills. This program could suit you if your primary goal is to learn French fluently. Each class lasts for 45 minutes and you can attend 26 classes each week.

Second, the French Immersion Course provides the same level of oral instruction as the regular intensive course. Students take four cultural classes each week on Wednesdays. These activities are focused on topics like painting, food, and cinema. It sounds more like an adventure (not a class) than a class.

The French Intensive Plus course focuses more on the language than the speaking. The regular intensive course includes all of the classes, but there are four one-on-one lessons per week with an instructor. These sessions are where your teacher will address your specific areas of interest and concepts, such as grammar and writing.


The program can also be found in Montpellier. LSF places less emphasis than ILS on cultural immersion. One perk of LSF is the fact that you can go to school all year, so you can experience Montpellier in different seasons.


You can sign up for as little as one day with ILS. The good news? If you sign up for a longer enrollment period the weekly rate will decrease incrementally.

For 300 Euros (362 USD) for a one-week French Intensive Course, the French Intensive Immersion costs 330 EUR (398 USD) per Week and the French Intensive Plus costs 500 EUROS (603 USD) per Week.

The school can arrange for you to stay in a shared or private apartment, hotel, or homestay at an additional charge.

Top French Classes in France



  1. French Alps: Alpine French School

This is in third place in our Top French Classes In France list.  Alpine French School offers two intensive French programs. The summer and winter are the same. Both programs emphasize conversational French and how to use it in real-life situations.

Summer courses offer 15 hours of classes and three hours per day, five days a semaine. If you choose the winter package you have the option to choose between 10-20 hours per week and either two- or four-hour days.

The summer season runs from July to August, while the winter season runs from mid-December through the end of July. You can still register during the other months. However, intensive classes are usually private and not group due to low enrollment.


Students who love French and also enjoy the outdoors will find the French Alps the perfect place. You’ll likely be outdoors engaging in epic outdoor activities when you’re not in class.

Summer activities include hiking, mountain biking, trail running, white-water rafting, and many other outdoor activities. It would be a lot of work to list all summer activities.

The French Alps are a well-known winter destination. There are many winter sports, including snowboarding and skiing. You can even sign up for Alpine’s Learn French & Skiing program. This will give you designated times to study French in the classroom as well as to enjoy the snowy mountains outside.


The prices vary depending on the program you choose. The price is generally 190 EUR per week (10 hours), 280 Euros (338 USD per week (15 hours), or 350 EUROS (420 USD per week) for 20 hours of coursework.

Prices start at 950 Euros (1,146 USD) per week if you sign up for the Alpine French School’s Learn French & Skiing program.


  1. The French Riviera: Institut de Francais

This is the fourth place in our top French classes in France list talk about intense! 

Enrollment can be for up to four weeks. This timetable has the upside that you won’t have to stay in the program for too long. Institut de Francais is not the right fit for you if your schedule is short or you are looking for a long-term program.

Don’t worry! These hours will not be filled with boring lectures, while you sit and pretend to take notes. The school believes in a Total Approach, which means that the day will be filled with many activities and aspects of the French language.


For beach lovers, the French Riviera is a great choice. You can spend 42.5 hours a week learning French. But, on weekends, you can enjoy the beautiful beaches along the Mediterranean Sea.

You can travel to Nice, Cannes, and Marseille from this area of Southeast France.


The four-week course is available from December to April for 3,260 euros (3,933 US Dollars) or the two-week course at 1,630 euros (1,967 US Dollars). You can attend four weeks of classes from May to November for 3,930 euros (4,742 USD), or two weeks for 1,965 EUR (2,371 US).

These prices may seem high, but you will also be able to study for 8 1/2 hours each day. The programs also include two meals every day and one snack. Prices include one excursion and evening outings.

You will need to pay an additional fee if you wish the school to offer housing in community apartments or studio apartments. You will also need to pay a non-refundable 60 euro (72 USD) registration charge.


  1. Antibes: Centre International d’Antibes

This is the fifth place in our Top French Classes In France list Centre International d’Antibes has an intensive program with 30 classes per week. Each class lasts 45 minutes. Morning classes are held in a classroom setting. They focus on both spoken and written French. Afternoon classes are divided into small groups for students to focus on comprehension and oral French. These two methods allow you to learn new information while still learning. They also encourage you to practice your speaking skills in small groups. All courses are offered year-round and start on Mondays.


Although Antibes may not be a well-known French city, it is the second-largest French Riviera city. There are many beautiful beaches at your disposal.

According to the website, you can take a train every half an hour to Cannes, Nice or Italy. You can enjoy the beach on weekdays and take trains to other locations on weekends because you won’t be spending as much time in class as at the Institut de Francais.


Enrollment must be for at least 2 weeks. Similar to LSF French Language Schools, the shorter your enrollment, and the lower the weekly rate, is also true. The weekly cost is 375 Euros (452 USD). Placement with host families, hotels, or student housing will cost you more.

Top French Classes in France



  1. Paris: Accord Ecole de Langues

This is the sixth place in our Top French Classes In France list Five intensive programs are offered by Accord Ecole de Langues in Paris. They are referred to as Courses A-E by the school.

Course A consists of 26 lessons per Semaine, Course B is thirty lessons, Course C 34 lessons, and Course D 38 lessons. Course E is 42 lessons. Each lesson lasts for 45 minutes.

The Intensive PLUS option is available for courses A, B, and C. It includes all the above group lessons as well as five to twenty hours of one-on-1 sessions.

Although you can only attend for one week, this school is exclusive in that you only have certain days to start. For the start dates of each course, please visit the website.


Wow! What do I need to tell you about how incredible Paris is? Let me just mention five things: Eiffel Tower. The Arc of Triumph. Notre Dame Cathedral. Crepes. Pastries I don’t think that I have to add anything.


Another school that offers weekly discounts for students who sign up for longer periods is Accord Ecole de Langues. Course A costs 330 Euros (398 USD) per Week. The cost of subsequent courses is 30 Euros. Course E costs 480 EUR (579 USD) per Week.

The Intensive PLUS program will cost you more, but it depends on how many hours you choose to spend weekly one-on-one.

Additional fees can be paid for any of the school’s housing options such as student housing, homestay, apartment, and student housing.


  1. Lyon: Alliance Francaise de Lyon

This is the seventh place in our top French classes in France list Alliance Francaise de Lyon (French Alliance of Lyon), offers a number of intensive French courses.

There are two types of general French intensive courses. You can choose from General French Day, General French Evening or General French for Au Pair Students. Also, you can opt for General French for two weeks. (All other courses require at minimum one month’s enrollment.

Let’s now look at the Extra-Intensive French Program. These offerings are amazing. All of them include French grammar, grammar, writing skills, grammar, writing abilities, and grammar. There are also two options for summer workshops that focus on speaking skills. Weeeeee. Repeat that three times quickly. This program has the ability to help you improve any aspect of French.


It is known as the culinary capital of the globe. Lyon is the best place to find French cuisine, despite what you may think. This is where I spent two months while I was at college. Although I didn’t consider myself a foodie at the time, I was a real foodie by the time that I left.


There are many course options, each with a different number and price. General French Evenings is the most affordable program for a month, with a price of only 180 Euros (217 USD) per hour.

The Extra-Intensive French class, which combines both grammar and writing skills, is the most expensive. It takes 84 hours per week and costs 750 euros (905 US dollars) per month.

Accommodation can be paid for by a host family, university housing, or a hotel. To use Alliance Francaise’s housing connections, you must attend at least 15 hours per week and be enrolled at least for one month in Alliance Francaise. We are sorry, students who have been enrolled for two weeks.

Top French Classes in France



  1. Marseille: L’Institut Destination Langues

This is the eigth place in our Top French Classes In France listL’Institut Destination Langues (The Institute of Destination Languages), offers classes all year, but its intensive programs are only offered from the beginning of July through the end of September.

There are two options: a 4-week or 2-week program. The four-week program offers 100 hours of classes, while the two-week program provides 50.

The program is divided into three sections: general French, workshops, and excursions. The majority of your time is spent learning general French in a small classroom setting. Workshops are focused on French culture and writing skills. Excursions allow you to explore the Provence region where Marseille is situated.


Marseille, the second-largest French town, is located in southern France’s Provence region. It is known for its great party scene. Marseille is a great place to go for outdoor activities like hiking or snorkeling, even if you don’t want to party.

You will be guided by the school to explore Marseille and Greater Provence through cultural activities like theater outings and vineyard visits.


The intensive four-week package is priced at 705 Euros (851 USD), and the 2-week package is 405 Euros (489 USD). Semi-intensive packages are available at 450 Euros (543 USD) per week and 280 Euros (338 USD) per week.

You will also need to pay a $35 (42 USD), registration fee, and 25 EUR (30 USD) materials fees. If the company places you with a host family, in a hotel, apartment, or studio, you will be charged an additional fee.

Learning French in France is something that everyone needs. Perhaps you are looking for a bargain. You might want to squeeze in as much information as possible in a limited time. You might also want to have plenty of time to explore the area.


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