Some people enjoy their own research utilizing a conventional language textbook for studying French, but some people opt for the more modern way of working with a program to find out about the French language. Other people prefer using French tutoring support.  Here are 20 top French classes in France for advanced-level tutoring.


Career In France

Price: Starts from €200

Course Overview: Career in France, offers top French classes in France and language services from A1 – C2 levels with native and non-native teachers. They assure to make you speak at the end of the respective level. To make it easy for working professionals and students. The career in France offers classes online.

Minimum hours will be 40 hours,1 class is 1 hour. They don’t focus on minimum hours we only focus on student progress.  If a student is not able to learn in 40 hours of class they may extend the hours. Career in France provides information about top French classes in France. 

They offer a French language course at a very affordable price which starts from 200 Euros and at a flexible time. To make it easy for working professionals and students for CV writing for top French classes in France.


Top French Classes in France

Accent Français

French classes for all years for everybody with Accent Français Montpellier (FLE Quality). Montpellier is your prime destination for top French classes in France, right after Paris. It’s a young, lively, and multicultural city in which you are going to learn French, with or without an accent. 

Voted number one”highest quality of life in France” in 2012, Montpellier has approximately 300 days of sunshine each year. Learning French exterior of courses will be possible with Accent Français’s full schedule of activities and trips. What a memorable way to learn French, while still sharing memorable moments!

Accent Français provides classes to get a span of 1 to 52 weeks. General French Courses, Speciality Courses, French Course for Research and Assessment Planning, Discovery and Culture Courses.


Accent de France Séjour linguistique 17

Marie and Christian welcome one in their own manor house Kids or seniors, couples or individuals, friends or families, in your own initiative or as a business trainee. As students, you’re their guests.

Marie and Christian offer you

A personalized welcome: At a nice house: “that the Manor of Peuchollerie” in the authentic countryside at Val de Charente, from the” Saintonge romane’s ” center, near Atlantic sea’s beaches. 

– A family and friendly setting: 1 to 6 students max. The time spent shared meals, evening entertainment, themed evenings, and match effectively the lively learning tasks: face to face, around tables, role plays, movie screenings, field trips, etc.. (combining modern techniques and traditional ambiance in teacher’s home)

The endurance of a flexible application depends upon request, based upon the preferred course everybody is going to be followed according to their own requirements.

Accent de France is mainly:



American University of Paris

Envision studying the French language not just in a college classroom, but at the corner cafe where you purchase coffee, the nightclubs in which you dancing with friends, the most roads you walk into school. AUP’s carefully crafted top French classes in France provide a rigorous education in the French language –Assessing vocabulary and grammar, improving pronunciation– while enabling a firsthand introduction to French civilization both in and beyond the classroom.

All classes are taught by experienced, native French teachers in the AUP school and include lively, innovative teaching approaches using sound, video, and also real-life scenarios. The American University of Paris Presents French-language summer classes held in 3-week sessions or French Immersion Cultural Excursions.

In summary, the whole adventure is a comprehensive immersion in French lifestyle, language, and civilization, and all this in Paris, the very best language laboratory on earth. French Immersion classes occur from 9h to 13h Monday to Friday.


CAVILAM Vichy Alliance Française

Coming to Vichy to take up a training class will be also to live an exciting individual and cultural immersion experience at the French method of life and discovering the outstanding region in the center of France: the Auvergne.

Situated in a superb setting, a stone’s throw in the glorious Parc des Célestins in the banks of the Allier river, CAVILAM — Alliance française provides high-quality top French classes in France teaching from the comfort and sophistication of a contemporary facility crossing 9,000 square meters and equipped with excellent technological tools.


Coeur de France Ecole de Langues

Coeur de France Ecole de Langues is a personal French immersion language college in Sancerre owned and run by Marianne and Gérard Chartrand. Helping others detect French culture and language through experiencing a true French lifestyle is their objective. Coeur de France specializes in applications for couples, families, and adults.


Eurolingua Institute Study Abroad 

Eurolingua Institute Study Abroad Programmes provides top French classes in France. The Eurolingua French One To One Homestay programs provide students of all ages an opportunity to learn French in France and gain from organized one-to-one tuition.

Eurolingua French language immersion classes provide unique chances to live and learn at the house of a fully capable and experienced Eurolingua One-to-One French Homestay Tutor, fulfilling family, friends, and business colleagues. No matter your level, you learn how to talk fluently with a genuine accent. Return home talking like a native!


top French classes in France 

Français Immersion in Thomas’ House 

Your French Immersion Homestay Close Germany and Switzerland. Practice your French with a personal and customized French immersion homestay. A French immersion program tailored for your requirements at your instructor’s house. Learn French immersion and find France.

Thomas will welcome you at the protection of the house, share his everyday life together with you and teach you, French. French Native Speaker, fluent in English and Spanish, he has been teaching languages for several decades. He is a specialist in languages and coaching.

He shares his expertise with French students and provides them self-confidence and advice to immerse themselves in the French culture and language. Together with his website and his applications, he helps them enhance their French skills and talk French with confidence. Thomas is excited to talk about his time with pupils and make them find his or her hometown. He’ll assist you to enjoy learning French at top French classes in France!


Français Immersion Loisirs

FIL is a French-language immersion summer camp for teens in the South of France. A vocabulary vacation with FIL is a true experience: on holiday, at a sailing vessel, handling ropes over a pond, wakeboarding, or on the shore, you’re talking and learn French all day. You enhance French while having fun!

FIL’s priority would be to develop oral expression during the daily French clinic. Spending a summer using FIL is sharing everyday life in French within a global atmosphere! Nonetheless, it’s also a lot of great actions, creative and original French courses, meeting amazing people, and memorable moments!


ILA Institut Linguistique Adenet

ILA Institut Linguistique Adnet is a friendly, independent French-language college in the gorgeous historic center of Montpellier, South of France, offering year-round top French classes in France and services at very affordable rates. You’ll discover in this French language immersion school a genuine global atmosphere. Their efforts are focused on creating your French language remain in Montpellier useful, enjoyable, and stimulating!

They set the highest significance in attaining excellence in teaching French and all services supplied. They’re licensed by various languages college institutions like the prestigious institution EAQUALS, IALC, or the”Groupement FLE” along with government entities like Label Qualité FLE, Rectorat, CSN, and Bildungsurlaub.

In addition to high-quality French classes, ILA arranges cultural and athletic activities, trips, food tasting, wine tours, etc. They supply a vast selection of excellent accommodation options so as to satisfy everybody’s desire, from carefully selected host families to numerous residential choices. ILA provides applications for Adults, teens, and Groups.



Coffee Break French

Price: Prices vary considerably depending on the class 

 The lessons from the first two seasons have been sprinkled around topics and punctuation theories, educated in a podcast that comes with a teacher and a pupil. The lessons in these top French classes in France are informative and friendly and educated in French so it’s possible to know the ideas being educated. The intermediate and advanced courses follow a narrative format. 

At the close of the narrative sections, your instructor goes back to point out and clarify the intricate sentence structures. Since it’s all sound, you won’t receive any writing or reading clinic, which is quite important once you recall that the French language has lots of silent letters that you would not understand by simply hearing it. 

The entire version of the class will provide you transcripts to view them, but you’ve got to cover the complete season. Additionally, there are no quizzes to check your comprehension of the concepts and also to explain to you where you may want to improve. The sound lessons are offered free of charge, a huge incentive for folks like me who do not wish to shell out money if at all possible.

$104 for a season and $355 for all four, you can purchase the paid version and it’ll help you get video variations of the classes, added podcast articles, and transcripts, and extra explanations.



Price: Free

Course overview: Sometimes you only have to sit down yourself and undergo a deck of flashcards to genuinely secure French security into your mind. 

Memrise can help you do exactly that. This internet flashcard website lets you create your own flashcard collections or utilize sets that other users have generated, all free of charge. Additionally, there are sets made by Memrise staff that includes the Premium subscription at $9 per month or $59 for a year. Memrise will not instruct you how you can use those words you are memorizing, however, but it is a fantastic supplement to your French learning procedure.



Price: $9 a month

Course overview: Lingodeer is mostly for complete beginners, Lingodeer starts with a fantastic introduction about the French language it begins with alphabets and phonetics. 

This might not seem exciting at first, however, Lingodeer delivers a number of different methods within their path to keep you interested. Lingodeer drops into the snare online top French class in France, in which independent students don’t receive the exact same degree of skills as they want in a classroom or combined atmosphere. 

To truly go past that listening and talking barrier, you will have to enhance your learning along with different sources. Lots of users compare Lingodeer into DuoLingo — reviewed under — and it is somewhat broken. Lingodeer has a much better platform for reviewing the language and for studying the grammar in many reviews. Lingodeer comes beneath a subscription at $9 per month or $42 for the entire calendar year.




Price: Price varies widely

Course overview: Enormous Open Online Course platforms are gaining focus nowadays and for good reason.

University-style classes on a huge array of subjects with no college course cost?  The two Coursera provides MOOC French classes aimed towards students needing an Advanced Placement training program. Courses cover complex grammar and verb conjugations and can help you learn how to compose a French makeup for an AP examination.

Since these classes are aimed at students wanting to check from starting levels of French, Coursera does not offer beginning courses. But if you would like to measure your French studying using a challenge, then you will surely get that using a Coursera online top French classes in France. In the event that you truly need a battle, Coursera provides courses on other subjects in French no English added.

 And needless to say, such as the French AP classes, they are free too, though you might need to cover certain capabilities.



Price: $40 a month

Course overview: Quite similar in theory to Coursera, the principal differences between edX and Coursera would be the variety of classes — Coursera includes a broader pool — and price. Where you might need to pay to get attributes inside a free class or purchase a class outright from Coursera, edX presents free classes.

If you are so inclined, there is a choice to buy the program. This could comprise graded quizzes and examinations, and as soon as you’ve successfully finished the program, you will get a certificate. The prices vary just a bit between the two classes, however, a $40 per month subscription must allow you access to those accredited courses.


Babbel French

Price: $12.95 per month

Course overview: A lot of internet tools are geared towards assisting intermediate to advanced students refine their abilities.

Babble is 1 course that begins at the start with a structured course of grammar and vocabulary. There aren’t any degrees beyond intermediate, nevertheless, and there is hardly any experience with French.  But with a cost of $13 per month to the most expensive alternative, Babbel is a fantastic alternative for beginners in French.


Top French Classes in France


Duolingo French

Price: Free

Course overview: Widely popular since it is free, it’s entertaining, and it provides many different languages which you may attempt to learn all at one time.

The online French course is continually being updated with fresh content and amounts so that if you believe you’ve finally mastered the program, there is something fresh to do. Duolingo works on a game-style of understanding. As you learn new abilities you get experience points to maintain your everyday streak.

 In case you chose to become a”casual” student, you will only want 10 experience points to achieve your target — the equal of a single lesson. For the enthusiastic, try out the 50-point”crazy” goal. In lots of the ability -levels a short punctuation explanation is provided, but occasionally there’ll be sentence constructions and uses of phrases that have not been taught yet.

 Input the forum, where consumers could ask questions about a specific exercise, like why an alternate translation was not approved or an explanation of the way in which a pronoun functioned in a good example. A number of those paragraphs you are expected to interpret do not necessarily make sense. 

When do you use the sentence”differently, I would like a kid” in real life? Aside from the occasionally hardwired sentences, there are also exercises using numerous different translations, but just one or 2 are approved by Duolingo. In scenarios where something ought to be approved, users may flag this sentence for admins to reassess and therefore are often added into the appropriate answers.

The largest thing in Duolingo’s favor is that the price — it is free for all of the features. The superior plan takes away ads and enables some features to operate on the program instead of only on the site, such as testing from a level.

 But if you do not mind advertisements and you utilize the website in contrast to the Top French classes in France program, there is very little reason to pay for a subscription.


Michel Thomas French

Price: Normally $130

Course overview: Another famous name from the language learning area is Michel Thomas. 

This class employs a classroom learning fashion, in which the English-speaking host along with a native speaker educates two pupils — there for actual pupils to place themselves into their location. The classes are laid out in a reasonable sequence. The principle behind the process is a little odd, however.

The Michel Thomas method depends on the instructor to fix the pupils, and whether the pupil does not know something it is the fault of the instructor for not teaching well.  The process actually discourages pupils from memorizing, analyzing, and studying, saying that if the instructor does their job properly, the pupil does not have to place in almost any work.

This technique can work for a few, but most students discover it simply does not do the job for them. Based upon the course you select you are going to be spending between $12 to $100 or more, so proceed with care if you are thinking of this, and I wouldn’t call in the Top French Classes In France.



French Your Way

Replies: Free

Course overview: This site is significantly less of a class than it’s a source for many things catchy about French.

Jessica takes a number of the most vexing pieces of French, such as the gap between que and qui, and clarifies them simply you will wonder how you’re confused. Each podcast has many different topics switching between language, grammar, and cultural advice. 

Jessica provides it in this friendly fashion you would think you’re sitting together at un café drinking un tasse du café. Her podcast topics come straight from listeners that are invited to compose their queries. The podcast was on a leave of absence without a good return, but with this kind of passion for teaching, it’d be surprising if fresh top French classes in France podcasts did not begin looking at any stage. 


Comme Une Francaise

Price: About $200

Course overview: Translated which means”just like a Frenchwoman”. 

You might also say “comme un Francais” since Geraldine’s classes are for everybody. Comme Une Francais concentrates not just on natural-spoken French however on the way to be French. Geraldine includes a YouTube channel loaded with many different subjects, all presented in a fun, simple manner. 

The cost of these top French classes in France is somewhat vague, but the ones I saw were about $200 for a 20 lesson class; a bit on the large side, but with a lot of content that is meaningful. Some courses are restricted to the number of pupils but there is a waiting list. 

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