This guide can allow you to locate a French-language college to study at top French classes in France. Undoubtedly the best way to perfect your French vocabulary skills would be to learn French in France. Relocating to France or obtaining a French visa or French student license isn’t quite as difficult as some foreigners believe, especially if they’re seeking to research in France on a formal French route. 

When the bureaucracy is sprinkled, few Americans whine of getting the expertise to learn French in Paris, Nice, Lyon, or Bordeaux. The French are keen on using their own vocabulary and talking English could be a roadblock for integration. There are, nevertheless, lots of language schools in France that provide French language classes at beginner, intermediate and advanced degrees to match a broad assortment of budgets. 

There’s also more chance to find free ways to master French, by way of instance, doing a language exchange with a French government that would like to learn your speech or exploring online French courses. French vocabulary courses vary in cost ranges based on colleges, talking level, and the frequency and intensity of courses, amongst others. 

Additionally, there are various tools to learn French online at top French classes in France, through mobile programs, desktop applications, and internet French classes. This manual provides a record of a few of the top French-language schools in France for people trying to learn French in Paris, Lyon, Nice, Bordeaux, Marseille, Toulouse, Cannes, or Montpellier.


Top French classes In France

Why Learn French in France?

The principal advantage of French language schools in France is that the broader selection of French courses when compared with back home, from intensive top French classes in France to conversational French courses and French summer classes, which normally combine treks to France’s finest places to go to, museums or markets to elicit learning French in a pure manner. 

Studying French in France is also a fantastic way to pick up the nuances of the French vocabulary, for example, common French words, slang, or casual expressions, so much as the French accent or perhaps Parisian street-talk. At a current analysis on the least expensive and the simplest language in the world, French was rated overall as 10th among 28 international languages. 

European languages were generally the most costly to find out, together with French costing an average of $16, supporting Dutch (GBP 18.71) and German (GBP 16.02), however more economical than Italian (GBP 11.67) and Spanish (GBP 10.26). The top cost to study French in France, however, is offset by being among the easiest languages to learn, requiring an estimated 600 hours, equivalent to learning Spanish, Dutch or Italian for instance, but simpler than German (750 hours) and much simpler than the 2,200 hours required for Arabic, Mandarin, Japanese or Korean.

Combining the ordinary price and hours, the entire price to learn French has been estimated at about $9,565.


Learn French online

Virtually anything you can purchase can be located on the web at no cost, so don’t be scared to shop for online French courses. The BBC really has an extremely innovative product which also contains audio files, an extremely valuable asset when seeking to learn French.  Another fantastic source is Radio Lingua Network, which provides short audio French vocabulary learning tutorials, downloadable as podcasts.

You might also need to purchase pocket phrasebooks which can allow you to get around from the daily grind. They will not be good at comprehensive punctuation use and explanations but they’ll certainly have helpful phrases. It’s also useful to have a digital translator or speech program; Google Translate or Word Reference are very useful free programs, which frequently consist of written and audio illustrations too.

Below is a listing of some of the greatest French-language schools in France having a nationwide presence, with various places across the nation. It is also possible to check which French schools provide top French classes in France or visit Expatica’s listings of French language schools in France.



1. Alliance Francaise

The renowned French vocabulary establishment Alliance Francaise has divisions nearly anywhere, both in France and across the world. It’s devoted to promoting French global via courses, cultural activities, and French accreditation. French language courses cover all levels, from total beginner (degree A1) to autonomous (degree C1). 

Intensive French courses for adults and evening courses are offered. 

They provide various packages with which you may combine your overall French course with different courses — such as workshops or customized packages — at precisely the exact same time, building a French instruction class adapted to your demands, accessibility, and goals.


2. Azurlingua

FLE Licensed, the college approaches French vocabulary learning from a practical standpoint. Its objective is to instruct you to acquire diverse knowledge whilst quickly developing your communication skills in French. 

Favoring scenarios of real-life and centered on a high number of instruction materials (for instance, authentic records, records video, sound, comic books, articles media clips, French tunes, film clips, and French books ), the instruction method intends to excite a desire to constantly learn and express yourself. 

Teachers are native French speakers and all college graduates.

Places: Cannes, Nice, St Tropez


Top French Classes In France


3. Berlitz

This global school offers top French classes in France at 28 centers around France in important cities. Teaching may be performed independently or in groups, or even Berlitz teachers may even visit your workplace. Course costs vary based on if which language you select, however.


4. Eurocentres

Eurocentres provides a vast selection of top French classes in France for students trying to master French at distinct degrees. Courses differ from two-week to yearlong courses with a maximum class size of 14 pupils.

Areas: Amboise, La Rochelle and Paris


Top French Classes In France


5. France Langue

Together with six colleges across the nation, France Langue offers top French classes in France for all levels of overall French and technical French (eg. Business, legal, medical), classes for French instructors, and examination prep (TEF, DELF, TCF). All French teachers maintain a college diploma or a recognized language education eligibility. 

This French language learning college also has accreditations using FFL Campus France, IALC (International Association of Language Centres), CSN (certification by Northern European nations ), and Universite Paris Sorbonne.

Places: Biarritz, Bordeaux, Nice and Paris

Touch: france-langue. com

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