This topic is about top jobs in France. France is one of the most important economies under the European Union (EU). So, average salaries in France are high within the EU. Aside from this, most of the workers in France are a part of the unions that protects their rights. From the report of Eurostat. France and top jobs in France are ranked in the seventh position in the EUROPEAN economy and in terms of the average salaries and France comes just behind Germany and Belgium.

French Economy

Within a couple of years, the French economy has seen an upward trend in salaries.1.2% for the managers and 1.1% for the remaining workers or employees. It is the third-largest economy in Europe and therefore the seventh largest worldwide. The speed of employment may have improved jobs in France towards the top of 2019, but still, 8.1% of the population is out of labour.

Mismatch of companies’ needs and therefore the skills available within the jobs in France workforce is one of the main reasons for this example. Especially, the knowledge technology (IT), health and engineering sectors are experiencing a shortage of qualified workers to fill vacancies, whereas there’s surplus labour available for the agricultural, manufacturing, and mining sectors.

If you got the specified skills and necessary qualifications that employers are trying to find then finding employment or top jobs in France isn’t that difficult with thousands of positions lying vacant. Before we move further, a word of recommendation. France primarily maybe a French Speaking country. Though many Universities are offering courses in English and therefore the multinationals require English speaking professionals, learning the language is usually advisable.

It may be full-time employment or part-time jobs in France knowing the native language always add great value to your resume. So, whenever you think that of France, then you must also consider learning the language to further augment your chances of getting an appropriate job.


Jobs in France


1) Medical doctors – Jobs in France

Doctors and other jobs related to surgeons and assistants will always be in-demand. But during the following years, this demand can actually increase because of the development in technology, especially within the biomedical field.

2) Physiotherapists

The role of a physiotherapist has changed within the last years. They’re not seen as muscular-skeletal specialists but they will contribute to clinical health generally.

3) Home Health Aides

Home health aide cares for the different types of people with disabilities, cognitive impairments chronic diseases, or age-related problems. They offer basic aid and services. This is among the best jobs in France. Home Health Aides is going to be the Fastest employment growth and it is predicted around 2024 approximately. Due to the problems of ageing and life expectancy.

4) Engineering – Aerospace, Automobile, Mechanical, Metallurgy

France is the most advanced industrial nation and a leader in Aerospace, Metallurgy, and Automotive. The recovering economy saw a spurt of jobs within the above-mentioned sector with robust demand for professionals. With major players continuing to spend thousands of euros has relevant to research. The country keeps inviting talent from across the globe.

France has attractive options in Higher education in Engineering. Pure sciences (Masters in Physics/ Chemistry/ etc.) also are good options with a promise during a job in various R&D divisions of the highest companies headquartered within the country.

5) Energy Management – Jobs in France

This has been separated from the remainder for a particular reason – Energy is big in France. France is one of the few countries which carry on atomic energy for its domestic needs and therefore the second-largest country for Energy Export, the Energy sector in France needs pure and best-talented persons and resources.

As such, the arena continues to need engineers, scientists, and even management consultants to handle its burgeoning industry and provide. For this domain, specialized courses are preferred and from engineers to Nuclear Physicists and even Energy Management Consultants…all are in high demand and would still have a gradual market within the years to return yet.


Jobs In France


6) Software Engineers and developers

With the increase of small device technology, there’s an increasing need for software developers. They will add a good range of technology issues and with both individual and company clients.

7) Financial advisors- Jobs in France

The role of the financial adviser is to suggest and render financial services to the clients about their financial situation and give ideas on how to improve. They will provide a variety of economic advice from budgeting to estate planning. There’s an enormous portion of jobs to fill during this area especially because the prevailing advisors are on the trail toward retirement and also because baby boomers are almost retiring and that they might need help within the process.

There’s a powerful demand for management professionals within the country. Be it business consulting or marketing professionals across the assorted sectors, the demand for professionals is steadily rising and is predicted to succeed in the height by 2025.Strong multinationals and an ageing population, all add up to the demand for management professionals. There is a demand for Management professionals in the Consulting business.

8) Data Scientists

Data science is one of the foremost important jobs for the next decades especially due to the expansion of AI and machine learning, two of the most important trends in this area. Data scientists use their advanced knowledge in statistics, math, and computing to gather analyses and interpret large data sets. They will add value to any business in many ways.


Jobs in France


9) Mechanical Engineers

Mechanical Engineers can add many industries and projects. they’re imperative for the industry that can face continuing growth and challenges.

10) Nurse Practitioners

In recent years Nurses are being recognized as key members of healthcare because of population aging, but also because of the increasing need for advanced and specialized practitioners within the sector.

11) Tradesperson Jobs

Manual jobs like welder, plumber, and electrician are rising. They’re needed during a lot of various industries and that they also can work as freelancers. Also, as has already been mentioned, this increase is often because of the shortage of youngsters with vocational degrees rather than university ones.

12) Occupational Therapists

Occupational therapists will have an increasing need in society, possibly because of the increasing anticipation in western countries. They’re liable for assessing and intervening with the aim of developing, recovering, or maintaining meaningful
activities of individuals or communities.

13) Tourism/ Hospitality and Luxury

France is the travel destination of the world. Paris also continues to be one of the most visited tourist destinations. With a minimum of 79 million foreign tourists per annum. France is one of the most visited destinations within the world and generates the third largest income from tourism globally. Furthermore, the country is synonymous with a very different sector – the arena of Luxury goods. Be it fashion jewellery, fancy perfumes, or maybe toiletries, the French have the simplest way of adding luxury to the mundane.

The sector continues to defy the chances of a recession and continue on a gentle trajectory of growth. Making it one of the few sectors which are always in demand for fresh talent. If it inspires you, excites you and you’ll talk the talk, you’re bound to find employment within the country. So, this can be among the best jobs in France. Courses like Hospitality, Fashion, and Gourmet also as Luxury Management are in high demand and would assist you to find suitable employment.

14) Teaching Jobs – Top Jobs in France

Demand for English teachers is sort of high in France because the country engages with the English-speaking jobs market. The one’s who want to seek a teaching job in private schools or state schools, town halls, within a company, language colleges, teaching business English to its employees or universities.

The French language is very important and you must learn it. Even if you do a job that requires you only to speak English. For example, such as teaching English as a foreign language for students or anyone else. You still have to learn the French language, as it is the native language. You may have to take a test for the official French proficiency certificates, DELF and DALF, which are awarded by the French Ministry of Education to prove your ability to the required standard.

So, if you would like to study in France. Then there’s a large array of subjects you’ll be able to make a choice from. If you want to make your career in France then, for best guidance visit Career in France


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