In this blog, we will be discussing 20 top French classes in France in Strasbourg. Are you interested in learning from top French classes in Strasbourg? 

Learning French from top French classes in France is undoubtedly the best way for you to improve your French language skills. It is easy to move to France, or get a French visa or student permit. This is especially true if you are interested in studying in France. After all the paperwork is completed, foreigners will be able to enjoy learning French in Paris, Nice Lyon, Bordeaux, and Lyon.

French people are naturally keen to use their native language, and English can prove to be a barrier to integration. However, there are many French-language schools that offer top French classes in France at all levels. You can also find many free methods to learn French. For example, you could exchange your language with a French citizen or learn French online.

Prices for French language classes can vary depending on the school, level of speaking, and class frequency. You can also learn French online using mobile apps, desktop software, and online courses.

This guide lists the Top French Classes in France, including those in Strasbourg, Lyons, Nice, Bordeaux, and Marseille.

Top French Classes in France



Do you want to learn French from the top French classes in France?

 French language schools in France offer a wider range of Top French classes than back home. These include intensive French courses as well as conversational French lessons. They also offer French summer courses. French summer courses often combine trips to France’s most popular places to visit, museums and markets to help you learn French naturally. It is possible to learn the smallest nuances of French by studying French in France. This includes common phrases and informal expressions as well as Parisian street talk.

According to a recent study, French was ranked 10th among 28 international languages. The most expensive European languages to learn were French (GBP 18.71 and German (GBP 16.02), respectively). However, it was cheaper than Italian (GBP 11.67 and Spanish (GBP 10.26). French is a difficult language to learn. It takes 600 hours to learn and requires no more than Dutch, Spanish, or Italian. However, it is much easier than German (750hrs) and considerably less than the 2,200 hours required to learn Arabic, Mandarin, or Japanese. The total cost of learning French, including hours and average cost, was approximately EUR9,565.


 Top French Classes in France 

Here is a list listing the Top French classes in France with a national presence and several locations throughout France. Below you’ll find a list of top French classes in France and Strasbourg, Paris, Lyon, Nice, Marseilles, Toulouse, Bordeaux. Cannes.

You can also search for French universities that offer French courses, or go through Expatica’s listing of French language schools in France.

Top French Classes in France



 1. Career In France

Career in France provides the top French classes in France and language services starting from A1 to C2 levels with native and non-native teachers. 

They guarantee to make you speak at the end of the respective level. To make it easy for working professionals and students, Career in France offers classes online. Minimum duration for A1 level course is 40 hours. Each class is  of 1 hour duration. However, they are more focused on  on students’ progress rather than on duration. So, if a student is not able to learn in 40 hours of class, they may extend the number of hours of the course.

2. Alliance Francaise

Alliance Francaise, a well-known institute and offers top French classes in France, has many branches around the globe. It helps students learn French through classes, cultural activities, and French certification. All levels of French language classes are available, from absolute beginner (level A1) to autonomous (level C1). There are evening and intensive French classes available for adults. You can choose from a variety of packages that allow you to combine your general French classes with workshops or customized packages. This allows you to create a French training course tailored to your requirements, availability, and goals.


3. Azurlingua

FLE Accredited. This top French class in France approaches French language learning through a practical approach. The school’s goal is to help you acquire a wide range of knowledge and improve your French communication skills. The teaching method is based on real-life scenarios and uses a lot of teaching materials, such as original documents, recordings video, audio, comics and articles press clips, French songs, and movie clips. It aims to encourage a desire to learn and express your thoughts. All university graduates are fluent in French and teachers.


4. Berlitz

This school offers top French classes in France in 28 French cities. You can choose to have the teacher come to your home or teach in small groups. Prices for courses vary depending on which language you choose.

Top French Classes in France



5. Eurocentres

Eurocentres offers many top French classes in France where students who want to learn French at various levels. The classes last from two weeks to a year and have a maximum of 14 students.


6. France Langue

France Langue offers top French classes in France at all levels, including specialized French. There are six French Langue schools located throughout the country. France Langue offers courses for French teachers and preparation for exams (TEF, DELF, or TCF) in business, legal, medical, legal, and medical fields. All French teachers have a degree from a university and/or an approved language teaching qualification. FFL Campus France, IALC, and CSN have also been accredited to this French language learning school.



INSA is in sixth place in our top French classes in France list. INSA offers non-French-speaking exchange students and double degree students, in partnership with the Alliance Francaise, Strasbourg, the opportunity to take a 2-week intensive French course (end August to the beginning of September), and an extensive course during the academic year (free).

Top French Classes in France



Required level of French

You can choose to take either the B1+ 30-hour intensive French class before the start of the academic year or B2. For further information, all international students who are not fluent in French should contact the international office.

Online French lessons

Software for computers

Many companies claim that they offer the top French classes in France to help you learn quickly and retain everything. It is important to ensure that your learning style is matched by the teacher, whether it be via audio or visual. Here is a list of some language software titles that will help you get started.


8. Tell me more French


9. Fluenz French


10. Rosetta Stone French


11. Berlitz French Premier


12. Instant Immersion French


13. French Learning Suite


14. Rocket Languages


15. Living Language Platinum


16. Hello-Hello World


17. Pimsleur Comprehensive


18. Transparent Language


19. Smart French


20. BBC

A BBC product with audio files is a really innovative one. This can be a great asset for learning French. Radio Lingua Network is another great resource. It offers audio French language learning tutorials that can be downloaded as podcasts.

Pocket phrasebooks can also be useful for you to get through your day. Although they won’t be able to provide detailed grammar explanations and usage, they will have useful phrases. 


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