So allow me to inform you about the most effective means of studying French and about The Top French Classes in France now. I really do believe that Lyon is among the greatest places to find French and undoubtedly far better than Paris.

It offers you extremely good French classes to select from, it is more affordable than Paris and it’s the real regional men and women that aren’t that international so that they will continue talking in French. Thus you’re made to utilize the language.  And of course all of the advantages of studying the language from the native state.

You’re then surrounded with the words, news, hints, instructions, radio, television, news in French, and even in the event that you don’t know a single word which you still gain in the noises, pronunciation you hear. There are many Top French Classes in France that you are able to consider using while you wish to learn French in France and Lyon.  

Top French classes in France




Here are the Top French Classes in France:


1. Alliance Française de Lyon

Alliance Française is in No.1 position on our Top French Classes in France list. It is a private institution of higher education that includes over 800 Alliances Françaises offices and colleges within roughly 137 nations. It’s among the greatest, well-known, and also most recognized language colleges on earth.  

This is Lyon, it’s found in the city center, it provides French classes at each level: very good grade intensive or extra-intensive nearest ones (depending on the Common European Framework of Reference of Languages) to 2,600 students from over 130 nations every year.  The classes are intensive and accessible in the evenings or in the evenings,  all year and more classes are being released throughout the summertime. 

The school has really educated educators, all trained overseas to find international experience and so they operate easily and efficiently using various nationalities. It’s quite nicely organized and responsive to your requirements and preferences. Along with regular courses, it arouses many cultural activities, events for the pupils. The faculty is also well equipped with brand new technology and interesting teaching approaches. It gives help with organizing lodging with families or at the dormitories.


2. Lyon Bleu International

Lyon Bleu International is just another well-known and quite good private college that has provided French-language classes since 1999. It’s a  professional training firm certified by the French authorities. The faculty is recognized globally and accessible setup here in Lyon. It provides a wide selection of French language classes suited to your aims, your available time, and funding.

It has a specialist group of educators who employ interesting and new teaching methods and it supplies help for students to locate lodging and discover French culture and nation and supply a wide range of entertainment opportunities. Lyon Bleu International occupies  2nd position in our Top French Classes in France list.

Top French Classes in France



3. Ecole Interculturelle de Français

Ecole Interculturelle de Français is in 3rd position on our Top French Classes list. It is just another large and famous Lyonnais terminology college. It teaches the French language (grammar, vocabulary, phonetics, civilization…) and its own culture. It provides language classes on all levels and so-called “Workshops” which empower students to share in the life span of their city, so as to enhance integration and also to practice French beyond the classroom.  

The faculty also prepares pupils for the Delf and Dalf examinations and has professional employees working there. The school advises students and permits them to get involved in the cultural and community life of their city and its broader area and it’ll allow you to arrange the lodging when you come around to Lyon.


4. LeoLingua

LeoLingua is among Top French classes in France which is located in Lyon geared toward the overseas students and expatriates wanting to understand and practice French.  Its French courses are adapted to all levels and also to all of the skilled livelihood. They have young and energetic teachers using creative and modern teaching procedures and combine the understanding of language with finding French culture and the town.  

Furthermore, the college can allow you to integrate nicely with the classes by working with various hours and additionally offering personal classes in the daytime or at the day in the institute or at even on your property. They’ll support you with different administrative processes such as registration, lodging, internship, and job appliance and also to acquire a visa if necessary.

LeoLingua functions in a fairly small group of 8 people and extends the students a research room with an online link, a library, and a movie library.

Top French Classes in France



5. Inflexyon – Intercultural Center of Lyon

Inflexyon French was produced in 2006 and located in Lyon.  

Since the start, the school has provided an innovative and lively teaching program that’s been adapted to every pupil, the small-sized courses, along with the general French course” and 12 workshops to the ability development.  

It proposes different class formulations:  17, 27 to 30 lessons per week to best suit students’ needs. The wonderful team is approachable and will aid you with administrative issues straight away. Inflexyon occupies  5th position in our Top French Classes list.


6. Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3 — Study English and Learn French in The Same

Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3 is in 6th place in our Top French Classes in France. This is a regular university and it is therefore available to all college undergraduates and it’s a term program. It typically begins in ancient September/early January and finishes mid-December/end of April. The college professors will teach you French together with the college SELF program. It’s been made to enhance the pupil’s proficiency in the French language.  

It’s available to French and global students and that’s the reason why most of them benefit from the global experience of studying in France and may also acquire the master’s level in French terminology.


7. Birdwell Institute

Birdwell Institute is also among Top French classes in France which is located in Lyon. More developed personal language training firm located in Lyon, It provides not only normal French language classes but a lot of training classes in French as a foreign language including as Direction training, Australian language coaching, Intercultural training, Management training.  

Approaches are tailored to the connections with the states of the European Union and according to the spoken language. Courses are tailored to the requirements and level of the pupils. Along with the intriguing face-to-face classes can be made better together with different approaches like phone, e-learning, or virtual classroom technologies.


8. Lyon International Catholic University

ILCF so French Language and Culture Institute is another language learning choice here in Lyon.  It succeeded in teaching French non-native speakers because of 1948.  Since it’s a university will give you a student standing, a college setting, and several opportunities for an excellent education.  

You can make certain to attend demanding courses run by college professors. Lyon International Catholic University occupies 8th position in our Top French Classes in France list.

Top French Classes in France



9. Institut Lyonnais

 Institut Lyonnais is in 9th place in our Top French Classes in France and it’s just another public high school in Lyon. It was founded in 1984 and it provides language and French culture classes for professionals and students all through the year. You will find simple training (for overseas students and pupils ) and coaching (for professionals or some other employees ) available.  

In Addition, to that, the college offers a variety various activities that allow pupils to practice the French language in another way: theater or cultural activities, etc.


10. Berlitz

The global language college that’s the world’s premier provider of language training and intercultural support in over 70 nations.  It’s 28 centers across France in the most significant cities, two in Lyon. The faculty provides lessons to all criteria of pupils and functions through the so-called “The Berlitz Method”.  This can be a direct method and concentrates on using language as a tool for communicating. 

Berlitz provides the most extensive portfolio of applications accessible to come up with a global-ready workforce and direction and in addition to that, it provides translation and translation services. Berlitz occupies  10th position in our Top French Classes in France list.

Top French classes in France




  1. InfoLangues

Infolangues is among Top French classes in France which is located in Lyon. It  is a firm specialized in training all languages ​​to firms and people. It was founded in 1984 by Elena Grossat and Ciara Raginel who direct the provider. These Days, Infolangues includes five training facilities: Lyon (Headquarters), St Etienne, Bron, Grenoble, and Aix-en Provence.  

The college has a committed group of 45 individuals and in addition to that, it functions with coaches who educate their mother tongue. It gives a flexible arrangement, lively and responsive to its students. The school serves an extensive selection of providers with training-face individual classes, group inter / Intra, intensive, thematic workshops, etc…  

Additionally, it offers you an innovative formulation that combines group classes with learning remotely through online classes, e-learning, by phone, teleconferencing, videoconferencing, etc…  The faculty also provides a  translation agency using a global network of technical translators.


  1. Ipse Formation

Ipse Formation is in last place in our Top French Classes in France. Business Language school uses a huge assortment of classes including management, finance, economics, and technical and legal disciplines, import/export, discussion, finance, quality, and production. It was founded in 2001  by British-born entrepreneur Tania Michaud.

Nowadays, though English language instruction is the most essential facet of the company, Ipsé Formation also offers other language training and has the capability to extend training to many more languages and if required. It is situated in Saint Etienne. Ipsé Formation includes a group of native speakers who also plays over 5000 hours of speech instruction each year.


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