In this article, we will be discussing 5 top French classes in France in Lille. Imagine yourself enjoying freshly baked pastries alongside a stunning fountain. You will find tents selling homemade jams, macarons, and jewelry along the streets. French-speaking vendors are easy to bargain with. You get up and walk to Palais des Beaux-Arts. This is where you meet a French friend. It is your future life in Lille, France. Lille is a wonderful city that offers many top French classes in France.

These are our 5 top French classes in France for French learners, from local language schools to university courses.


Why learn French in Lille?

Studying abroad can be a wonderful experience. It allows you to learn a language in a new and interesting way. While learning a new language, you also get to experience the culture. Lille is the ideal place to start your journey if you are looking to travel overseas and live a French immersion lifestyle. Lille, France’s capital of Hauts-de-France is a great place to start. All the benefits of living in a big city, but at a lower price than in Paris. You can also visit Lille, the city of love, whenever you like by train.

Lille is a great place to start exploring France if you want to see as many of the beautiful French-speaking countries as possible.

Top French Classes in France



Lille offers many museums, historic sites, theatres, and restaurants that you can explore, in addition to the top French classes in France offered by the city. Lille is a Flemish capital, which means that its culture, history, and architecture are very different from other parts of France. Lille is truly multi-cultural thanks to its history and the presence of a few large universities that have large student populations from abroad.

Learn French in Lovely Lille 5 top French classes in France (Flexible and Intensive).

You will need to enroll in a language course if you decide to visit Lille. Below are the 5 top French classes In France in Lille. We have broken down the information so that you can compare them and choose the best one for you.

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Top French Classes in France



  1. Centre de Pratique de Langues Etrangeres – Center for Practicing Foreign Languages


Centre de Pratique de Langues Etrangeres is in first place in our top French classes In France list. This program is available in many courses, but it’s particularly appealing for students who want to tailor the course to meet their needs. The curriculum’s goals can be chosen by the student.

There are many courses available, including in marketing and business. Don’t be discouraged by the amount of information on their website. Instead, download the course catalog and go directly to the language section (pages 64 to 71).

It is great that the center can adapt your course hours, weeks, and specific vocabulary to meet your language goals. The center also offers a free placement exam to assess your French proficiency.

They also offer a certification language exam at the conclusion of your course, which can be used to prove to future employers or to the French government your French skills (if you are applying for a visa specific).

There are many courses to choose from.

Centre de Pratique de Langues Etrangeres offers many courses that specialize in full immersion, group learning, and specific topics such as business or practical goals (speaking on a phone, visiting the doctor, etc. You can find out more.

You can take courses for as little as two hours per week or as long as 40 hours per week.



Their catalog does not include prices. It directs potential students to contact the center with all their questions and goals. A quote will be sent back to you.



Accommodation is largely up to the student to find. The intensive 40-hour course covers accommodation with a French family. However, the center will take care of your needs.



Many courses offer cultural activities such as workshops and conversation groups, games, and outings to local restaurants.


2. Lil’Languages (Lil’Langues)


This comes in second place in our top French classes In France list. This program provides a variety of courses and cultural classes. It is especially suitable for students who wish to stay shorter or who don’t know how long they will be there and want flexibility. Lil’Langues charges per week with a minimum commitment of one week. This means that you can change your overseas plans at will. Space is available in the building where students can practice French outside of class. This is a great perk.


There are many courses to choose from.

You have the option of choosing between intensive classes (21 hours per Semaine) or extended classes (15 hours per săptămână). You can also take workshops in writing and communication. A combination class can be arranged that combines workshops, one-on-1 lessons, and group learning. You can also take classes to prepare for the DELF or DALF French exams.



Prices can vary depending on the course. 



Students have the option of finding their own accommodation or asking Lil’Langues for help to find accommodation for them. This option is great for students who want to stay in a more intimate environment, but it will run you EUR130 per week.



Language programs offer many cultural activities, such as cooking classes, city tours, game nights, and dinners with French family members.


3. Universite Catholique de Lille


Universite Catholique de Lille comes in third place in our top French classes In France list. Catholique de Lille, a great choice for anyone looking to spend the summer in France. Even college credits can be transferred to other universities.

There are many courses to choose from. The summer program runs in four-week sessions and offers many flexible course options. You can mix and match electives in French or English from subjects such as business, French, and science.

There are also semester-long courses that offer oral practice, intensive French courses, and preparation for French exams. For more information, please contact us.



The tuition for the summer course costs $2,950. All meals, lodging, transport passes, and additional activities are included in the package.



The activities you can choose depend on the program that you have chosen. They could be studies or corresponding activities in business, cinema, science, and museums.

Top French Classes in France




4. Alliance Francaise de Lille


Next off on my listing is in fourth place in our top French classes In France list. Alliance Francaise De Lille is flexible and offers six- to eight-week courses. It is also the most affordable option. The Alliance Francaise is a world-renowned institution that offers language courses at centers around the globe. However, just because it’s less expensive doesn’t mean you lose quality. They are recognized by almost all countries and governments as valid certificates and exams, which is a huge perk for anyone who needs proof of their French proficiency.


There are many courses to choose from. You can find courses for beginners to advanced, as well as exam preparation classes and business/professional options. The courses last from just two hours per Semaine to just over seven hours each week.

Classes are offered throughout the year in 6- to 8-week segments, as mentioned previously.

You can add a phonetics or grammar class for all levels (or just EUR15/EUR25 each week).



The pricing is very affordable at EUR22-EUR81 per week. However, keep in mind that some institutions have higher prices and offer more instruction hours.



Accommodation is not provided.



Their website mentions that cultural activities are available outside of class, but it doesn’t give examples.


5. Universite de Lille


This comes in fifth place in our top French classes In France list. Universite de Lille is a great choice for serious French students who are willing to put in a lot of effort. This includes students who want to travel with ERASMUS or earn a degree.

You must be enrolled at the university as a student to be allowed to take classes (even if your goal is to finish all semesters and earn credits) or participate in a language exchange program.

There are many courses to choose from. These French courses will help you to earn le Diplome Universitaire d’Etudes Francaises (University Diploma in French Studies). You can take the exam or not.

Each week, you’ll be able to take 15 hours of French class.



The tuition cost is approximately 1,400 EUR per semester, which is not too expensive compared to other universities in the United States and Britain.

Top French Classes in France



Students have the option of living on-campus or off-campus, just like most universities.


These are our 5 Top French Classes In France in Lille. Hope you find it useful.

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