Whether it’s the art of walking along a classy boulevard or having an all-comers spoken brawl there are some French expressions that just don’t equate – and also which expose some intriguing aspects of France and also its society. In this blog, we will be discussing 13 unique French words and Top French classes In FranceRight here are a few of our favorites: 


1. Saucer


What does it indicate? The verb Saucer is actually utilized to explain cleaning sauce off one’s plate with a piece of bread, or simply generally using the bread to mop up the last residues of your delicious meal. It came from the 14th century from the Old French globe saussier (saucière in Modern French) meaning “sauce recipe”. 

What does it expose? Being a country that values food in general and the tradition of eating together (87 percent of French individuals often eat supper at residence with relatives), it remains in some methods, not a surprise that such food and family-focused verb would exist within the French language. 

So following the time you’re around the dinner table as well as have a piece of left-over baguette, wipe up the remains of the recipe as well as exclaim sauçons! (let’s wipe!) in true French design. 


2. Goûter 


What does it mean? Le goûter is a little pick-me-up treat eaten at around 4 pm. 

The consumption of un goûter is primarily typical among school children, as the practice time to consume such a treat coincides with the end of the school day and is frequently sugary– which is why you usually see lines of moms and dads as well as individuals queuing at the boulangerie in the middle of the afternoon searching for a pleasant treat. 

It’s sometimes additionally referred to as un quatre heure, in reference to the time it is typically eaten.

What does it reveal? Snacking is typically frowned upon in France, particularly the type of grazing at the desk that is so typical amongst office workers in the Anglo-Saxon world. In France, food is taken seriously and also you ought to stop what you are doing and concentrate on the food and also the company.



3. Flâner 


What does it suggest? The verb flâner literally suggests to wander aimlessly, individuals seeing, taking in the views, and usually observing life as it goes by — the excellent word to describe a day in Paris. Initially coined by the French poet Baudelaire to determine an onlooker of nineteenth-century metropolitan life, the word was often utilized in his literature and is still made use of today. 

What does it expose? The French worth their time — there are 11 public holidays in France annually (or 13 if you stay in Alsace-Lorraine) as well as on average, a French employee can anticipate thirty days of paid leave each year. They appreciate the appeal in ambling about without any specific location, valuing the substitute its thoughtful and also reflective functions. 

Sitting in a café, enjoying the sunlight in the park with a publication, strolling without a certain destination in mind is the epitome of the French way of living.


4. Se prendre un vent


What does it indicate? The French language is renowned for its passion and ways of expression. Se prendre un vent is a casual way of stating that you have actually been entirely overlooked, typically by the individual whose interest you’re trying to obtain. 

In English, we may state “to speak with a block wall” instead. What does it expose? The French language has a lot of images, and se prendre un vent is a fine example of this. It essentially translates to “to take a wind”, which completely shows the sensation of being disregarded.


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5. Faire le Zouave


What does it indicate? In English, faire le Zouave doesn’t have an exact translation, however, you could say it indicates “to act the goat” or to “play the fool”. In the (Belgian) TinTin cartoons, Captain Haddock uses the word zouave as an insult, which caught on as well as is now frequently used throughout France. 

What does it expose? Les Zouaves were a routine in the French army between 1830 as well as 1962, known to be risk-takers as well as they flag up France’s crucial army background. 


6. Ubériser 


What does it suggest? The verb Ubériser is a beginner to the French vocabulary having just been around for a few years (since the arrival of ride-hiring company Uber). It’s used to describe the electronic occupation of solutions from modern technology applications such as Uber, Air B&B, as well as Deliveroo. 

What does it expose? Ubériser is regularly made use of in a negative feeling to describe the attack on employees’ rights that come with the ‘gig economic climate’ employers such as Uber as well as Deliveroo. France has a solid tradition of securing the rights of its employees and also the employment techniques of several of these new companies have actually been the topic of lawsuit. 



7. Attendre 107 Ans 


What does it mean? This phrase is made use of to describe a circumstance taking a long time. It literally converts to “to take 107 years”, and also is an excellent term to know if you require to explain for how long your French paperwork is taking. What does it disclose? The number of years used in this phrase, 107, so details due to the fact that it makes reference to the length of time Notre Dame required to develop– 107 years. ” 

I love this expression due to the fact that it’s a dual cultural whammy,” states James Preston, a translator, and etymologist based in Paris. “Not only is there a concrete historic origin, however it additionally flawlessly exhibits French exaggeration when confronted with a small trouble.” 


8. Bouquiner 


What does it imply? The verb technically means “to read” but is not like the extra commonly-used lire. Bouquiner would not be made use of within a sentence where you’re discussing just how you’ve spent the day reviewing tax obligation records, it’s more magical than that and also mentions the concept of reviewing something fascinating and also exciting. 

What does it expose? The Cambridge Dictionary uses words in the sentence “bouquiner Avant de s’ endormir” which indicates “to read prior to going to rest”, indicating the verb is a method of explaining an avoidance. It has to do with reading for enjoyment and reveals the importance of literary works and also the created word within French culture, where authors have a high standing.


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9. Semer la zizanie


What does it imply? In English, to semer la zizanie might be made use of to illustrate a brawl gone wrong or a way of causing a commotion. We may use “to stir something up” however the singular word zizanie, essentially converts to “a dispute”. 

What does it expose? La zizanie is a prominent referral within French society and also is a fun appearing word that conveniently jumps off the tongue. It was utilized as the title of an Asterix book and also a Louis de Funès film and is most likely to be made use of in a casual, comical, manner whenever people are vociferously arguing, which occurs quite a whole lot in France. 


10. Tutoyer 


What does this mean? Tutoyer actually means to begin utilizing the informal word for you– tu— rather than the formal vous with someone. There is clearly no straight translation into English but it’s good to understand that you most likely should not ask somebody of a much older generation if “on peut tutoyer?”

What does it disclose? The use of the verb tutoyer reveals just how conventional and also official the French language can be — which Anglophones usually find difficult to adapt to. Using Vous with someone a lot older than yourself is considered unsuitable, in the same way, you’re anticipated to make use of Vous with your manager or someone you do not know in a casual fashion. 


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11. Un exutoire 


What does it indicate? Un exutoire actually implies “an outlet” in English, but in French, it’s used to explain a task you could engage in order to keep your mind sidetracked from negative memories or feelings. For example, booking a holiday to someplace away in order to fail to remember the previous 18 months, might be regarded as un exutoire! 

What does it disclose? Despite being a noun in contrast to a verb, un exutoire resembles flâner as well as boquiner due to the fact that these words all make reference to avoidance and flag up the relevance of good quality of life to the French. 


12. Jaspiner 


What does it indicate? In English, the verb jaspiner roughly converts to “having a natter” or “a good chatter”. 

What does it disclose? It discloses that the French like a great catch-up as well as a gossip too. 

It’s an excellent word to explain conversations that may be had overtaking close friends on a jam-packed terrace, or among residents over a coffee. The French do like the occasional political scandal, which likely results in a great deal of jaspinant! 


13. Aoûtiens 


What does it imply? In English, there is no real translation, yet it basically means “individuals of August”— describing individuals that take their summer season holidays in August, in contrast to the juilletistes, who vacation in July.


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3. French Uncovered

French Uncovered comes in third place in our Top French classes In France list.  French Uncovered includes a novel method of understanding a new language.


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4. Pimsleur French

Pimsleur French comes in fourth place in our Top French classes In France list. Pimsleur offers top French classes in France and makes sure pupils begin talking and using what they have learned directly from lesson one.


5. FrenchPod101

FrenchPod101 comes in fifth place in our Top French classes In France list. Here is another immersion program, this one with visual and audio clips on customs and culture. It is chopped into bite-sized pieces based on Many Different subjects 

Regardless of the broad selection of offerings, the business of the site is often perplexing.

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