In this blog, we will be discussing top French classes in France for immigrants in Switzerland and the main reasons to learn French in Switzerland.

French is spoken by 22.5% of all Swiss, making it the second-most common language. It is spoken west of Switzerland, where France borders. Geneva, Jura, and Neuchatel are the four French-speaking areas. Despite this, French is spoken in three bilingual cantons, Fribourg, Valais, and Bern. If you plan on moving to one of these areas, learning French in Switzerland would be a good choice.

It is important to remember that Swiss-French has a strong resemblance to standard French. However, there are still some top French classes In France where you can find certain regional words and expressions. Nevertheless, understanding gaps are much smaller than in German.

Before moving to Switzerland, you should learn French.

You could wait to learn the official languages in Switzerland, but it is much more beneficial to get started on your studies before you arrive. It is important to have a basic knowledge of the language in order to be able to set up your new life in Switzerland. It will help you find a place to call home, set up utilities, and open a bank account. There are many top French classes in France.

Switzerland has international language schools. You may want to start learning French in Switzerland before you move. Look for language schools that have locations in Switzerland and your country if this appeals to you. You could also search for top French classes In France that can be started before you move.

Top French Classes in France




These are some international language schools that might be of use:


  1. Career In France

This is in the first place in our top French classes in France list. It offers French language services from A1 – C2 levels with native and non-native teachers. Furthermore, it has teachers who have 30 years of experience in teaching the French language.


      2. Berlitz 

This top French class in France and it is a famous language school that offers English, French classes. It has locations around the world.


     3. Alliance Francaise

This institution promotes French culture around the world; its many international locations offer top French classes In France


      4. Goethe Institute

This famous institution promotes German culture and language. It offers German classes in various locations around the globe. This is one of the top French classes In France.


5. Inlingua

This language school in Switzerland offers 12 locations and 300 sites around the globe. Living in Switzerland, you will need to learn French. It might be easier to wait until your move to Switzerland to start learning French, German, and Italian. Because you’ll likely have more access to these languages than at home, this is why it might be easier for you to wait until you move to Switzerland.

You will be able to hear the local languages all around you, which will allow you to pick up the language faster. You will have more opportunities for practicing speaking with locals.

Top French Classes in France




Switzerland Language Schools

There are many options for learning a language in Switzerland. Although it is easy to find a top French class In France for language learning, it can be difficult to choose the right class and price range. These are the top choices:


  1. Academia – 

This school offers customized language training tailored to your needs. It has locations all over Switzerland. This school offers both beginner and advanced courses, and also offers classes for adults.


      2. Alemania – 

This school specializes in German. It has locations in Zurich and Bern as well as Lucerne. Flexible learning is an important aspect of this school. Students can mix courses to create their own courses. Students can choose to take part-time, intensive, or casual classes. The maximum number of students in a class is 14 to ensure a high teacher-student ratio.


      3. Benedict-Schule –

This school offers many languages. You can learn English, German, and Italian. After a trial lesson and consultation, students receive individualized lessons to suit their needs. As proof of their qualification, they also receive a certificate of completion.


      4. Boa Lingua –

Is an independent organization that represents 300 of the best language schools in 30 countries. They offer language travel programs that teach all the official languages of Switzerland to both short- and long-term travelers.

Flexible courses make Flying Teachers a popular option. Clients can choose the time and content of their lessons.


       5. Migros Klubschule –

is Switzerland’s largest language school, offering over 600 courses at 50 locations. You can also learn English, Chinese, Danish, and Albanian here.

Top French Classes in France


       6. Swiss-French School –

This school is unique in that it teaches French quickly. Classes emphasize oral and aural skills, while grammar is learned later. They can also practice the language in real-life situations.


      7. Basel Language Schools


      8. European Organization of Languages


     9. Orsini Sprachschule


     10. Language schools in Bern


      11. University of Bern


      12. Volkshochschule


      13. Language schools in Geneva


       14. ASC Education Group


       15. Ecole Varadi


        16. Swiss-French School


        17. Language schools in Lausanne


         18. Eurocentres


         19. Swiss-French School


         20. Voxea Swiss Private Academy


         21. Zurich Language Schools


         22. LSI (Language Studies International).


        23. The Cambridge Institute


    Switzerland: Government language lessons

The Swiss government offers language courses, but not directly. However, it has several initiatives to encourage language skills among immigrants. This is usually handled by the cantons, rather than the federal government. For example, foreigners in Basel can receive vouchers to learn German or enroll in language courses in Switzerland such as ECAP and inlingua. These vouchers can cover as many as 80 classes in German during the first year.

The canton of Zurich also offers the Caritas Culture Pass for new immigrants with low income. They can also get discounts on top French classes In France. Language classes are offered by the canton that emphasizes integration.


Learn languages in Switzerland for free

Some Swiss cantons offer free top French classes In France. However, these vary from one region to the next. You will need to verify with your local department. Students can often find extra classes in Swiss public schools to learn the language quickly and help them integrate into society. Adults might prefer Meetup and Facebook groups.


Online language learning

Online courses are available to help ex-pats learn the language of Switzerland quickly and easily. Many ex-pats prefer to take online classes because they are convenient and can be done whenever it suits them.


These are some useful top French classes In France for learning the Swiss language that you might be interested in:


  1. FrancaisPlus 

Allows students to select how and when they want to learn. You can also choose from different price points depending on your learning style. It focuses on oral communication which is easier than online learning.


     2. LSI Education

This school has 16 locations across seven countries and offers top French classes In France. Students receive up to 25 hours of contact each week along with digital coursebooks, self-study materials, and digital coursebooks. Prices vary depending on which course you choose.


     3. Swiss Language Academy (SA) 

A language school that offers full flexibility. You can choose from English, German, Italian and Italian languages. There are also fully flexible courses and an app for your smartphone. You can choose from a variety of courses, and prices range from CHF 300 per Month to CHF 1,500 for a 25-hour intensive course.


    4. BBC

This is a great website for learning basic German and French or Italian. However, these are standard languages and not Swiss dialects.


   5. Babbel 

Many students choose Babbel to learn a language because it is affordable and simple to use. It is affordable and offers a wide range of top French classes In France courses at a low cost of EUR6.95 per month.


  6. Berlitz

Although Berlitz is a very popular face-to-face option, Berliz also offers many online resources including interactive videos and bite-sized lessons. Corporates can also get discounts


Additional useful online language-learning resources.


There are many online resources that can help you improve your vocabulary and skills, in addition to the online language courses. These are some to keep in mind:


  1. Google Translate

      2. DeepL Translate

      3. Collins Dictionary

      4. Cambridge Dictionary

      5. Learn languages using a smartphone app or computer

Top French Classes in France



Many companies claim they have the top French classes In France. You should investigate the method of teaching the program before buying it. Everyone learns differently. You may also consider the price of the option, which can vary from EUR32 to EUR150.


These are the top options:


  1. Tell me more


      2. Fluenz


      3. Rosetta Stone


      4. Berlitz


      5. Instant Immersion


     6. Rocket Languages


     7. Living Language Platinum


     8. Hello, Hello World


     9. Pimsleur Comprehensive


     10. Transparent Language


     11. SmartFrench/German/Italian


     12. Babbel


     13. Mondly


     14. Memrise


     15. Busuu


     16. Lirica


      17. Drops


       18. Language Learning with Netflix (Chrome Extension)


Many schools now offer top French classes in France you can take from the comfort of your home. Skype Language School offers one-to-one tuition for a variety of languages through platforms such as Skype Language School.


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