In this article, we will be discussing Top French Classes In France For Immigrants From Algeria.

A second language can be a great asset for both business and pleasure. Learning a second language can provide many benefits. Learning a foreign language can help you expand your horizons and strengthen your native language skills. Multilingual people have better problem-solving skills and memory, as well as better listening and listening skills.

There are many languages spoken all over the globe, but French is the most widely taught. It is the most commonly spoken language in the world. It is also the second most widely studied language, after English. It is now easier than ever to learn French online. Till now you have seen many Top French Classes In France but wondering which is the best? Don’t worry we will make sure that you find the top French classes in France.


Below is a list of the 10 top French Classes In France. These rankings are based upon a particular method that considers multiple factors, such as:

Top French Classes in France



These criteria will help us determine which top French classes in France are most valuable for you by examining French courses online. We are looking for classes that combine all three of these factors.

Let’s take a closer glance at each one of these criteria to better understand the way our rankings work. Methodology to choose the top French classes in France. We have created a three-part ranking system to help you learn French online. This system places emphasis on the cost of a course. This is the most important factor. It is important to consider how flexible a class can be. You will need to find a class that is flexible enough to fit your busy schedule.

Top French classes in France that are tailored to your needs will also be a good option. You should choose beginner courses if you are a beginner. Advanced online French classes are available for advanced learners.

We’ve provided more detail below on each of these factors.



You can learn French online or through an app. Or you can take a class at a college campus.

While we all desire to learn new skills, it is not always easy. This is especially true when you take multiple courses. It is possible to spend a lot on courses. However, this doesn’t mean that fees-based courses are not good. Many of the courses on our list do require payment. It is important to find a class that is affordable, flexible, and at the right learning level.

We believe affordability is the most important criterion for students. Below, you’ll find the summary.


Top French classes in France are more affordable, which emphasizes the importance of affordability.

Paying for courses is not necessarily better than those that are free. Our rankings will show you that. There are many free courses that provide an exceptional learning experience.



When searching for the top French classes in France, it is important to consider how flexible the course is. It’s not worth taking French classes online if you don’t have the time. Some courses can be open-ended. You can learn at your own pace. You can adjust and set deadlines whenever you need. 


Learning Level

While a top French class in France may be affordable and flexible, the learning level must also be correct. For learners who have never learned French before, it is easy to find a beginner French course. There are many options available for advanced and intermediate learners who need more content. These are the learning levels that classes are ranked in our rankings:


Advancement 3 points

Intermediate 2 points

1 point for beginners


This scoring system doesn’t penalize beginner courses. Beginner courses are some of the most popular top French classes in France.

For our purposes, however, advanced courses should be weighed higher than beginner and intermediate courses. Advanced courses will teach you concrete, complex skills. These skills allow you to communicate in French and go beyond comprehension.


Here is a list of the10 top French classes in France based on these rankings.

The top French classes in France.


  1. Rocket Languages Level 1

Rocket Languages’ Level 1 course might be for you if you are new to French.

The paid course includes many additional features that make it well worth the cost. These include:


Time for 172 hours

Voice recognition – 3840 phrases

33 Interactive Audio Lessons

53 Language and Culture Lessons


It is easy to learn French faster thanks to the interactive nature of this course. Engaging in activities will help you learn faster and retain more information.

Your learning experience can be customized. You can also do short, 5-minute vocabulary exercises. Interactive audio lessons can be arranged for 30-minutes. The average lesson time for this French course is around an hour.



Affordable: $59.98 at the time of writing


Flexibility: Extremely flexible. You can pace yourself through the course. Once you have purchased the course, you will immediately be able to access the learning materials. The French course can be accessed via an app so that you can learn from anywhere with internet access.


Beginning Level


9.  FluentU

FluentU offers a unique, immersive French learning experience. Videos are used to teach French. Videos are actually from the “real life” – news clips, music videos, movies, etc. It is believed that learning a language will be easier if there is real and engaging content.

Every lesson helps you to learn new languages by providing:


Interactive captions for videos

Sample sentences and definitions of on-demand words

You have the opportunity to prove your skill with lesson quizzes

Access to audio recordings and flashcards, as well as a video dictionary, are available.


5 points

Affordable: $20/month at the time of writing

Flexibility: Extremely flexible. Online or through an app, you can take lessons. You can learn at your own pace.

From beginner to advanced. Intermediate score.


8: Elementary French I

The Carnegie Mellon University Open Learning Initiative offers a beginner course in French. This course is designed to help new French-speaking learners improve their French language skills and knowledge.

Each lesson follows a strict sequence and includes:


Recognition of words and phrases

Grammar and pronunciation

Written and oral exercises


These top French classes in France offer a variety of activities that will help you learn. These include audio recordings, videos, and exams.

It is a long course. There are 14 lessons. This class will take most students a whole semester.



Affordable: $25 at the time of writing

Flexibility: Extremely flexible. You can work at your own pace and independently. Once you have enrolled, course materials can be accessed online.

Beginning Level


7: Elementary French II

This beginner course is a continuation of Elementary French I.

This course is still very basic, but you will learn advanced skills to help you understand and speak French better. You can expect to learn:


Talking about family

The body in parts


Planning a trip

Students will also learn how to examine topics such as politics, ecology, identity, and more in this course.


The video introduction begins each of the 14 lessons. Tutorials and interactive activities follow. These videos are made with native French speakers so that actors can interact authentically.

This course doesn’t only focus on French-speaking. Instead, you will learn to read and write French.


Points 6


Affordable: $25 at the time of writing

Flexibility: Extremely flexible. This course can be taken independently. You will find a lot of resources to help you better understand concepts.

Beginning Level


6: French for Beginners – Learn to Speak: Conversational French


Udemy’s French course is for those with little or no French experience. This course teaches you the basics of French grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure, and conversational French.

This course contains seven audio-based lectures. These lectures cover topics like:


Introduce yourself

Asking for directions

Food ordering

Listening to a bilingual speaker will help you acquire skills. Flashcards are available to help you learn basic vocabulary.


Modern learning is possible with these top French classes in France. This French course has received high marks from users for its organization and presentation.


Points 7

Affordable: $13.99 at the time of writing

Flexibility: Extremely flexible. You can access the course instantly and for your entire life. You can also download more than 20 resources.

Beginning Level


5: Course 1 – 3 Minute French


The Udemy course is divided into small lessons, each lasting approximately three minutes. This makes the course very flexible. Even if you only have a few minutes to spare, you can still learn a new skill.

The basics of French will be taught to you so that you can speak fluently in a second language. This includes:


You will also learn skills to understand the language spoken by others in French throughout the course. Learn how to order food, greet people and describe things in French. You will also learn how to correctly pronounce French words.


Points 7

4: French Experiment with Free French Lessons


The French Experiment website is dedicated to teaching people basic skills. To learn French, you have access to 15 lessons in French. The lesson topics focus on the most common themes in languages.



Time telling

Possession in nouns

Definite Articles

Lessons on the days of the week, and talking about your family will also be available.


Each lesson is only a few minutes long. Audio is included in each lesson to train your ears to understand the complex way of properly speaking French words and phrases.


Points 9


3: Babbel Advanced Course 1


Babbel’s courses don’t consist of one course. Each class consists of multiple lessons. These lessons can be broken down by learning level and subject.

Babbel’s courses cater to beginners in many cases. These courses will help you understand the basics of the language and allow you to build strong language skills.

Babbel’s method of learning French includes:



This is a great option for anyone who wants to learn from top French classes in France


Points 10

Accessibility: A free demo. $6.95 per subsequent month (at the time this article was written).

Flexibility: Extremely flexible. The companion app for smartphones gives you easy access to Babbel.

Advanced Learning Level


2: Study in France: French Intermediate Class B1-B2


Students who plan to study in France will find this intermediate course at Ecole Polytechnique or Coursera.  The lesson topics focus on the most common themes in languages.


These immersive top French classes in France are a great way to learn French. Learn French online in multiple formats including lesson videos and texts.

You will not only learn the language but also the culture and education system of France.


Points 10


  1. Career In France

Career in France offers top French classes in France and language services from A1 – C2 levels with native and non-native teachers. They assure to make you speak at the end of the respective level. To make it easy for working professionals and students.

The career in France offers classes online. Minimum hours will be 40 hours,1 class is 1 hour. They don’t focus on minimum hours They only focus on student progress. If a student is not able to learn in 40 hours of class they may extend the hours. Career in France provides information about French classes in France. They offer a French language course at a very affordable price which starts from 200 Euros and at a flexible time. 


Points 10


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