In this blog, we will be discussing ‘8 Top French Classes In France In Dijon’.

You can choose to take a holiday in Dijon, or for a private or small-group language course. You will learn French from top French classes in France in small groups in a high-quality school that uses innovative and interactive teaching methods. Our school is an eduQua member and has been awarded the Groupement Fle certification.

Take a French class from top French classes in France that focuses on real-life practice in a friendly and warm environment.

You can benefit from top French classes in France or from customized language classes. Living the French way in France’s richest region is possible. Now we will be discussing 8 top French classes in France. 

Top French Classes in France


  1. Career In France

This is in first place in our top French classes in France list.  We provide high French courses in France and speech solutions from A1 — C2 degrees with Native and non-native teachers. They promise to allow you to talk at the conclusion of their various degrees. To make it effortless for working students and professionals. The livelihood in France offers courses online.  

We do not concentrate on minimal hours, we just concentrate on pupil progress. If a pupil is unable to learn in 40 hours of course they may stretch the hours. The livelihood in France provides advice about French courses in France. They offer you a French language class at a really inexpensive cost which commences from 200 Euros and at a flexible moment.


 To make it effortless for working students and professionals for CV writing for high French courses in France. We provide:

  1. University Portal
  2. Language courses
  3. CV writing services(equally ATS-friendly and Visual Impact )
  4. Job Portal(ATS) CV as an Applicant Tracking System’ 


  1. Centre International D’Etudes Francaises de l’Universite de Bourgogne

This is in second place in our top French classes In France list. We at Centre International d’Etudes Francaises do everything we can to make your stay a successful one, both academically and personally. From a cultural and historical point of view, Burgundy is among the richest regions of France. Burgundy’s capital is rich in history and tradition.

Dijon, a major regional metropolis, is at the crossroads between industry and transports in the east.

– 24000 students call the University of Burgundy their Alma Mater. There are many extra-curricular activities on campus.

– The Centre International d’Etudes Francaises caters to approximately 1500 students each year from over 60 countries for more than a century.



French evening classes, Top French classes in France, private French tuition; French customized courses; intensive French sommer courses; intensive academic year courses; semester courses; Teachers’ seminars.



All of the teaching staff are specialists in French as an additional language and will be there from the moment you arrive to take care of your orientation.



1) The Residence Internationale, in association with the CIEF provides accommodation for teachers and students who travel from all parts of the globe to study at the CIEF.

2) Accommodation and board with a family. Students are assisted by the CIEF by providing addresses and other practical details.

3) Accommodation on campus Only students who are enrolled in the July/August program have access to university residence halls.



Students can take part in excursions and visits throughout the year, which allow them to explore Burgundy and other French regions. Specialists in history and art accompany the students on these excursions. Visit world heritage sites to learn more about the culture, history, and art of this beautiful region. Each semester, as well as intensive courses, the program of excursions, is published at each session’s beginning.

Top French Classes in France


3. Paris Version a la Francaise

This is in third place in our top French classes In France list. Do you want to learn French in Paris? Paris Version a la Francaise is the ideal place to learn French or improve your French language skills from top French classes In France.

Pascale Heuze is my name and I’m the founder of Paris Version a la Francaise. This registered French language training center offers private French classes for business or personal use.

Adult students (18+) can learn French in Paris with their own tutor, thanks to my classes that are available all year.

They teach retirees and tourists as well as professionals at all levels (beginner through advanced). I have many backgrounds including journalists, chefs, engineers, architects, doctors, nurses, managers, financial and banking professionals, diplomats.

No matter if you are visiting Paris for business or pleasure, your goal is the same: to learn French fluently from top French classes In France.

You have the option to learn French one-on-one or in small groups of 2 / 3. Classes take place at the Vincennes training site (on Paris’ east side), at your house or office, or any other location you choose throughout Paris. Skype lessons are also available.

You can learn at your own pace and each class can be tailored to your learning needs from top French classes in France.


  1. Montpellier International Language School (MILI).

This is in fourth place in our top French classes in France list.  These top French classes in France are available for children, young adults, and adults include French for children, adults, and English for adults. We also offer Spanish for children and adults. For children, we offer English and French summer camps. All six levels of language classes are offered based on CFCRL levels.

MILI provides a unique learning environment, with native teachers who are innovative and interactive. MILI emphasizes oral communication development through highly interactive activities that eliminate the fear of speaking in public.

Modern classrooms can accommodate up to 8 students. This allows us to provide a positive learning environment for all students. MILI is also eco-conscious. We constantly improve our processes and change our methods to reduce our environmental impact. This is what we encourage all our students to do.


  1. Alliance Francaise Bordeaux Aquitaine

This is in fifth place in our top French classes In France list.  Alliance Francaise Bordeaux Aquitaine, a French-language school is located in Bordeaux, in the southwest part of France. Students of all levels, from beginners to experts, can choose from a variety of top French classes In France. All year round, our courses can be taken by students from anywhere in the world. Students have the option to take up to four weeks to complete their course. The class size ranges from 10 to 16 students. Our goal is to encourage the teaching of French, to spread Francophone culture, and to foster dialogue between cultures around the world.

French lessons are organized according to the level of each student and adjusted as they progress. The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (Forum, Connexion, and Campus) is used. It is supervised by professionals who are trained in teaching French to foreigners (French As a Foreign Language).

Top French Classes in France



  1. EF International Language Schools, Nice

This is in sixth place in our top French classes In France list. EF Nice offers French language immersion and French language instruction to students around the world. All levels of students can take our top French classes In France, from beginners to advanced. The courses include basic, intermediate, and advanced top French classes In France as well as preparation courses for the DELF / DALF exam. Our academic reputation is strong. We offer Transition Year courses, revision of the Leaving Certificate, and a variety of French language exams.

EF Nice is a small school that offers personalized attention by experienced teachers. You will find amenities like quiet lounges, a snack bar, and a computer laboratory. You will find all the action in this popular destination just five minutes away from the beachfront and the colorful shops, open-air cafés, and traffic-free Rue de France.

Nice, one of the most beloved resorts in the world, is an ideal place to learn French and enjoy French Riviera life. EF Nice is located in the center of the city, just two blocks away from the Promenade des Anglais.


  1. E.L.F.E., Paris

This is in seventh place in our top French classes In France list. E.L.F.E. A small French language school located in Paris’s city center that teaches French to adults in small groups of six people for up to 20 years. Each student is treated as an individual and we provide a friendly, family-like environment with high-quality teaching methods.

Mini-groups of up to 6 people are available for French classes. Mini-groups improve teaching efficiency by increasing participation and interaction and developing student autonomy within the class. All 6 levels, from elementary through advanced, conform to the European Council’s levels. Teachers use teaching methods that are fully tailored to the students’ needs (age, nationality, professional ability, and profession). The International Association of Language Centres has granted us accreditation.

E.L.F.E. The charming mansion house, built in 19th-century Parisian style, is located in the heart of Paris. It is just 15 minutes by foot from the Opera and 10 minutes from Montmartre. The school is located in the heart of Villa Ballu and enjoys tranquil and leafy surroundings that are unique in the city. You can reach us in 5 minutes on foot from the Place de Clichy Metro Station.

Top French Classes in France


  1. Gastronomicom International French Culinary Academy

This is in eighth place in our top French classes In France list. Gastronomicom International French Culinary Academy is a great place to improve your French language skills, and you can also experience high-quality career training in culinary arts with them!

Gastronomicom, a top culinary arts institution, offers diploma and certificate programs in French cooking and French pastry. These courses can be combined with intensive top French classes in France.

Our top French classes in France are designed to help you speak French as a professional language (kitchen, food and beverage, hospitality), as well as as a language that can be used daily (transports, shopping, etc.). We want to also introduce France to our readers and teach you about France, French civilization, and the French way of life.

Gastronomicom International French Culinary Academy can be found on a unique campus in Agde. It is close to Beziers Airport and approximately 120km from the Spanish border.

Agde is located in an idyllic landscape with stunning beaches, palm trees, and excellent Mediterranean food. It also boasts the largest European vineyard. It is extremely mild all year.


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