What is DELF?

DELF stands for “Diplôme d’études en langue française”. This is a degree that is recognized globally and legitimate for a very long time. The DELF examination that top French classes in France offer, may add value to your CV and allow you to secure a job with a business where French is spoken or desired.

By learning DELF B1 you can get access to the French nationality. The DELF B2 provides a degree of independence that allows a person to make his/her own arguments to defend and explain their opinion. The DALF C1 Allows you to enter a French college.


What are the certification levels of the DELF exam that top French classes in France offer?

 The four DELF diplomas are separate which means that you may take degree B1 – even if you haven’t taken A1 or A2 level.

In the French DELF examination, as it is recognized globally, the attention will be on applicants’ communication abilities in real-life scenarios. The DELF certification has a great deal of functional value. Most French students decide to take the DELF since it covers both beginner and intermediate levels.

If you have to choose the DELF, you will have to pick a level from the below-mentioned evaluations, as every test is specially made for the pupils of a particular degree.

There’s also a DALF exam that’s available to the online students of top French classes in France, who can show they have a degree equal to 400 hours of tuition.  



Top French classes in France


Why would I want a DELF certificate?

A DELF diploma is especially for those, who are looking for a French occupation or a French college application.  B1 and B2 are also the degrees which French workplaces generally require.

Things needed to get a DELF certificate:

The Advantages of choosing DELF along with the certificate of French course:

DELF is among the very useful diplomas one should have, especially if applying for French occupations or French college degrees.  Most graduate and undergraduate programs do expect a B2 diploma alongside  B1.

B1 and B2 are the degrees that many French offices expect especially if the occupation incorporates a moderate amount of French.  The diplomas and examinations set realistic goals and correspond to actual daily-life Circumstances. It’s the very best method to enhance a candidate’s employment prospects, continue their research, and prepare yourself for traveling or residing overseas.

It’s available to everyone irrespective of language abilities, skills, age, or job. It’s recognized in every French-speaking nation and regarded as a requirement for studying in a university or to take up a livelihood in a French-speaking small business world.

To practice overall French abilities one should:

Pass your French examinations with flying colors!


Who is the DELF preparation course for?

DELF certificate is ideal for anybody learning French, aged 18 and above, who wishes the order to formally demonstrate the level they’ve attained.  It is very important to individuals who wish to operate civil service in French-speaking nations. The B2 level certification is required to research in any French university. 

DELF Guru is meant for its students or employees who wish to incorporate or to be encouraged in France or in a French-speaking atmosphere. If you’re a foreigner who would like to increase your abilities in French for professional or personal functions, you are able to select for the DELF certification or DALF certification. If you’re French but come out of a non-French-speaking nation and don’t have a secondary education diploma or greater, you can choose the DELF certification.


DELF Online Assessment Preparation:

French Normandy also supplies DELF exam preparation online for students, who desire or need to attain their DELF certification but are not able to be present in the faculty.  A DELF instructor will guide you through the preparation materials, having one-one private session so that you can improve your French language, providing you with DELF practice tests, adjusted work, and opinions. 

French Normandy is pleased to provide this program that will assist you to attain DELF examination success from where you’re! As an alternative, you could accelerate your understanding by choosing a DELF Blended Course alternative, researching online with our teachers ahead of your arrival in French in Normandy.



What are the advantages of choosing a DELF online program?

Learn together with the opinions of an Excellent instructor. Establish realistic goals that correspond to actual daily-life Circumstances. Boost your job prospects. Prepare yourself for travel, living overseas, or immigration. Satisfy the requirement for studying in a French university

DELF Preparation and Course Aims:

We would like to assist you to realize your dreams with our top French classes in France and also pass your examination for the degree you want. Like many language tests, the DELF test measures the four language skills: listening, writing, reading, and talking. 

The manner by which the four abilities are analyzed varies depending on which amount of DELF exam you’re taking. You want five or more points in each one of the components to maneuver the DELF examination.  The highest possible score is 100 points, and you also will need at least 50 to make your DELF certification.


About us,

We’re very happy to welcome you to Career in France! We offer French Language services from A1 – C2 Levels with Native and Non-Native teachers by assuring that you speak well at the end of your respective level.

 In addition, we have teachers that have 30 years of experience in teaching the French language. We guarantee you that in the end of the level, you will be puffed up to the enrolled level. If you aren’t perfect at the end of the degree, do not worry we provide you, extra classes, at no extra cost. Our only motto is to make you perfectly ready for the enrolled level and speak confidently.

Minimum Hours:

As a matter of fact, we never focus on minimum hours, our concentration will only be on how our top French classes in France settling well with the pupil until he/she is perfect up to the enrolled level.


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