In this blog, we will be discussing 20 top French classes for children above 4 years.

Are you looking for the top French classes in France and resources for these classes in France then we’ve got your back?

It can be difficult to find the right French course or resources. What are the top French classes in France? Without spending hours trying them all?

There are many affordable, and sometimes even free, ways to learn French. This article will help you to learn French from top French classes in France.

To find the best French learning tools, I have tested many. Let’s have a look at the top French classes in France and their resources. There are many online courses and classes in French that you can take online, including a great selection of guided lessons.

Top French Classes in France


These are just a few of the websites that offer top French classes in France:


  1. Career in France

Career In France is in first place in our top French classes in France list. Provides high French courses in France and speech solutions from A1 — C2 degrees with Native and non-native teachers. They promise to allow you to talk at the conclusion of their various degrees. To make it effortless for working students and professionals. The livelihood in France offers courses online.  

They do not concentrate on minimal hours, they are more concerned about their students’ progress. If a pupil is unable to learn in 40 hours of course they may extend the number of hours. The livelihood in France provides advice about French courses in France. They offer you a French language class at a really inexpensive cost which commences from 200 Euros and at a flexible moment.


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  1. Coursera

It is in second place in our top French classes in France list. MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) offer French-language courses as well as courses on other subjects. Coursera offers many great courses in French for free, such as this course on Paris offered by the prestigious Sciences Po University.

Don’t worry if you aren’t ready for the full French language yet. Are you interested in learning more about negotiation and how to build a startup? Maybe, quantum mechanics, Java, or C++ is more your style? Coursera has a lot of courses that will interest you, regardless of your interests.


  1. EdX

EdX is in third place in our top French classes in France list. Similar to Coursera but with a wider selection of courses, EdX offers an online learning platform that allows you to learn French.

You can find information on Human Rights, Marketing, and Algebra as well as Astrophysics, Marketing, and Philosophy. There are 40+ options.

On-Ramp To AP(r), French Language and Culture is a language course offered by WestonHS for beginners. You can also get video lessons from a native French-speaking instructor.


  1. Learn with Oliver

It is in the fourth position in our top French classes in France list. Learn with Oliver is an online flashcard platform that allows you to learn and test your French vocabulary and phrases.

Flashcards are available for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. You can even find a text analyzer on the website that will help you understand external texts. It might be a good idea to use that in conjunction with one of our reading resources found later in this post.

Personally, I love Learn with Oliver email newsletters and look forward seeing them in my mailbox every day. Every email contains fun exercises that will help you continue practicing.

Top French Classes in France



  1. BBC Languages

BBC is in the fifth position in our top French classes in France list.  A fantastic introduction to the French language, complete with video and lots of supporting material. You can start with the BBC’s French course. You can choose to make the content simple or complex.


  1. TV5 Monde

It is in the sixth position in our top French classes in France list. TV5 Monde provides French learners with a range of news articles organized according to the CEFR level. You can find audio and video comprehension, multiple-choice questions, and interactive exercises. They have articles and exercises that will help you improve your French reading comprehension, no matter if you are a beginner or an advanced learner.


    7. Class Central

It is in the seventh position in our top French classes in France list. Class Central is an online portal that indexes free online courses on a range of sites, including Coursera and EdX. They currently have over 900 French courses listed on their website. Listen to free audio and podcasts online to help you learn French. Podcasts are a great method to learn French. These can be taken with you everywhere you go, whether you’re on the commute, out walking your dog, or during your lunch break. You can learn a language whenever you have the time.

There are many French podcasts, but few that offer a complete French class. Podcasts that offer a step-by-step French class or teach French the way it is spoken in real life are my preference. Here are some places to start when it comes to French language audio.


  1. FrenchPod101

It is in the eighth position in our top French classes in France list. FrenchPod101 registration is completely free. There is a lot of French content for every level, from beginner to advanced. To test out all levels of lessons, you get a free one-week trial. You will need to pay for more advanced lessons or premium materials after that. However, it is well worth it.

Fluent in three months team members love the Innovative Language podcasts. Fluent in Three Months founder Benny Lewis considers them to be one of the most effective languages learning resources.


  1. Journal en Francais Facile

It is in the ninth position in our top French classes in France list. Journal en Francais Facile, a news podcast in simple French that is broadcast by Radio France Internationale (rfi), is available for free. It is difficult to understand the news in your target language. It is usually very fast-paced and contains a lot of information.

Journal en Francais Facile allows you to keep up with current events and improve your French.

Top French Classes in France



  1. TuneIn

It is in the tenth position in our top French classes in France list.  TuneIn allows you to find radio stations from France and Quebec. Try out some stations that are based on your desired dialect and then enjoy the show. Get the app now to listen to radio on your smartphone.


  1. Forvo

It is in the eleventh position in our top French classes in France list. Forvo is a wonderful place to listen to native speakers speak a word you have just come across, particularly if it’s French. It is an excellent reference tool for pronunciation and has a large database. You can get free video lessons in French on YouTube. YouTube is a great p lace to find French resources and classes for free.

You can learn French in videos. Videos also allow you to see facial expressions and body language, as well as other aspects of French. YouTubers can be a great resource if you are looking for relevant and native material to help with your French language learning. French YouTube personalities cover everything, from beauty and comedy to food.


Here are some of my favorite YouTube French channels and resources:

  1. Super Easy French

Super Easy French is in the twelfth position in our top French classes in France list. Easy Languages is my favorite channel. It offers a lot more context and culture. Super Easy French is a series where the hosts interview people they meet on the streets of France. It is a great way for you to learn the language of others, practice your listening comprehension, and hear how they speak it.


13. Learn French with Alexa

Learn French with Alexa is in the thirteenth position in our top French classes in France list. Alexa helps you learn French by making short videos. These videos cover grammar and vocabulary. Alexa features interviews in French and recipes as well!


  1. Comme Une Francaise

It is in the fourteenth position in our top French classes in France list. Comme Une Francaise teaches you about French culture and language. Geraldine, the host is a cheerful and enthusiastic tutor who shares both her experiences as a native French speaker as well as tips to help you learn French.


  1. Francais Authentique

Francais Authentique is in the fifteenth position in our top French classes in France list. You are looking for content in French about French culture and language (instead of English). Francais Authentique provides this content in slow, clear French.

Top French Classes in France


  1. Natoo

Natoo is a comedian vlogger who has various videos and skits available on her channel. These videos are available in French but can be viewed with English subtitles.


  1. Cyprien

Cyprien is also an actor and comedian. He does comedy skits as well as covering aspects of French culture. It’s a great resource for information about the language and other aspects of French life.


  1. Andy Raconte

It is in the eighteenth position in our top French classes in France list. Andy Raconte, another comedy vlogger, has short, entertaining skits that cover a range of social topics such as jealousy, social awkwardness, and other topics.


  1. Norman Fait des Videos

Norman is one of the most popular French comedians you can find on YouTube. His channel has many skits and short “rants”, where he discusses various topics like dads, family dinners, raclette, etc.


  1. Je Ne Suis Pas Jolie

Je Ne Suis Pas Jolie, a channel for parents, is a great resource.

Lea, the YouTuber, is a mother. Lea shares her experiences, covering everything from household products to night routines. This is a great place for family-related vocabulary. She speaks with a calm tone and a French accent. It is easy to understand her content!


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