In this blog, we will be discussing 10 top French classes in Avignon

How do we select the top French classes in France?

We provide you 10 top French classes in France. We reviewed the top French classes in France based on reviews, pricing, instruction type, website, features, and method, we compared the top French classes in France. We also looked at the technology and learning methods.


  1. Career in France 

This is in first place in our top French classes In France list. We provide high French courses in France and speech solutions from A1 — C2 degrees with native and non-native teachers. They promise to allow you to talk at the conclusion of their various degrees. To make it effortless for working students and professionals. The livelihood in France offers courses online.  

We do not concentrate on minimal hours, we just concentrate on pupil progress. If a pupil is unable to learn in 40 hours of course they may stretch the hours. The livelihood in France provides advice about French courses in France. They offer you a French language class at a really inexpensive cost which commences from 200 Euros and at a flexible moment.


 To make it effortless for working students and professionals for CV writing for high French courses in France. We provide:

  1. University Portal
  2. Language courses
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Top French Classes in France


  1. Rosetta Stone

This is in second place in our top French classes In France list. Rosetta Stone, which offers 25 languages, is a popular self-paced language learning system. Rosetta Stone claims that its curriculum is completely immersive. This means you will learn through intuitive communication contexts. It replicates the natural way we learn our first languages.

Access the Rosetta Stone materials can be accessed on any device, including a tablet or smartphone. The company also includes audio companion lessons, storylines, and a phrasebook. Voice recognition software provides instant feedback and voice recognition software allows for immediate feedback. Some plans also offer live tutoring online to help you practice your skills with native speakers.

Rosetta Stone French subscriptions for three months cost $36 ($12/month). A Rosetta Stone Unlimited Languages subscription can be purchased for $145 ($12 per month) and costs approximately $145.

A lifetime subscription to Unlimited Languages is the best value for approximately $299. If you’re committed to learning French and other languages, this would be a great choice.


  1. Frantastique

This is in third place in our top French classes In France list. Frantastique, a French program that teaches self-paced lessons using stories about current topics, is Frantastique. They’re entertaining and funny to keep you entertained.

Each day, the system will deliver a lesson to your email or via the app. Frantastique refers to microlearning as it takes around 15 minutes per day. Each lesson includes text, video, audio, texts, dialogues, and conjugation tests. You will also find interesting cultural content at the end of every lesson. Software that adapts the lessons to the learner’s native language and needs is also used by the company.

You can start with a free trial to determine your level. Next, you can choose a subscription. The Basic subscription is $24 per month and includes five lessons per week, personalized content, and authentic cultural references.

The Premium membership is $36 per month. You also get access to specialized business episodes, personalization by sector, and priority when you request help from their technical staff.

You can also opt for a Pro membership which costs $48 per month. This gives you access to pedagogical assistance and allows you to ask for help from the team. Frantastique is a great option if you don’t have the time or desire to learn French quickly.


  1. Lingoda

This is in fourth place in our top French classes In France list. Lingoda, a European online language school, is based in Berlin and uses Zoom to offer private or group lessons in English, German Spanish, and French.

These top French classes In France are taught in English by native speakers who live in different time zones. There are classes available no matter where you are located. Lingoda suggests that you rotate teachers to allow you to experience different accents.

Lingoda’s method for language instruction is communication-based. This means that you get lots and lots of practice speaking. Lingoda also uses “situational training”, which means you can use what you have learned during a lesson to apply it in a real-life setting.

You can choose to take lessons alone or in a group of three to four people. Classes last one hour. Lingoda will provide you with class materials to download and practice whenever you want when you sign up for lessons. To determine the level at which you should begin, Lingoda offers a free placement test.

Lingoda offers a seven-day free trial. Pricing varies depending on which subscription plan you choose. A class per week costs $45 ($9.5) while a marathon subscription costs $33 per month ($6.75/class). If you decide to enroll in 3,6 or 12 classes, the cost will be approximately $33.

Top French Classes in France


  1. Live Lingua

This is in fifth place in our top French classes in France list. Live Lingua offers an online immersion program in French. You can find 28 self-paced French classes that you can take on its website. These courses are a combination of courses from the FSI, DLI, and the Peace Corps.

Live Lingua is a platform that offers lessons in seven languages via Skype with highly qualified teachers. The teachers are native French speakers and can tailor a curriculum to meet your needs.

Take a free 60-minute trial lesson to see if you like the service. The cost of lessons will vary depending on which package you choose. The cost of a course is approximately $29 if you purchase between one and nine hours. However, the price drops the more classes you buy.

Each lesson will cost $25 if you buy more than 40 hours. Live Lingua is an excellent option if you are looking for online lessons with an experienced teacher but also want access to courses that you can do on your own.


  1. LanguagesAbroad

This is in sixth place in our top French classes In France list. LanguagesAbroad is a leader in language study abroad. They offer some of the most prestigious French courses and incredible immersion opportunities. You can choose to study in one city or take a flexible program that allows you to travel three months across three cities. You have the option of living with your French teacher to learn more and get a complete immersion.


  1. IES Abroad

This is in seventh place in our top French classes In France list. IES Abroad is one of the most popular immersion programs in France. They offer semester- or academic-year programs in Nantes. IES has been immersing students in Nantes’ culture, language, and history for more than 50 years. With the lack of English speakers and tourism, you will see a rapid improvement in your French. Participation in this program requires four semesters of college-level French. This should give you an indication of how seriously they take immersion!


  1. USAC

This is in eighth place in our top French classes In France list. University Studies Abroad Consortium allows you to immerse yourself in France’s third-largest city. USAC’s Lyon program is French-intensive and includes classes through the Universite Lumiere Lyon 2. You will enjoy being based at a central point between the Alps, the French Riviera, and Annecy. There are also excursions to Bourgogne or Annecy. It is a great place to study French in France.

Top French Classes in France


9. CISAbroad

This is in ninth place in our top French classes in France list. Isn’t it romantic to learn a language in a warm Mediterranean climate? Immerse yourself in Aix-en-Provence, the real college town! The CISAbroad French Immersion Program will provide full immersion French education, as well as a homestay and excursions to Nice, Les Baux, and Fontaine de Vaucluse. Students can also volunteer in the community. It is a great way to learn French while living in beautiful surroundings and seeing sites that are rich in history.


  1. Actilangue

This is in tenth place in our top French classes in France list. Do you long to relax on the beach and learn a new language? Actilangue has you covered! You can learn French from top French classes in France and take part in cultural and social activities. Actilangue provides almost everything, from beginner classes to advanced programs, and accommodation ranging from hotels or homestays.


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