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Career in France offers top French classes in France and language services from A1 – C2 levels with native and non-native teachers. They assure to make you speak at the end of the respective level. To make it easy for working professionals and students.

 The career in France offers classes online. Minimum hours will be 40 hours,1 class is 1 hour. They don’t focus on minimum hours we only focus on student progress. If a student is not able to learn in 40 hours of class they may extend the hours. The Career in France provides information about French classes in France. They offer a French language course at a very affordable price which starts from 200 Euros and at a flexible time. 

To make it easy for working professionals and students for CV writing for top French classes in France.

It provides:

  1. University Portal
  2. Language classes
  3. CV writing services (both ATS-friendly and Visual)
  4. Job Portal

Career in France also has an additional source of a CV; ATS. Career In France CV helps in writing services and it provides ATS-friendly CV writing in France services. (ATS) CV as in ‘Applicant Tracking System’ which is software has its cumulative factors listed in clutching the right employment/dream job and manages your recruiting structure for plotting your job positions, postings, applications.

The potential job seekers always watch out or look out for the prime initial scope of ATS for the betterment of the hiring process. ATS comprises of many bodies of essential job sections which describe the action source in the term of tracking respected candidates in the hierarchy of hiring by using a CV writing from top French classes in France.

With a huge number of resumes to examine, a scout will not spend more than a couple of moments seconds taking a gander at every individual resume.

The triumphant mix of their resume administration lies in realizing what to incorporate, what not to incorporate, and what sort of a twist to put on your resume, to guarantee you stick out and not simply the record – to give you the absolute best conceivable possibility of landing the position you want.


Top French Classes in France


Accent Français

French classes all year for everybody with Accent Français Montpellier (FLE Quality). It’s a young, lively, and multicultural city in which you are going to learn French, with or without an accent. Voted number one”highest quality of life in France” in 2012, Montpellier has approximately 300 days of sunshine each year.

Learning French exterior of courses will be possible with Accent Français’s full schedule of activities and trips. What a terrific way to learn French, while still sharing memorable moments! Accent Français provides classes to get a span of 1 to 52 weeks.  General French Courses, French and Speciality Courses, French Course for Research and Assessment Planning, Discovery and Culture Courses.

Accent de France Séjour linguistique 17

French Language School in”Professor’s house”. Marie and Christian welcome one in their manor home. Kids or seniors, couples or individuals, friends or families, in your own initiative or as a company trainee.  As students, you’re their guests.

A personalized welcome: At a nice house: “that the Manor of Peuchollerie” in the authentic countryside at Val de Charente, from the                 “Saintonge romane” ‘s center, near Atlantic sea’s beaches. 

 A household and friendly setting: 1 to 6 students max. The time spent shared meals, evening entertainment, themed evenings, and match effectively the lively learning tasks: face to face, around tables, role plays, movie screenings, field trips etc..  (combining modern techniques and traditional ambiance in teachers home).

The endurance of a flexible application depends upon request, based upon the preferred course everybody is going to be followed according to their own requirements.

Accent de France is mainly:


Top French classes In France


The American University of Paris

Envision studying the French language not just in a college classroom, but at the corner cafe where you purchase coffee, the nightclubs in which you dancing with friends, the most roads you walk into school. AUP’s carefully crafted French applications provide a rigorous education in the French language –Assessing vocabulary and grammar, improving pronunciation– while enabling a firsthand introduction to French civilization both in and beyond the classroom.

All courses are taught by experienced, native French teachers in the AUP school and comprise lively, innovative teaching approaches utilizing sound, video, and real-life scenarios. The American University of Paris Presents top French classes in France – summer classes held in 3-week sessions or French Immersion Cultural Excursions.

In summary, the whole adventure is a comprehensive immersion in French lifestyle, language, and civilization, and all this in Paris, the very best language laboratory on earth. French Immersion classes occur from 9h to 13h Monday to Friday.


CAVILAM Vichy Alliance Française

Coming to Vichy to take up a training class will be also to live an exciting individual and cultural immersion experience from the French method of life and finding a unique region in the center of France: the Auvergne. Situated in a superb setting, a stone’s throw in the glorious Parc des Célestins in the banks of the Allier river, CAVILAM — Alliance française provides high-quality teaching from the comfort and sophistication of a contemporary facility crossing 9,000 square meters and equipped with excellent technological tools.

For families, adults, teens of any degree!


Coeur de France Ecole de Langues

Coeur de France Ecole de Langues is a personal top French classes in France immersion language college in Sancerre owned and run by Marianne and Gérard Chartrand. Helping others detect French culture and language through experiencing a true French lifestyle is their objective. Coeur de France specializes in applications for couples, families, and adults. French language immersion programs are taught in any way levels at all ages, in classes or personal individual courses.


Top French Classes in FranceA


Eurolingua Institute Study Abroad

Eurolingua Institute Study Abroad Programmes provides language immersion.  The Eurolingua French One To One Homestay programs provide students of all ages an opportunity to learn French in France and gain from organized one-to-one tuition in a few of the nation’s most gorgeous places — Côte d’Azur, Bordeaux, Paris, Provence, Languedoc, Lyon, Marseille, Cannes, Nice, and a lot of other famous areas.

Eurolingua French language immersion tp French classes in France provide unique chances to live and learn at the house of a fully capable and experienced Eurolingua One-to-One French Homestay Tutor, fulfilling family, friends, and business colleagues. No matter your level, you learn how to talk fluently with a genuine accent.  Return home talking like a native!


Français Immersion in Thomas’ House 

Learn French Alsace, France — Your French Immersion Homestay Close Germany and Switzerland. Practice your French with a personal and personalized French immersion homestay.  A French immersion program tailored for your requirements at your instructor’s house.

Learn French immersion and find France.  Thomas will welcome you at the protection of the house, share his everyday life together with you and teach you, French.  French Native Speaker, fluent in English and Spanish, he has been teaching languages for several decades.  He is a specialist in languages and coaching. 

He shares his expertise with French students and provides them self-confidence and advice to immerse themselves in the French culture and language.  Together with his website and his applications, he helps them enhance their French skills and talk French with confidence.  Thomas is excited to talk about his time with pupils and make them find his or her hometown.  He’ll assist you to enjoy learning French!


Français Immersion Loisirs

FIL is a French-language immersion summer camp for teens in the South of France. A vocabulary vacation with FIL is a true experience: on holiday, at a sailing vessel, handling ropes over a pond, wakeboarding, or on the shore, you’re talking and learn French all day.  You enhance French while having fun!

FIL’s priority would be to develop oral expression during the daily French clinic. Spending a summer using FIL is sharing everyday life in French within a global atmosphere!  Nonetheless, it’s also a lot of great actions, creative and original French courses, meeting amazing people, and memorable moments!


Top French Classes In France


ILA Institut Linguistique Adenet

It is a friendly and independent French-language college in the gorgeous historic center of Montpellier, South of France, offering year-round top-quality French language classes and services at very affordable rates. You’ll discover at this French language immersion school a genuine global atmosphere.  

Their efforts are concentrated on creating your French language remain in Montpellier useful, enjoyable, and stimulating! They set the highest significance in attaining excellence in teaching French and all services supplied. They’re licensed by different language school institutions like the prestigious institution EAQUALS, IALC, or the”Groupement FLE” along with government entities like Label Qualité FLE, Rectorat, CSN, and Bildungsurlaub.

Along with high-quality French classes, ILA arranges cultural and sports activities, excursions, food tasting, wine tours, etc.. They supply a vast selection of excellent accommodation options so as to satisfy everybody’s needs, from carefully selected host families to numerous residential choices.

ILA offers applications for Adults, Groups, and Teens.


Institut de Français about the French Riviera

Learn French in France at a French-language school for adults that offer authentic French immersion. A specially powerful French immersion program is supplied from the Institut de Français, in Villefranche-sur-Mer on the Côte d’Azur, considered one of France’s most intensive schools in spoken French.

The Institut de Français at Villefranche provides a two to four-week French immersion language course for professional adults and older students who wish to get quickly fluency in French. The app runs for 8 1/2 hours each day, 5 days per week, for two to four months, throughout the year, and contains 2 onsite discussion meals, just in French.

This intensive French course combines powerful audio-visual procedures, a language laboratory with diverse training sessions, real-life scenarios, etc. Accommodation is offered in agreeable and comfortable apartments close to school.


LSF Montpellier

Learn French in the sunny south of France with LSF Montpellier (FLE caliber ). Stay for only a few weeks, or for many months.

LSF features quality French classes for all levels year-round: Standard classes – Intensive classes – One-to-one classes – French & Cooking – French & Discovery – Assessment prep courses (DELF DALF, IB, A/AS degree, etc.) – Language remains for adolescents (11-16) – French for Professionals – Groups -Teachers’ Programmes.

LSF Montpellier’s classes can allow you to develop your French if you are studying for professional purposes, academic reasons or simply for pleasure.


Top French Classes In France


Millefeuille Provence

Learn French at the vineyard of Provence. Are you 23, do you really wish to make quick progress in French? You may like at Millefeuille Provence (FLE Quality):

In tiny groups of two to 4 Trainers, you will learn French at an 18th-century house close to Avignon.  The apps suggest 50 hours each week.  With assistance from an experienced and qualified teaching team, communication will turn into a real pleasure for you.


S.L.Immersion France

SLImmersion French immersion programs can be found in various areas of France, based on the instructor’s locations. They’re often expanding their community of educators to have the ability to provide you with a broad selection of places in France in which to select immersion homestays.

Stay within an exceptional Provençal setting and enhance your French with premium quality courses and activities in the teacher’s house. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced level of French, SLImmersion France provides a special and personalized learning remain in immersion which contains all aspects of the French language, culture, and way of life.  Ideal states to learn French readily.

A genuine setting where your host shares food with you and gives you comfortable accommodation. Each of the teachers is indigenous, experienced, and certified. They put up customized classes for all degrees. They start up their house for you for a memorable French immersion adventure.


École de français of the Cégep de Trois-Rivières

Since 1971 the École de français of the Cégep de Trois-Rivières continues to be supplying a summertime French immersion program to 16-17-year-old pupils from all over Canada in addition to by the rest of the planet to acquire an insight into the Québécois civilization and speech. Trois-Rivières (TR to its people ) is an up-and-coming town that enjoys an attractive place right between Quebec City and Montreal, on the shore of St. Lawrence River.

Come back to Trois-Rivières and live an incredible adventure! From July 3 to August 5, the École de français of the Cégep de Trois-Rivières provides top French classes in France program for 16 and 17-year-old pupils.  Pupils will be staying in one of those six homes on campus, based on their age and sex. Pupils get a certificate at the conclusion of this five-week program.

The program comprises a broad array of game and socio-cultural pursuits.  Each week, students attend various workshops to assist them to enhance their French in a more formal fashion, be it with songs, theatre, journalism, dance, sports, arts, impro, etc.  Pupils will have the chance to see Quebec City, Montreal, the Mauricie National Park, simply to mention a couple.

Facilities for example library, cafeteria, fitness center, and gym are at their disposal during the app. Find more information about another area of Canada while studying French.  Produce discoveries, meet new folks, and swap ideas in a stimulating atmosphere for learning another language.  



École internationale de français of the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières

Located halfway between Montreal and Quebec, near the St.Lawrence Seaway, l’École internationale de français of the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (UQTR) was supplying a selection of top French classes in France immersion applications since 1974.  You will find training and educational programs for pupils of all ages.

Too, students find themselves in a totally francophone environment, because the vast majority of the populace in Trois-Rivières talks only in French.  EIF pupils also take advantage of the services as well as the infrastructures accessible to the college community. The French immersion programs supply a high-quality educational encounter with seasoned university graduates who educate international French.

Supporting the pupils in their understanding of French as a second language, the ÉIF functions as a stepping stone, thereby easing the pursuit of pupils’ educational goals.


École de langues de l’Université Laval

L’École de Langues p l’Université Laval (ÉLUL), one of the top French classes in France, admits pupils aged 18 and over wanting to start French research to perfect their understanding of this language.

Six great reasons to study French as a Foreign Language (FLE) in l’ÉLUL:

Prospective students applying for FLE classes will receive access to a free, online placement test.


École Québec Monde

École Québec Monde originates from QUÉBEC MONDE, a non-profit company dedicated since 1983 to the Global eminence of both Quebec and been ranking as top French classes in France. The faculty values the communicative strategy.  The fundamental principle is that a language is mainly a communication tool.  The content of these classes is based on the usage of French in everyday life.

 Their services are available to anybody on the planet who wants to undergo a French vocabulary study remain in Quebec and to some personal, public, or para-public businesses and corporations. École Québec Monde is your very first Languages Canada Approved Program at Quebec City. They offer you a special and personalized strategy, in which the pupil soaks at a Québecois environment along with Quebec’s”joie de vivre”.

The college is situated in downtown Quebec City, near many restaurants, cafés, stores, parks, and cultural associations, and a couple of moments’ stroll from Le Château Frontenac, bus and train stations, pedestrian paths, and bicycle paths.  It’s the best spot for one to fully benefit from your stay in Quebec City.

A seasoned management team, a group of skilled and motivated instructors, a warm atmosphere, and a unique geographical position talk volume in favor of École Québec Monde.



Edu-inter French School

Edu-inter is a French immersion school licensed by Languages Canada and using a 10-year knowledge in teaching French to foreign students. Open throughout the year, they give French immersion programs for adults and teens from all around the world in the gorgeous town of Quebec, Canada.

Their French applications are derived from the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages; therefore they match with applications offered by the Alliance Française and prepare pupils for assessments known around the world, like the DELF, DALF, TEFaQ, TFI, and TCF.

They offer 7 levels of courses, from complete beginner to advanced, in low course settings with a mean of 5 to 12 pupils (9 to 15 through the summer schedule ) so as to facilitate personalized education. To guarantee a real and total French immersion experience, the college combines high-quality top French classes in France with cultural pursuits.


Edu-inter French School

If you would like to know French,this is a fantastic thing to do! Immersion programs can be found year-round in the Primary campus in Pointe-de-l’Église, together with entry dates in September, November, January, March, May, and July.

The Université Sainte-Anne’s French Immersion top French classes in France programs are famous for their excellence, which stems from the doctrine of learning and by the standard of its instruction. In Université Sainte-Anne, you are not only going to learn French, but you’ll also learn how to love French!


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