Are you dreaming of getting 1,000 organic clicks a day to your website?

How about 10,000, or perhaps even more?

These numbers are possible, and plenty of websites achieve it (I’ve grown my site to 36,000 visitors per day using these techniques), but if you’re going to reach these numbers, then you’re going to have to rank your blog in Google’s top 10 search results.

What Does It Mean to “Rank’’ on Google?

Ranking a blog on Google simply means getting your website listed in the search results when someone Googles a term or question. This is a fundamental goal for most website owners and it opens up opportunities to gain a large amount of traffic to your site

There’s a catch, though.

How many times have you been to page five of Google’s results? How often do you even make it to page two?

Page two results get well below a one percent click-through rate, so ranking in the top 10 search results (which are the ones that appear on page ones) is essential. If your blog isn’t ranking in the top 10, then very few people see your listing in the search results, and even fewer people are clicking to your website.

Ranking in the top 10 search results on Google is vital because that’s where all the traffic comes from.

1. Research What’s Currently Ranking in the Top 10 Results for the Keywords You Want to Rank On

Why should Google rank your blog in the top 10?

It wants to send people to trustworthy websites that answer their questions in the best way.

If you’re writing an article on “How to Take Care of Your Cat,” and the next on “How to Start Your Own Investment Bank,” then Google might wonder where your expertise truly lies. Instead, your blogs need to be focused on your area of expertise and the information your audience is looking for.

This is where your keyword research comes in.

By using tools like Ubersuggest, you can begin to understand how users search Google, giving you ideas about the types of content you should be writing. For example, you might type in “investment banking” and find other keywords people are searching for, such as “investment banking salary,” “investment banking analyst,” and “investment banking jobs.”

How to Rank a Blog FAQs

How do I do SEO for my blog?

There are numerous free resources available for those who want to learn basic SEO on their own so they can incorporate best practices into their blog. If you work for a company blog, you may want to hire a digital marketing agency to help you get started.

How long should my blog be?

Experts have found that to rank well in Google, your blog posts should be about 2,000 words.

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