Best ways to Learn French In France Online

Are you looking to learn French online but unsure where to begin? This article will help you find the best ways to Learn French In France Online. Imagine learning a foreign language online without ever leaving your home. Would you like to learn a new language without ever leaving your couch? Stay with us to learn how.

Online classes at Career In France are the best way to Learn French In France. You will find many French teachers on our platform with whom to learn and revise important concepts. There are both native and bilingual teachers. Choose the one that suits you best.


Learn French In France and reap the benefits

French can provide many benefits, and it will help you grow professionally as well as personally. French can help you to boost your diplomatic career. French is the right language if you are interested in working in European institutions. Want to learn more about French? These are the reasons to learn French:

  •  It is the most spoken language in the world, with more than 200 million people fluent in French. It is spoken in nearly 70 states, and it is the official language of more than 30 countries spread across 5 continents.


  •  Access to all professions is easier: learning French will give you more options and open up new job markets.


  • France’s education system: France is home to one of the most recognizable education systems in the world. This is the right place to study engineering, business, or the arts.


  • French is the language of culture. It is used internationally for cuisine, fashion, and theatre as well as visual art, architecture, dance, and visual art. French allows you to enjoy literature in its original form, music, and cinema…


  • Access to information will be easier: You’ll be able to access French-language websites and read the contents. You will have better access to information, and you will be able to understand the world differently.


  • It is the language used in international relations. Learning French will allow you to gain access to large international institutions as well as governmental organizations. French is a language that you can join the UN, IMF, and European Union.


  • French is the language of love. It’s beautiful, melodic, rich in vocabulary language. It is often called the language of love. However, it can also be used as an analytical language to structure thought and foster the critical spirit.


  • Learn French In France to learn other languages. It will be much easier to learn English because French has contributed more than half of the vocabulary in English today.


  • France has many opportunities for big companies: France is an economic powerhouse worldwide and has a lot of economic capital. You can learn French to work for large companies like Groupe PSA or EDF.


Do you agree with our arguments? Register on our platform if you are convinced. Find the perfect online French teacher today and get started studying French at home.


We recommend that you take good online courses if you are looking to Learn French In France. However, they are not your only option. You can learn French with many resources. We’ve compiled a list of the top resources to help you learn French. Are you curious to find out what they are? They are here for you:


Learning a language in the middle of other activities is a great way to make the most out of your time. It may seem confusing, but here are some ways to do it. Listening to podcasts. Podcasts are great because you can listen from anywhere and anytime, including your smartphone, tablet, or music player. We recommend these 5 podcasts to help you learn French:

1. FrenchPod101

This podcast is specifically designed for beginners. FrenchPod101 offers everything you need, from easy exercises to complex PDFs with additional PDFs.


2. Coffee Break

Another podcast for beginners. Coffee Break French is part of Lingua Network Radio. This podcast is geared towards learning languages online. Its greatest strength is its combination of less experienced hosts and more experienced guests.


3. The French Podcast

The French Podcast could be described as an intermediate level. It bridges the gap between what we know in French class and what we hear on the streets.


4. Francais Authentique

This podcast is for you if you are able to read and write French but struggle with listening or speaking it. Although it’s not for beginners, Authentic French is a great podcast to help you improve your French listening skills.


5. One Thing about a French Day

Laetitia, the host of the podcast, tells a story three times per week in a slow but clear voice. Laetitia will share the day-to-day life of someone living in Paris.

Podcasts in any language can be helpful, but they cannot replace online French lessons. We recommend that you visit Career In France to find the perfect French teacher.



Youtube is one of the most popular internet platforms. Youtube has millions of videos, including travel videos, humor, tutorials, and documentaries. It also offers space for training videos, where you can learn nearly anything. YouTube channels are a great way to learn French in France, and we’re happy to share some of our favorites.

1. Easy French 

These funny interviews feature French citizens on the streets, who share their opinions on French culture and other topics.


2. En Simples Palabras

It is Carlos’s YouTube channel with more than 580,000 subscribers. This section contains videos that aim to teach you different subjects, but mainly languages.


3. You can learn French in France free of charge on Oh La La, I Speak French. This channel has more than 15,000 subscribers. The channel offers different playlists that allow you to access different topics in the video section.


4. Learn French with Pascal

This Youtube channel offers many videos and lessons that will help you learn French. This Youtube channel has videos that average about five minutes in length. This channel is suitable for both beginners and intermediate students.


5. Vincent’s channel Youtube

Learn French with Vincent. You will learn how to go from beginner to advanced in a fun and organized way with the 40-unit videos.

Films and Seires

We recommend Learn French In France if you’re one of those people who loves a blanket, a couch, and a good series. It is possible to learn French In France from your sofa. There are many very entertaining series.One of the most popular French learning series available on Netflix:

1. Emily in Paris

This series is great for learning French and English. They can speak both languages.


2. Osmosis

This series teaches French in the Black Mirror style. It’s an intense and new plot you will love.


3. Le Chalet

Is one of the most popular French language learning programs. In two timelines, it tells the story of Manu and Alice. You will be able to see their childhood, and their reunion twenty years later when their lives took a major turn.


4. Glace 

Is one of the most well-known French language learning series on Netflix. It has six episodes, but it’s very entertaining because of the drama, action, and suspense.


5. Lupin 

Is an adventure series and fantasy series that was inspired by Arsene Lupin (a famous French literary character). It’s a thief who became one of the most popular characters in French culture.

These are the best ways to Learn French In France Online. Hope you like it.

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