You should learn French in France. Do you know why? Well, here are the reason:

1. A world language

On the five continents, more than 300 million people can speak French. OIF is an international organization of French-speaking nations. It has 88 members and a total of 89 governments. French is second in foreign languages learned after English and fifth in world spoken languages.

French, along with English, is the only language that is taught in every country around the globe. France has the largest international network of cultural institutions, offering French-language courses to nearly a million students. So, you should learn French in France.

Learn French In France


2. A language to help you navigate the international job market

An advantage in the international job market is being able to speak English and French. French is an important language that opens doors to French companies in France and other French speaking countries around the world. France is an important economic partner, being one of the largest economies in the world and a top destination for foreign investments.

3. French language is the language of culture

French is an international language for cooking, fashion, theatre and dance. French is the language of great literature, films and songs. French is the language spoken by Victor Hugo, Moliere and Leopold Sendar Senghor as well as Edith Piaf and Jean-Paul Sartre. Try to learn French in France to mix with the culture of France.

4. Language for traveling

France is the top tourist destination in the world and draws more than 87 millions visitors each year. It is much easier to visit Paris and other regions of France if you can speak a little French. This gives you insight into France’s culture, way of living and history. French is also useful when traveling to French-speaking regions of the globe.Learn French In France


5. Language for higher education

French is a language that opens doors to opportunities to study at top French universities and business schools. These institutions are ranked among the best higher education institutions in Europe as well as the world. This is the reason you should learn French in France.

6. The other language of international relations

French is considered as both a language of international profession and an official language for the United Nations, UNESCO, European Union and NATO. It also serves as the International Olympic Committee’s language. French is the official language of the three European cities: Strasbourg, Luxembourg and Brussels.

7. Language that opens the world

A French-speaking ability opens up a new perspective on the world. Try to follow French leaders and thinkers from around the globe to get news from leading French language international media such as France 24. and TV5Monde.

8. Fun language to learn

French is a simple language to learn. There are many options on the market to learn French in France, which is easy for both children and adults.

9. Language for learning other languages

French is an excellent language to learn and speak. In fact, a significant part of English vocabulary originated from French.

Learn French In France

10. The language of love, and reason

First, learning French is about the joy of learning a beautiful, rich and melodious language, often called the language for love. French can also be used to structure thought and develop critical thinking. This is useful for negotiations and discussions. So, now you know why should you learn French in France.

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