Paris is the most beautiful city in the world. It is the capital of France and the most popular city as well. As we all know that people generally call Paris as “City of Lights” – most interestingly have we ever thought of it that why so?

No…Not due to the electricity or due to streetlights of the city. But……by the term “Lights” means Intellectuals, in regards to the great and high concentrations of intelligent writers, creative artists and brilliant academics – that have always been drawn to the city.

Paris is known for and considered as the place for so many of the world’s top- rated schools and educational institutions. When it comes to the public schooling in France which is absolutely free for expats but only if they can provide proof of their residence whereas all the private schools and Universities are often subsided.

So, you must be wondering or thinking about the education culture in Paris which basically emphasize on academic excellence.

To be more precise and clearer, the French Education System is divided into Grandes Ecoles and Universities with the former being more reputed and prestigious. Moreover, students who choose to attend Universities based on their specific subject choice. However, just like most of the other Universities in France there are specialized rather than general.

Best University In Paris



For instance, The Ecole Polytechnique is well known and reputed Engineering school whereas on the other hand if we talk about HEC Paris which is considered to be the most recognized business school in Paris. The Best University in Paris known as the world’s leading and reputed institution which is specialized in Humanities.

In addition to this the Public Institutions such as Polytechnique which has set fees and receive subsidies from the government which is the reason for relatively low costs for the students who opt for the courses here moreover, it is just opposite for private Universities where cost is significantly higher – like as HEC Paris.

But, for most of the students it seems like very tough, struggling and difficult process & path to get an admission in one of the most well-known and Best University in Paris. Generally, students especially International students look for Top Universities in France or at least best Universities in France. This is so because the final destination is to opt for admission in one of the best University and gain knowledge from it.

It is very important to do the planning before thinking about the admission. Basically, you need to be focused and determined about the course which you want to opt for and moreover you need to be attentive and prompt with the selection criteria.

When you have decided to proceed with the University in France make sure that in-spite of having fluency in English it would be highly recommended to have at least elementary level of French language fluency. As it is rightly said that “when you are in Rome do as the Roman do” – so the very first step is to be fluent with French Language if you are really thinking to move around France. To get experience with the Best University in France or Best University in Paris for better experience learn French.

Best University in Paris



However, moving ahead to the most important steps for getting admission in the top University in France or best University in Paris.

Step:1 Choose your Course/Curriculum: It is mandatary to look for the course or curriculum which you are interested in or which is applicable for you with regards to your previous educational qualifications. Moreover, it will be effective for your future if you opt for the legitimate course. However, it won’t be difficult for you as the Best University in Paris provides curriculum in all the streams starting from science, humanities, art, fashion, commerce etc. Say for an instance as Paris is a place majorly known for fashion and beauty so those who want to look for fashion courses then trust me you are on the right direction. In addition to this eventually after completion of the course it will be comparatively easy for you to get an internship or even a secured job in Paris. Here, the internship is most of the time paid – means it will be a well-paid internship and of course if you get a job it is “Cherry on Cake”. Different kinds of work contract prevail here namely – CDI (Long Term Contract) and CDD (Short Term Contract) contracts.

Step: 2 Need to do the Application on the Campus France Platform directly: Campus France plays a crucial role when it comes to admission in any of the school or Best University in Paris. One has to undergo a proper ethical interview session at Campus France and get the NOC to proceed with the next step generally to apply for Visa.

It is mandatory to carry all the original documents when you receive the call letter stating the date and time for your interview.

Here, in Campus France one can experience the French Culture in regards to University in France and other related information. The best place to feel France when you are not in France actually in reality.

Step: 3 Selection / Eligibility criteria: There are different processes applicable when it comes to select the best University in France or even the top University in France. The eligibility differs from one to another. Some schools and Universities do consider IELTS score bands as a part of their admission process. When it comes to the Best University in Paris,  make sure that on the very first step you must try to learn French – to genuinely enjoy the ambience and University atmosphere. Moreover, most of the time educational background, professional expertise (if applicable), Financial status, age etc every single thing matters so much. Make sure you fulfil this criterion according to your course.

Step: 4 Tuition Fees: Well, the most important part for the admission is its fees. As it plays a vital role for every student and their respective family also. For different school and Universities in Paris the fees are different all the time.

Moreover, they do offer discounts and early bird offers to attract students from worldwide. Hurry up! What are you waiting for? we are here at your service whenever you need us.

Step: 5 Registration Process for International Students: It is the easiest quick and important step while finalizing the admission. While filling the registration form make sure you fill each and every part of the form correctly with all the relevant information and required details and if necessary do explain each and everything whenever applicable.

Best University in Paris



Most of the time the registration is not chargeable but, in some cases, it asks for payment. Be clear with every section of the form. It is highly recommended that if required take assistance and provide all details and it much be legitimate.

This is very concrete part because here the student is providing all the necessary details to the authorities and further decisions are taken in consideration to this form.

Step: 6 Scholarship: Most of the time students receive scholarships from their respective schools or Universities. It most of the time helps the student to opt for the best University in France or the top University in France.

As getting green signal from any of the University from Paris is like dream come true. Moreover, students here in Paris do receive Scholarships most of the time and other benefits also.

Step: 7 Accommodation: Well! the basic but most important aspect when it comes to residing in Paris or anywhere in France. Getting proper accommodation is always a tough job. But it is not that difficult thing as well. There are lots of options available online. For students it is easy due to their respective institution or school or University intervention.

It is mandatory to have an accommodation contract while applying for visa. Here the owners do provide contracts which needs to be attached along with all other documents for visa file process. Only one thing needs to be done is paying a month rent as deposit in advance. But, make sure the contract is legal and valid.

Step: 8 Learning French: The most important and essential part is FRENCH. If you know French it will be much easier for you to lead a healthy and smooth life here in France / Paris.

Though the classes will be in English but it is highly recommended to learn French while arriving to France. The Best University in Paris is fantastic and full of life but you can feel and enjoy it only if you know French well.

The life here is very interesting, fashionable, sophisticated and full of enjoyment but only if you speak & understand French. The life here is easy going. The French cuisine is known worldwide and people here are very friendly. They help you and make sure that you are happy.

So, it won’t be wrong if it is said that “When you are in France do as the French do” – From the original one which stated with Rome.

Best University in Paris



Step: 9 Visa Process: To travel you need to get Visa and here comes the final step which is VISA. If you provide all the documents perfectly in proper format and order then don’t worry you will get the visa for sure.

French people they are very professional and they know how to work and due to which they do provide a proper checklist and one needs to set the documents in that proper format.

The visa process for France is hassle free and prompt. But yes, it is mandatory to carry all your original documents when you visit visa office. As you will receive a call letter mentioned all the details like date, time and other related details.

Make sure you carry all the documents along with checklist and most importantly be punctual.

Step 10 : In reality, it could be placed at any level. Because it is suggested and recommended to have a good command over French Language.

Getting admission in the Best University in Paris directly from your Home Country is not easy all the time. As the French rules and regulations, eligibility criteria, age, educational background, professional experience, IELTS Score Band etc. matters a lot.

There are many Universities in Paris where they accept only professional expertise rest all the applications are most of the time rejected or not accepted. Many a time the best University in France or top University in France considers only PhD students that too conditions applied. So, basically make sure that you choose the right course and right university.

Moreover, most of the Universities in France and Universities in Paris they do take interviews a part of your admission process. It is essential for the student to have complete knowledge about the course for which they have applied for and in addition to it they should be confident with their previous educational content and if they have professional experience, they must be able to explain and be clear with their purpose for opting for this particular course or curriculum.

So, for getting admission in the best University in France or top University in France it is crucial to have complete information and knowledge about it. But why to worry when we Career in France is there to help you out at every step by providing you proper guidelines and assistance at every possible step.

Most of the time students face the problem at some or the other step and feel that like they are Between a Rock and a Hard Place which makes them depressed and stressed. But trust us allow us to “Let the Cat come out of the Bag” – don’t wait because “Time and Tide waits for none”. For getting admission in the most prestigious and the best University in Paris let’s work together and get the admission through it.

In addition to this fact, we can’t deny to the fact that there are INTAKES – which can’t be avoided. Most of the Universities in Paris accept applications during specific terms only. Well, most of the time it is January and September.

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