Are you looking for Top Jobs in France? The French capital’s romantic setting, beautiful cityscape, and delicious cuisine make it a tempting destination for ex-pats who want to live in one of the most exciting capitals on the planet. While there are many things to do in Paris, it can be difficult to find a top Job in France.

This guide will provide information on the Paris job opportunities available to ex-pats, as well as useful tips and tricks about where to find top Jobs in France. It also includes helpful tips on how to apply for English-speaking jobs in Paris through French recruitment agencies. This guide contains:

What is the Paris job market like?

Paris is difficult to find jobs for ex-pats due to the uncertain economy in the European Union. After a low of 9%, the unemployment rate in France rose to 10% in January 2017. New regulations have led to companies having to pay more taxes, which is a contributing factor in the recent decline.

The result was a large number of job losses. It has also been difficult to find work in Paris and other French cities due to the stagnant French economy. Higher taxes are a positive sign that the social security system is robust and well-functioning. If you’re moving to Paris for work, your French pension will provide long-term benefits.

Finding permanent work in Paris can be challenging as there are more flexible options available to employers. France’s minimum wage is EUR9.67 per hour. This, combined with a 35-hour working week, equals EUR1,466.62 per month. Employers are unlikely to hire anyone who requires visa sponsorship, unless absolutely necessary.


Paris is open to all

It is simple: anyone can work in Paris provided they have the right visa and permit. French citizens, EEA, and EU citizens don’t require a French work permit in order to get a top Job in France. You can also work in Paris without a permit if you bring a relative with a permit for skilled labor.

To legally work in Paris, anyone coming from another country will require a visa. The first step in obtaining a Paris work visa is usually getting a top Job in France. The majority of visa processes will be completed by the company. First, you must prove that you are a better candidate for the job than EU/EEA or French candidates. French companies spend a lot of money and time to obtain work visas for foreign workers.

French speakers are more likely to find work in Paris than those who speak English. For jobs that require you to speak French fluently, it is necessary to be able to communicate with your managers and coworkers. You can teach English while taking French classes if you don’t feel confident in your French.


Top Jobs in France


Paris hotel jobs and other in-demand jobs for ex-pats:

However, not knowing enough French isn’t a problem for getting a job. There are many solutions to this language problem. There are also opportunities for ex-pats who want top Jobs in France and speak English. This is a great opportunity for someone new to France or the language. You should check out the websites of companies that actively seek English speakers. Here are some suggestions:

As a nanny, au pair, or nanny, 

A nanny/au pair position is a great option for anyone still learning French. However, you should be fluent in the basics. Many families in Paris need someone to care for their children and help with house chores. Native speakers are more desirable for parents who want their children to learn English. EU citizens have a greater advantage than non-EU citizens due to visa issues. However, no certification is required, the only experience in childcare. 

As an English teacher,

Teaching English is one of the top Jobs in France. English language teachers are highly sought after in France. It is difficult to get a job as a teacher in Paris’ public schools, especially if you are a foreigner. Therefore, it is worth looking into private language schools and agencies. Although the hourly rate is usually good, it’s important to remember that you will need to prepare for classes and transport.

As a tour guide,

Another English-speaking job in Paris is that of a tour guide. This job requires little more than English skills and a good memory for names and dates. Many tourists visiting Paris are from English-speaking countries. There are certified tour guides, but it is possible to search on your own and find a top Job in France. You should be able to handle groups of up to 20 people. It is also a plus to be fluent in other languages.

As a bartender, or in a hotel.

Bartending and hotel jobs in Paris are the best options when all else fails. Many ex-pats who were unable to speak French and needed work have found jobs in these areas. This is a job that’s easy to find for people who don’t speak French well. Many young Parisians go to bars and pubs to practice their English while relaxing and drinking.



Top Jobs In France


Application fobs in Paris France:

Expats will find many English-speaking jobs in Paris. There is an increasing demand for English-speaking agents in real estate, as there have been many British citizens who are moving to France because of economic problems and the rising cost of living. There are English-speaking real estate agencies in France that can help British ex-pats locate a property in Paris.

They are also looking for native speakers. Leggett Immobilier is an example of such an agency. Because Paris is a tourist city, it’s a great place to work as a hostess. The high season is when Paris hotel jobs are most popular. You will need to be fluent in French and have experience, but that all depends on the job.

Paris is a large city and there are many hotels, hostels, and other lodging options. This means that staff must speak English. An ex-pat with IT experience can be an advantage, as English is a major part of IT culture. Even if you don’t want to work for a company that specializes in IT, there are many large companies located in Paris like Dailymotion and Lacoste.

These companies are open to hiring foreigners with English language skills. They often seek employees with specialist skills. Expats have the option to freelance creatively. Many French companies are looking for English-language marketing content. Other freelance skills include editing and translating.


Top Jobs In France


If none of these options work, you can try or any other search engine to find jobs in Paris. These are some of the top Jobs in France websites.



There are many local magazines and newspapers in Paris that offer English-speaking and multilingual jobs. FUSAC has a classified section that allows you to find au pairs in Paris. You can also find teaching jobs in Paris. The Paris News offers a broad range of jobs, including those in sales, finance, engineering, marketing, and technology.

Finding a job in a field that you are skilled in may take longer than it would in your hometown, even if you have the relevant qualifications and experience. Building a network of contacts in your field is one of the best ways you can find work. Paris is a big city, and many businesses are active in its community.

There are many networking events and showcases that you can attend to make new contacts. These are the top companies that host a lot of professional networking events.



1. Eventbrite


2. Get together


3. InterNations


4. Events


5.  Paris, Professional Women


6. Information Vine


France is a little different when it comes to resumes or CVs (as they are known outside the US). For senior positions, the resumes should not exceed two to three pages and for all other positions, no more than one page. Cover letters should be written in pencil on high-quality paper. Because many French companies will examine your handwriting in order to determine your personality, this is important.

You should be aware that many French companies will require you to go through four interviews once you reach the interview stage. Prepare for each interview by doing research on the company and the job to prepare. You might be asked to write something, or your personality may be assessed.

The interviewer will expect you to dress professionally. Joking and small talk will not be tolerated. It will be viewed as rude and unprofessional, rather than friendly. Address the interviewer using monsieur or madam, and the formal vous instead of tu regardless of their age.

Begin by greeting them with a handshake. Be prepared for questions about your marital status, such as whether or not you would like to have children soon. xD, Congratulations!

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