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Top French Classes In France

French is a beautiful language. It’s becoming more popular to learn. France’s rich history, influence, and fascinating past make the language even more interesting. This can help you to appreciate the language more. These are 24 amazing facts about Top French classes in France


  1. French is a Romance Language

This first fact about the top French classes in France may not be surprising. It is a Romance language because it comes from Latin. Did you know that the Latin French type descended from Latin is not the same thing as traditional Latin? It is called Vulgar Latin (non-standard) Latin. Vulgar Latin was essentially informal Latin. Traditional Latin is what academics and scholars tend to study. Vulgar Latin is the foundation of all Romance languages.


  1. L’Academie Francaise Protects Language

Since its inception by Cardinal Richelieu in 1634, the Academie Francaise has preserved the literary integrity of the French. The Academy is made up of 40 members. They oversee the language and add new words, as well as considering modernizing the language. There are many languages with similar types of academies. English is the exception. This academy provides top French classes in France.

Recently, the Academy announced that there would be major changes in the French language in 2016. They voted to eliminate the use of the circumflex, which is used over the “i” or “u”, changing many words. They also voted for some spelling changes, such as “oignon” being changed to “ognon”, which is “onion”. They believe that removing certain silent letters will make it easier for people to learn the language.


  1. French is the 6th most spoken language in the world

French is one the most spoken languages worldwide with over 274,000,000 speakers worldwide and nearly 80 million native speakers. French is actually an official language in 29 countries, and it is the sixth most spoken language worldwide.

The Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie, which promotes global French-speaking, is another organization. A Francophone is someone who speaks French. So it’s better to learn French from top French classes in France.

The spread of French is partly due to French colonialism in France and Belgium. About 40% of French speakers live in Europe. However, there are significant numbers of French-speaking people in Africa, Canada, and many others.


  1. French Popularity is Growing

The number of French-speaking people has more than tripled since the end of World War 2. It is interesting to note that the popularity of French continues to rise as French-speaking Africa continues to develop and grow. According to current projections, the number of French-speaking people in the world could reach over 750 million by 2050. This is not surprising considering that over 120 million students are taught by French teachers worldwide. So it’s better to learn French from top French classes in France.

Top French Classes in France


  1. French is an official diplomatic language

Six languages are used by the United Nations: Arabic, Chinese English Russian Russian Spanish French. French is the official language of many international institutions. It is one of three procedural languages in the European Union. The other two are English and German. The list does not end there. French is also used as a language of communication by many international organizations, such as UNESCO and WHO. So it’s better to learn French from top French classes in France.


  1. French wasn’t popular in France

This is one of the most bizarre facts about the French language. The French language was not widely used in France until the French Revolution. France was home to many dialects before this time. Until the 19th century, French was more widely used in Holland and Germany than it was in France.


  1. 2.9% of English Vocabulary comes from French

English is a mixture of many languages. It shares strong similarities with Germany but its French influence cannot easily be denied. This is due to the Norman Conquest of England, 1066 A.D. The invasion of Norman England in 1066 A.D. resulted in an extensive infusion of both languages.

Currently, 50.000 English words are derived from French. This influence is not the only reason why English has many modern French loanwords. These include “cafe”, “deja vu,”,”decor,” and “restaurant.”


  1. Counting in French has a Different Logic

Each language approaches counting in a unique way. However, French can sometimes be seen as odd. There is no place more clear than the number between 80 and 99. In English, you’d say “eighty-3”, but in French, you’d say “quatre-vingt” (or “fourty-twenties). The fun part begins when you reach 99. Instead of saying, ninety-nine, you would say, “quatre-vingt-dix-neuf” or “four twenties, ten, nine”.

The French Revolution brought about the partial vigesimal system, or system of counting twenty by twenty, as a means of unifying the counting system. Similar relationships can be seen in the English system’s use of “score”, though it is no longer used.

Top French Classes in France


  1. French Culinary Words Are Global

French cuisine is a well-known and beloved one. The world-famous French dishes are outstanding in quality. It’s not only the food that is internationally famous. French words have been used to describe how food is prepared. French terms such as chef, blanching, and sauteing are all examples of cooking terms. So it’s better to learn French from top French classes in France.


  1. French has a lot of homophones

These words are similar in appearance and almost have the same pronunciation. However, their meanings can be very different. These words can be difficult to learn, but they are fun tongue twisters. 


  1. Many celebrities can speak French

Many celebrities speak French. This video shows how Jodie Foster and Bradley Cooper can speak French. So it’s better to learn French from top French classes in France.


  1. French doesn’t have any words that start with “W”

It’s possible to find a French word that has “w” in it. This is because it’s borrowed from another language. All three of the English words for Wifi, Web Design, and WC are derived from English.


  1. French Media is Very Popular

France is home to some of the most beloved films and books in the world. Asterix, the French comic that tells the story of a Gallic warrior, is very popular. It has been translated into many languages and made into at most 13 feature films. Antoine Saint Exupery’s Le Petit Prince, or The Little Prince, is the most widely translated non-religious text in the world. Due to its popularity, there have been 300 translations. With over 200 films being made every year, French cinema is second to Hollywood. Cannes Film Festival is another prestigious festival in France. So it’s better to learn French from top French classes in France.


  1. It’s easier to learn French than you think

These facts will make you want to learn French. It’s easy to master this language because of the similarities between English & French. Career In France is a great way to learn French fluency quickly and efficiently.

You will learn the French language using cutting-edge teaching methods such as spaced repetition and comprehensible input. Career In France also lists the most commonly used words. You’ll be able to understand the language spoken by locals. Get your free lesson now and you’ll be able to learn French faster than ever before!

Students in the U.S. are flocking to Staples to buy school supplies and finish up their summer reading assignments. They’ll soon be back in school, as will students from France. We can assure you that their school experiences will not be the same. We are proud to present 10 facts about French schools to celebrate the French’s return to academia (which they call la rentree).

Top French Classes in France


  1. France’s school lunches last for 2 hours

This is the fifteenth fact about the top French classes in France list. They offer multiple-course meals that include fresh bread, gourmet cheeses, meat, seasonal fruits, and more. The only beverage that is available is water. Vending machines selling junk food are prohibited. Students are prohibited from bringing lunch home and there is no “kids” food.


  1. This is the sixteenth fact about the top French classes in France list. French students do not attend school Wednesday afternoons. However, they do so on Saturday mornings before you protest.


  1. This is the seventeenth fact about the top French classes In France list. France does not have a Pledge of Allegiance. Almost all countries, except the USA and North Korea, have schools with national pledges.


  1. This is the eighteenth fact about the top French classes In France list. French school days run from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. What a difference time makes.


  1. This is the nineteenth fact about the top French classes In France list. Extracurricular activities are rare in French schools. Clubs are something your parents were born into. Even though organized leisure may sound a bit American, it is actually quite common.


  1. French schools ban all religious symbols

This is the twenty fact about the top French classes in France list. Officially secular since 1905, France’s government has been. Schools are prohibited from allowing the wearing of religious symbols such as headscarves or jewelry.


  1. France’s classrooms, like Old Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard, are bare.

This is the twenty-first fact about the top French classes In France list. French classrooms are free from the burdens of childish ornamentation, unlike American classrooms that are often plastered with motivational posters and student work.


  1. All things in France are scored out of 20

This is the twenty-second fact about the top French classes In France list. Grades in the US are scored out at 100%. 93% is the lowest acceptable rate for high-achieving students. France scores grades out of 20 and it is almost impossible to score a perfect grade. A pass is 10; a good score is 12, and most teachers wouldn’t give over 17.

Top French Classes in France


  1. Grades are also posted publicly

This is the twenty-third fact about the top French classes in France list. Bulletins are placed in the hallways for the whole school to see. Sacre bleu!


  1. French universities are very affordable

This is the twenty-fourth fact about the top French classes in France list. French universities are typically more expensive than American universities. Unlike American universities which can enslave students in a lifetime debt cycle with tuition costs up to $70,000 per year, French universities usually cost several hundred euros a year. To be admitted to French universities, students must pass the notoriously hard BAC. And there are no long graduation ceremonies (so I guess now we know where all our tuition money goes… #boringcommencementspeakers.)


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