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France ranks third most advanced nation in the entire world.  It is also one of the top three research destinations for global students.  In 2015, Paris was voted the greatest international student city for a third successive year from the QS.


  1. Education System

France has approximately 82 nation universities, five Catholic colleges, and lots of private institutes, a number of that award degrees and diplomas. Grande Ecoles are the ticket to victory in France and the top-notch French politicians or business leaders are the goods of these schools.  These are similar to Ivy League universities.  

To be able to attend the top French classes in France, you have to complete 12 years of education, in addition, to meet extra demands.  Some associations or classes might have enrollments throughout the year too. Paris is the center of all of the top French classes or academic institutes. The Majority of the best schools in the country are located in cities such as Nice, Paris, Lyon, Grenoble, and Orleans.  Approximately 4200 Indian pupils went to France from the academic year 2016-17. The vast majority of those pupils went to engage in a two-year level, therefore, now, around 6000 Indian students are pursuing their higher studies in France.  

Top French Classes in France




2. Security in France: 

France is among the most popular metropolitan areas in Europe. Violent crime rates are rather low but a few petty crimes such as pickpocketing aren’t unheard of.  

If you’re new in the nation, never leave your luggage or valuables unattended at the subway, bus, or other public locations. When traveling, it is almost always a fantastic idea to get your nation’s embassy contact details available, in the event you encounter any difficulties.  


3. Weather: 

France experiences moderate temperature throughout the entire year, which can be neither too hot nor too cold, using regular rain. Each area in the nation has its own climate – cooler into the west and north and warmer in the southwest. In winters there’s lots of snow.  Summers are very hot, with sunlight shining across the nation.   In summers, it’s 15°C to 25°C.


4. Lifestyle hints:

Lately, Paris was appointed as one of the best three of the world’s finest cities for pupils.  

The most important motive for this is the diverse kinds of classes being offered and also the maximum teaching standards being followed by institutes in France. The standard of student life and the lifestyle is appealing and hence a great deal of childhood is presently moving to France because of their higher studies. The fantastic quality of student life functions in favor of universities, which have taken a lot of actions to enhance how young men and women are welcomed, tracked and supervised during their stay and you can focus on the top french classes you have taken.

Application Procedure in France for taking the top French classes in France.

Are you really excited and prepared to apply for top French classes to start your new academic travel to France? 

The application procedure for the Top French Class isn’t demanding at all because we’ve accumulated all of the vital actions that you want to follow to be able to become admitted to the French college of your choice. Be sure before you start to create a plan and generate a list with all the universities you want to use. Go to the official sites of the universities and also do not be afraid to get in touch with your nearest French Embassy or Consulate for some questions.

Top French Classes in France




a. Select Your Study 

This is most likely the most crucial and possibly tough step. Selecting your study important will establish your life and livelihood. Imagine yourself in the long run and take into account the several degrees French has to give you in many different disciplines. 

Would you need to study fashion management in a number of the fashion capitals of the world or graduate with a business diploma from a Grandes écoles? The option is yours!


b. Check the entry requirements

For attending Top French Classes in France you need to focus on your aim, based on the aim, your nationality, and the academic level of your research, you will find particular entry requirements you want to pay particular attention to when planning your application procedure for Top French classes. Create a plan, pick the universities of your personality and choice and also make your online research completely too. Speak to the French Embassy in your home state or get the universities that you aim to apply to together with the present support services like Campus France so as to locate the answers to your prospective queries.


c. Prepare the required documents

Start collecting the necessary documents whenever possible. This can be a time-consuming step and be cautious on the particular requirements for documentation concerning your nationality, research degree, and university of selection. Bear in mind that you may need translations into French of your initial documents. Even the French Embassy in your house country can offer those solutions. 

The Frequent paperwork to the application procedure for Top French classes comprise:

A completed application form signed by the official government, Campus France permission, a civil liability certification, personal identification photographs, passport copies, European Health Insurance Card in the event you’re a European citizen, higher school transcripts, an article (if requested by the university), evidence of language proficiency in either French or English depending on the application and evidence of payment to your program fee.

For non-European pupils, you may be requested to supply additional documents like birth certificate copies of you and your parents, fiscal aid evidence for your research and following entrance, your French student visa. 

Please be aware that every program might request additional files, so be certain you’ve got enough opportunity to assess what’s required from the side.


d. Submit your program 

European nationals who want to apply for Top French classes or a French college Bachelor’s 1st year of research will need to apply via the Parcours Up Platform. 

But, there’s not any specific application process for registering at the 2nd or 3rd year of a Bachelor’s, a Master’s, or Doctorate level. 

If that’s the instance, contact the universities that you need to apply for the program procedure.

Non-European pupils will need to pass on the Preliminary Entrance or”Demande admission Préalable – DAP” for implementation in French associations and should also apply online through Campus France. 

Exceptions apply to DAP in these cases: Kids of diplomats residing in France, students who maintain a scholarship in the french school or a French association, candidates by a partner university in which a collaboration agreement among associations exists, or potential students who maintain a French, German, Spanish or Italian baccalaureate.

Top French Classes in France




d. Apply for a French student visa

You’re officially a student in France! When you get your letter of approval, get in touch with your college so as to cover the initial installation of your tuition charges if appropriate. 

Next, you have to make an application for a French student visa as soon as possible. 

Decide which sort of visa you require, long or short duration, and examine carefully the principles that apply based upon your nationality. 

Speak to the French embassy in your house country if you require assistance with your visa procedure.


e. Arrive in France

When you’ve got your French student visa and have prepared all of the required records, now it’s the opportunity to hunt for lodging choices. Can it be a private home or a shared flat? Do research before online too and apply for lodging at CROUS quickly, as it’s by far the most popular choice for students. Prepare your bag and get on the airplane for France. 

This is simply the start. You’re going to reside and study in the most complex, contemporary, and romantic countries in the world!

Top French Classes in France




Necessary university program records:

1. Prior entry or pre-registration certification provided by the college 

2. Campus France empowerment 

3. ID/passport-type photographs 

4. Copies of cooperation diplomas and their French translation

5. A civil accountability certification 

6. Pupils from the EU: a copy of your European Medical Insurance card

7. Resume (just Sometimes, and just for postgraduate degrees)

8. French or Language Language certificate (based on grad language of selected level )

9. Transcript of documents 

10. Copies of diplomas (if not available, a certification saying you graduated)

11. Proof Which You Can finance your stay in France (with a minimum of 800 EUR per month).


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