English speaking jobs in France: People all around the world feel comfortable in their mother tongue; however, English is the second-best option. When you are in a foreign country, and you have no idea about the local language, English is one of those languages you may want to turn to.

There are several vacancies that you can look for and we shall discuss the most common Job for Americans in Paris, or other native English speakers. Learn languages like English, German, Spanish and French with our customized and flexible courses.

1. Job in France for English speakers and English language instructors

Your job as an English language teacher would be to teach the French how to speak, understand, read and write English. In most jobs and businesses, they would have to communicate in English and this will require a strong command of the language. Your job as an instructor would be to help them with this.

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2. The Real Estate Industry – Property managers and Estate agents

The real estate industry is booming and it is an opportunity to get a good job in Paris for you. Some investors may not understand French and may prefer to converse in English. As a property manager or a real estate agent, you will need to communicate with them in English and clear any doubts they may have.

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3. Tour Guide Job in France

Tourists usually prefer English speakers because that is the one language almost everyone understands. Therefore, you can work in France as a tour guide and take people around this beautiful country.

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4. Work in France as a Front desk employee

Front desk employees need to communicate with customers or clients more frequently than the rest of the office. This is a great opportunity for a Job in France for Americans. 

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5. Ski instructor

Ski instructors would be able to communicate in English because several tourists visit France to enjoy skiing. Teaching them would require one to understand the language. This is one of the adventurous English speaking jobs in France.

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6. Freelancing jobs

You can get a freelancing Job in France as a writer or a designer. You must be fluent in both, English and French.

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7. Good Job In Paris as a Nanny or Household help

If you are looking for a secure and good job in Paris, this should top the list. You can easily communicate with your employers and even get a part-time job in France for English speaker.

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8. Job for Americans in Paris as a Customer care employee

As an English speaker, it may help you to get a job in France. You can contact a French company looking for English speaker that has a vacancy for a customer care specialist.  

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9. Bartender

Be it, tourists or locals, you need to understand what your customer wants to drink. The best way to do that is to speak a common language.

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10. Job in France for Americans – Marketing specialist

With the expanding job market, more and more people are now willing to learn a universal language, which would be English. To communicate with your audience effectively, English has become quite an important medium.

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The different jobs mentioned above are some of the most sought-after ones. With our affordable and professional services, we can help you get the best placement in reputable companies.

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