The world’s best way to learn French in France

Learn French In France

You can communicate with people all over the globe if you speak French It is an official language in 29 countries across Europe, Africa and North America. This is the second-highest number of languages, just after English. So, learn French in France.

Agnes PeyssonZeiss is the coordinator of Bryn Mawr College. PeyssonZeiss for the intensive French track  states, “We all see things in our own ways so it’s wonderful to be able to see the world through a variety of perspectives.” “We can communicate better, obviously. It can be frustrating to go to another country and not speak the language or are unable to exchange ideas.

Knowing French is a must-have travel skill for globetrotters. France is the most visited country by international tourists, according to the survey by MasterCard, Paris is second in terms of most visited cities around the globe. French is becoming a major hub for tech and start-up innovation, as French is a language that has been used in diplomacy since long.

Learn French In France

Why learn French in France?

Cultural Cachet

French tastemakers are known for their expertise in many artistic fields. They have a reputation as being tastemakers in fashion, painting, food and wine. Paris is the home of much of this creativity, with some of the most prestigious museums in the world, such as the Louvre and Musee d’Orsay. These are just a few of the many landmarks that attract tourists to France.

Tourism/Business Trips

France has much more to offer than Paris. This is evident by events such as the Berck-sur-Mer Kite Festival and the Menton Lemon Festival. Many large, publicly-owned companies in commerce are French, such as Total, Peugeot, and AXA Group.


French thinkers have had a profound influence on Western culture. Think of Benjamin Franklin, an enlightenment-era figure who brought ideas from France’s Revolution back to America. It is worth reading the works of French writers and philosophers in the original language it was written. Rene Descartes and Jean-Paul Sartre are just a few of the greats.

Can French be difficult to learn?

It is easy to learn French in France, especially if one already speaks another romantic language. It is closely related to Spanish and Portuguese. The Foreign Service Institute (FSI) has rated French as a Category 1 language, which means that it is comparable to other romance languages. French is much easier than many languages from Asia and Eastern Europe.

According to the FSI, instruction should last between 23 and 24 weeks. There should be 575 to 600 hours of instruction. However, each individual’s timeframe will vary. It should not be difficult to find someone to practice French with, since it is the fifth most widely spoken language worldwide with around 300 million speakers. Because there are many unfamiliar sounds for native English speakers, pronunciation is still a challenge. French also uses liaisons (audible connections) between words.

The Best Way to Learn French in France

Immersion is the best and fastest way to learn French in France. If you are unable to travel abroad, there are other options available for learning French.

Memorize French vocabulary.

Pay particular attention to the gender and tense structure of words. A strong foundation in grammar is essential, especially verb conjugations and prepositions. For help if you are learning by yourself, consult a textbook. You can also label items at home using the French words, so that you can always learn French in France even when you aren’t studying it.

It is important to speak.

It can be confusing to learn French in France both written and spoken. Peysson Zeiss asks her students record their speaking, and then they make their own edits. She said that they must be able to recognize where their strengths and weaknesses are.

French is the source of 30% of English words. However, cognates (words which are identical between two languages) should be avoided as the pronunciation can vary and the words may not have the same meaning. It’s useful, for example, to know French idioms as they can be confusing, according to Alexa Polidoro (co-founder and creative director, Learn French in France with Alexa), a French learning subscription.

Polidoro states, “If you hear the English phrase, “It’s pouring cats and dog,” in a conversation with a non-English speaker you’re going be wondering why you’re talking to cats and dogs.”

Learn French In France

Learn from native speakers.

Learn French in France with your friends, tutors and teachers. To improve your spoken and written French, you should look for native speakers with whom you can communicate via email, text, and the telephone. ShareAmi is a tool for intermediate speakers to exchange ideas with older French citizens. For chatrooms and resources, there are also online language learning forums such as UniLang.

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Mistakes are not only normal, but necessary to get past the hump. French speakers will correct and teach you.

Take time to enjoy and personalize your language learning experience.

Language learning will be easier and more enjoyable if you make it fun. You can watch French TV shows and movies with English subtitles. Intermediate learners can view with French subtitles (1-1 word association), while advanced learners may choose to listen only in French. You can also improve your comprehension by reading French newspapers, magazines, and websites.

Peysson Zeiss engages students with a learning tool called global simulator. Students create personas to live in Paris and grow their French through this exercise. This creative agency can be extended beyond the classroom.

Peysson Zeiss states that “the problem with teaching a language is often that students are very passive.” They are active when I teach concepts, but they then take the concept and create with it.

Are there any online classes that can help me learn French in France?

Online classes are available to help you learn French online and supplement your existing study and curriculum. Although the language standards vary widely, these are some guidelines:

  • Beginning speakers of French have little or no prior experience.
  • Intermediate speakers can understand most spoken or written French and have conversations with minimal errors.
  • Advanced category people have strong knowledge of complex topics in French and oral French. They are able to communicate fluently and make few mistakes.

Learn French In France

What is the average time it takes to learn French in France?

French learning requires discipline. How fast you can learn it depends on how motivated and interested you are. The best way to quickly learn French in France is to live in France and be immersed in its culture and language.

Polidoro also teaches French. He says it is important to set a goal. Do you want to become fluent in French, go to a French university or simply be able to communicate and converse. The way you study will be affected by your ambitions. If you are a literature student who is pursuing a French philosophy advanced degree and intend to read mostly in French, it’s probably okay to de-emphasize conversational skills.


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